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Offspring of Club Junior Winner, J CH CZ, CH MNE, CH SM, CH AZ Kalmegess' Canadian Ranger (11/10/2011-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Arwen z Dejzyna dvora:

Igneous Star z Dejzyna dvora (1/11/2015-)
Igneous Siera z Dejzyna dvora (1/11/2015-)
Igneous Sheila z Dejzyna dvora (1/11/2015-)
Igneous Ranger z Dejzyna dvora (1/11/2015-)
Charming Rose z Dejzyna dvora (3/22/2014-)
Charming Flower z Dejzyna dvora (3/22/2014-)
Charming Fire z Dejzyna dvora (3/22/2014-)
Charming Dancer z Dejzyna dvora (3/22/2014-)
Charming Beau z Dejzyna dvora (3/22/2014-)
Charming Angel z Dejzyna dvora (3/22/2014-)

Out of CH CZ Finie Rose Sexy Rexy:

A'Jaime Targaryen Fire (9/3/2013-)
Athos Targaryen Fire (9/3/2013-)
C.I.B., C.I.E., CH CZ, CH SK, CH PL, CH HU, CH RO Arya Targaryen Fire (9/3/2013-) [A/C]

Out of CH PL Red Hot Chilli's Desire of Victory:

Akoya's Ancient Athena (6/12/2014-) [FCI A1/A1]
Akoya's Ancient Nike (6/12/2014-)
Akoya's Ancient Argos (6/12/2014-)
Akoya's Ancient Althaia (6/12/2014-) [FCI B1/B1]
Akoya's Ancient Aias (6/12/2014-)

Out of Dancing Queen vd Amandelgaard:

CH PL DELAYLA EXPLOSIVE BURST Dancing With Fire (10/6/2014-) [FCI Clear]
J. Ch. Pl. Delayla Explosive Trotyl Dancing with Fire (10/6/2014-) [FCI HD: A]

Out of JCH CZ Inna Rudolfovska Skala:

Heavenly Star z Dejzyna dvora (1/12/2014-)
Heavenly Sheila z Dejzyna dvora (1/12/2014-) [FCI C/C]
Heavenly Maya z Dejzyna dvora (1/12/2014-)
Heavenly Lisa z Dejzyna dvora (1/12/2014-)
Heavenly Hope z Dejzyna dvora (1/12/2014-)
Heavenly Honey z Dejzyna dvora (1/12/2014-)
Heavenly Hero z Dejzyna dvora (1/12/2014-)
JCH CZ, CH CMKU, GrandCH CZ, CH SK, CH PL, C.I.E Heavenly Ranger z Dejzyna dvora (1/12/2014-) [C/B]

Out of CH CZ, Grand CH CZ, Veteran CH CZ Olivie Rudolfovska skala:

Claris Lian Red Treasure (8/16/2015-)
Clair Ellis Red Treasure (8/16/2015-)
Catrin Naya Red Treasure (8/16/2015-)
Carolin Adelle Red Treasure (8/16/2015-)
C.I.E. Carol Fren Red Treasure (8/16/2015-) [A/A]
Carlotte Liz Red Treasure (8/16/2015-)
Carlly Debbie Red Treasure (8/16/2015-)
Cairra Nelli Red Treasure (8/16/2015-)
Cooper Merlin Red Treasure (8/16/2015-)
Carson Robie Red Treasure (8/16/2015-)

Out of H J CH, PL J CH, PL CH Stonaway's Sky Trinity PT:

NEXT GENERATION ANGEL ONE Dancing with Fire (4/4/2014-) [FCI B1( good)]
NEXT GENERATION MIND'S EYE Dancing with Fire (4/4/2014-)
GR. CH-SLO, CH Show SLO NEXT GENERATION INNER LIGHT Dancing with Fire (4/4/2014-) [FCI A/A]
NEXT GENERATION POWER PLAY Dancing with Fire (4/4/2014-)
NEXT GENERATION HEART OF GLORY Dancing with Fire (4/4/2014-)
Next Generation Perfect Mate Dancing with Fire (4/4/2014-) [Unknown (FCI A) (3-3)]

Out of Jch RUS, BLR, UKR, CH RUS, UKR, BLR, LT, INTER CH, FT-DUCK Lorevy Endless Love Story:

JCh Rus, BLR, Сh Rus, RKF, of Eurasia, Inter Ch, Breed Champion, Best Dog-16-17, Rus Winner Fire Shadow Gloria Dei (1/26/2015-) [FCI A]
Fire Shadow Gold Boss (1/26/2015-)
Fire Shadow Galant Kingsman (1/26/2015-)
Fire Shadow Grand Favourite (1/26/2015-)
Fire Shadow Gay Julius Caesar (1/26/2015-)
Fire Shadow Grateful Platter Maximum: NL Ch, Lux Ch, D-VDH Ch, CIE Ch, A'dam Winner 2017,Bundessieger 2018(+Crufts qualification) (1/26/2015-) [FCI HD A Norbergwaarde 40]

Out of Connie z Dejzyna Dvora:

Aggi Chodske stesti (1/6/2014-)
Annie Chodske stesti (1/6/2014-)
Ammy Chodske stesti (1/6/2014-)
Angie Chodske Stesti (1/6/2014-) [FCI HD/A]
Attis Chodske stesti (1/6/2014-)
Attila Chodske stesti (1/6/2014-)
Aurelius Chodske stesti (1/6/2014-)
Arnie Chodske stesti (1/6/2014-)
Archie Chodske stesti (1/6/2014-)
JCH CZ Anabell Chodske stesti (1/6/2014-)

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