Golden Retriever

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Offspring of JWW'01, Vice-EW'05, DH-CH. Wheatcroft Ice Diamond (6/16/2000-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Bonny Golden Angels of Oberach:

Loyal fellow's Ambra (9/2002-) [A1]

Out of Amazing Grace of Jeschag's darling:

Campanella of Jeschag's darling (11/2/2004-) [A2/A2]

Out of Jolly Goblin's Pepina Philippa:

Kilbride Kinnacara of Scottish Pride (1/30/2004-) [A1/A1]

Out of Weem-Wideford Hill Cairn of Scottish Pride:

Jolly Goblin's Vaya Darego Venus (10/5/2004-)

Out of German Vet Ch (VDH) Daily Rays Sun Crystal:

Clotted Cream Hot Chocolate

Out of Golden Daydream's Unbeatable Udele:

Diamond's little Diva my Scottish Passion (2/22/2003-)

Out of Be an Angel Golden Angels of Oberach:

Life of Wonder's Angel Eve (8/21/2003-)

Out of Original Octavia Golden Angels of Oberach:

Kalyca-Angel vom Taffingsweiher (2/26/2006-) [A2/A2]

Out of Adele von der Holunderhütte:

Gipsy von der Holunderhütte (10/24/2003-)

Out of Constanze von der Holunderhütte:

Bonny von den Ringelwiesen (3/13/2006-)
Baroness Ronja von den Ringelwiesen (3/16/2006-)
Amadeus von den Ringelwiesen (8/29/2004-)

Out of Cory Golden Angels of Oberach:

Golden Offspring Edita
Golden Offspring Elfie (4/18/2003-) [FCI B]

Out of Rose's la Luna of the Rush-Meadow:

Rabbit Mountain's All for one Rose (7/18/2006-)

Out of C'est La Vie Mon Cherie of Cadillac:

Gladis of Cadillac (10/29/2004-)

Out of Amy-Sue forever Key to my Heart:

First Love Fame Key to my Heart (11/8/2005-) [A2]


Oda Mae vom Allgaier Moos (12/25/2004-)

Out of Pretty Nikita Golden Angels of Oberach:

Zaphier Sir Galahad Golden Angels of Oberach (7/1/2006-) [BVA 5/6]
Zaphier Lina Golden Angels of Oberach (1/7/2006-) [C1/A2]
Zaphier Dana Golden Angels of Oberach (1/7/2006-) [ A2]

Out of Chilly Golden Angels of Oberach:

Nice Fleur Golden Angels of Oberach
CH Nice Sunny Golden Angels of Oberach (6/1/2003-) [A2]

Out of GermanCH Amber Bay Marguerithe:

Latenight Lucca Golden Angels of Oberach (4/30/2002-) [B1]

Out of Trewater Goodwill Gracie:

True Love Lana Golden Angels Of Oberach (3/22/2005-) [A/A]
Wonderful Stella Golden Angels of Oberach (11/24/2005-) [A2]

Out of Ciska von der Holunderhütte:

Irvin von der Holunderhütte (2006-)
Helene von der Holunderhütte (6/20/2004-)
Henrika-Beccie von der Holunderhütte (4/20/2004-) [B1]

Out of Allison of Mallard Alley:

VDH CH,Dt.CH.Club mit Arbeitsprüfung Everybodys Darling Filou Key to my Heart (12/16/2003-) [A2]

Out of Bagira of Moss-Lake:

Ice Princess Gwendy of Moss-Lake (5/29/2002-) [B1]

Out of Pl.Ch. Vodka on the Rocks:

Domini Canes Kaprys Rejenta (2006-) [A1A1]
De Noviter Kaprys Rejenta (8/27/2006-)
De Facto Kaprys Rejenta (8/27/2006-)

Out of Kyon's Ismene Imandra:

Kyon's Medea Maira (1/27/2004-) [A2/A2]
Kyon's Maia Shania (1/27/2004-)

Out of Drombeg by Sunset:

Drombeg Diamonds Interlink (2/25/2004-)
Drombeg Diamonds Delivery (2/25/2004-) [A1 Austria]
CH.Austria Drombeg Diamonds Design Wesentest, BLP, JBP/R-1st.place (2/25/2004-) [A1 Austria]
Drombeg Diamonds Inspiration (2/25/2004-)

Out of Little Violet´s Endless Love:

Susan's Golden Another Little Violet (7/23/2002-)

Out of Sansue Jackie O':

Thenceforth Chris Diamond (5/21/2003-) [A1]
Thenceforth Calypso Dream (5/21/2003-)
Thenceforth Caramel Splash (5/21/2003-)
Thenceforth Crazy King (5/21/2003-) [B1]
Thenceforth Captain Hook (5/21/2003-) [A1]
Thenceforth Classik Touch (5/21/2003-) [B1]
Thenceforth Coconut Kiss (5/21/2003-) [B1 (A/B)]

Out of Sundance Golden´s Honour:

Sea Goddess Arielle's Cape of Good Hope (9/24/2002-) [B1]

Out of Gunhills Dancing Dream Of Wheatcroft:

VDH-CH Wheatcroft Ice Queen (10/7/2003-) [A2]
WHEATCROFT WHITE ICE JW (10/7/2003-) [7:6]
Wheatcroft White Frost (10/7/2003-) [BVA 5.5]

Out of Sanguinisch Laoise a Magic Maiden:

Laudable Galaxy Cu Fionn Mac Cumal (11/27/2003-) [0 HD A]

Out of Ninell Nalani JW:

Ninell Sorsha
Ninell Sasha (2003-) [29:30]

Out of Trewater By Design:

Little Violet's Quality of Love (2/20/2004-)
Little Violet's Quickstep (2/20/2004-)
Little Violet's Queen of Hearts (2/20/2004-)
Little Violet's Quest for Gold (2/20/2004-)
Little Violet's Question of Honour (2/20/2004-)
Little Violet's Quaterback (2/20/2004-)
Vet. Champion VDH, Club Little Violet's Quiet and Lovely Romeo (2/20/2004-5/11/2016)
Little Violet's Quo Vadis (2/20/2004-)
Little Violet's Quizzmaster (2/20/2004-6/11/2016)

Out of Germ CH VDH Passion Royal Casy Fan it Nei Begjin:

Keep me Quint Golden Angels of Oberach
VDH CH Keep me Brandon Golden Angels of Oberach (4/24/2002-) [A2]
Keep Me Jana Golden Angels of Oberach (4/24/2002-)

Out of Little Violet´s Classic Touch:

Little Violet´s Keep an Eye on me (7/15/2002-)
Little Violet´s Kiss Me Kate (7/15/2002-)

Out of Vet CH Trewater Scorcha:

Little Violet's Oh La La (3/27/2002-) [HD B (200?)]
Little Violet's Over The Ocean
Little Violet's Ornella Muti (7/27/2003-) [A1]

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