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Offspring of Can Ch Sproul's Mac-a-Doo (1/13/1978-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Woodsway Arcadia Lady:

Woodsway's Lady Sara (5/12/1986-)

Out of Happy Holly of Harbour Lights:

Sproul's Highland Ranger (5/22/1980-2/14/1993)

Out of Mary Anne of Harbour Lights:

Bridgett Macleod of Sproul (8/12/1979-)
Sproul's D.F. Maxwell (6/8/1980-)
Sproul's Copper Topper (8/12/1979-)
Can Ch Sproul's Foxii Nana CD (6/8/1980-) [OFA DTR-16-T]
Sproul's Red Barnabee (6/8/1980-)
Sproul's Tantramar Lady (8/12/1979-)
Sproul's Sunshine Susie (6/8/1980-)
Ch Sproul's Jon-e-Mac CD (6/8/1980-)

Out of Can Ch Sproul's Celtic Kate:

Sandy's Choice of Sproul (2/1/1985-)
Sandy of Sharon Hill (4/25/1984-)
Can Ch Sproul's Celtic Casey CD (4/25/1984-) [OFA DTR-46G32M]
Sproul's Aubrey Rousseau (4/25/1984-)
Sproul's Atlantic Advocate CD (2/1/1985-)
Sproul's Acadia Choice (2/1/1985-)
Sproul's Highland Brooks CD (12/19/1987-8/7/1997)
Sproul's Happy Patsy (2/1/1985-)
Sproul's East Coast Sandy (4/25/1984-)
Can Ch Sproul's San Ton (4/25/1984-)
Sproul's Red Red Rose (2/1/1985-)
Sproul's Princess Liea (4/25/1984-)
Sproul's Pennington MacGregor (12/19/1987-)
Can Ch Sproul's Pee-Kerr-Bouy (2/1/1985-)
Sproul's T.J. Hooker (12/19/1987-)
Sproul's Stacey Lee (12/19/1987-)

Out of Can Ch Sproul's Apache Princess:

Chedabucto's Tawnie Princess (11/23/1980-)
Chedabucto's Rusty Prince (11/23/1980-)
Chedabucto's Mandy Lady (11/23/1980-)

Out of Tollerbrook's Brynwulf:

Tollerbrook's Mork From Ork (3/8/1979-)
Tollerbrook's Miss Mindy (3/8/1979-)
Tollerbrook's Grania of Dermont (3/8/1979-)

Out of Can Ch Autumn Fancy's Mandy of Sproul:

Can Ch Gunner's Tolling Magan CD (10/27/1983-) [OVC 005469]
Gunner's Tantramar Master (10/27/1983-)
Gunner's Dusty Mariner (10/27/1983-)
Gunner's Autumn Dawn (10/27/1983-)

Out of Sproul's Flying Sandra:

Matchett's Pride 'N' Joy (9/26/1983-)
Sheila's Rowdy Girl (9/26/1983-)
Sandy's Sonny Boy (9/26/1983-)
Sandy Mac's Joy (9/26/1983-)
Katherine's Dawn (9/26/1983-)
Scrapper-Doo Girl (9/26/1983-)
Sports Delighter Boy (9/26/1983-)

Out of Can Ch Sproul's Fancy Oncore:

Sproul's Fancy Lucille (3/16/1987-)
Sproul's Willie Dewitt (3/16/1987-)
Sproul's Maggie Mae (3/16/1987-)

Out of Wabanaki's Lady Amber:

Shamakadi's Sandy (7/14/1985-)
Shamakadi's Lady Sasha (7/14/1985-)
Shamakadi's Jessica (7/14/1985-)
Can Ch Shamakadi's Clancy CDX (7/14/1985-11/30/2000)
Seana Bapu (7/14/1985-)

Out of Can Ch Scarlet Gem of Sproul:

Sproul's Scarlet Rose (8/20/1979-)
Sproul's Rusty Rebel 2nd (8/20/1979-)
Sproul's Rusty Marko (8/20/1979-)
Can Ch Sproul's Lady MacDuff (8/20/1979-)

Out of Sproul's Scarlet Rose:

Sproul's Mr. Fitzgerald (5/29/1982-)

Out of Sproul's Nutmeg Maggie:

Sproul's Celtic Charm (4/24/1979-)
Sproul's Highland Bossman CD (4/24/1979-)
Sproul's Scotian Princess (4/24/1979-)
Can CH Sproul's Lady MacCarron CD (4/24/1979-) [OFA DTR-11-T]

Out of Oochigeas of Wabanki:

Wabanaki's River Jake (9/21/1984-)
Wabanaki's Red River Rod (9/21/1984-)
Wabanaki's Queen of The Sea (9/21/1984-)
Wabanaki's Island Lassie (9/21/1984-)
Wabanaki's Ebb Tide (9/21/1984-)
Wabanaki's Cinnamon 'n Spice (9/21/1984-)
Wabanaki's Christmas Celidh (9/21/1984-)

Out of Sproul's Tawnee Princess:

Sproul's Atlantic Lady (3/7/1981-)
Sproul's Atlantic Flame (3/7/1981-)
Sproul's Highland Rowdy (3/7/1981-)
Sproul's Highland Buddy (3/7/1981-)
Can Ch Sproul's Dig-a-Doo (3/7/1981-)

Out of Can Ch Sproul's Merry Dancer:

Sproul's Highland Mac-Gee CD (5/14/1979-)
Sproul's Highland Jewel (5/14/1979-)
Sproul's Highland Hanna (5/14/1979-)

Out of Sproul's Maggie MacCarron:

Sproul's Angus MacCarron (6/13/1986-)
Sproul's Flanna of Lamont (6/26/1985-)
Sproul's Red Maxwell (6/13/1986-)
Sproul's Red Duster (6/13/1986-)
Sproul's Tantramar Gem (6/13/1986-)
Sproul's Tam of Lamont (6/26/1985-)
Sproul's Sunshine Blossom (6/13/1986-)

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