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Offspring of Can. CH. Meredreme Tangleloft Believe It OS SDHF (1/22/2000-7/13/2009)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of BPISS Can. Ch. Creeksidefrm Naughty or Nice:

CanCH Justmoor Alice Cooper (1/29/2007-)
Can CH Justmoor Ask Asha (1/29/2007-4/27/2019) [OVC 0039416]
Justmoor Paisley Design (1/29/2007-) [OVC clear 0039974]

Out of Amberview's Rumour Has It:

Amberview Rags To Richest (3/25/2008-)

Out of Can.Ch. Acaciagold Saddle Me Up:

Acaciagold Wild Ride (4/20/2007-) [OFA GR-98221G24F-VPI]

Out of BPIS Can. Ch. De la Framboisiere Douce Sisi:

De la Framboisiere Blue Skies (4/4/2004-)

Out of BPIS / CanCH Amberviews Buoycrazy At Tallas:

Tamsall's Fira at MeliaGold (12/3/2005-)
Tamsall-Amberview Up Up N'Away (12/3/2005-)

Out of Stormynights Have A Lil' Faith:

Stormynights Hopes and Dreams (11/26/2005-)
Stormynights Hope for Tomorrow (11/26/2005-)

Out of CanCH Amberview Salutes Stormynights:

Animation Salutes 1 Small Step RA (12/20/2005-)
Can. Ch. Animation's Life of the Party (12/20/2005-6/18/2018) [OVC 0036321]
Animation's Field of Dreams (12/20/2005-)

Out of Pawnee Newport Vavavoom:

Amberview A Fool And His Money (4/3/2006-) [OFA GR98989G40M-VPI]
Can. Ch. Amberview Klaasem Cha Cha Cha (8/2/2005-8/18/2014) [OVC 0035367]

Out of Can.Ch Georgianbay's Goodgollymsmolly:

acaciagold cosmic flash (6/15/2008-)
Acaciagold Hot Flash (6/15/2008-) [OVC 0042657]

Out of CanCH Tarwathie's Touch of Dreamwork:

Can. Ch. Dreamwork Believes'N Amberview (7/15/2003-2/20/2010) [OVC 0026224]

Out of CAN CH Sidekick Magicshow At Beothuck:

Beothuck Dreme Weaver (3/17/2004-)
Beothuck Dreme Puff (3/17/2004-)
Beothuck I Have A Dreme (3/17/2004-)
Beothuck A Dreme Come True (3/17/2004-)
Beothuck Dreme Catcher (3/17/2004-)
Beothuck Sunny Day Dreme (3/17/2004-)
Can. Ch. Beothuck Dremes Of Amberview (3/17/2004-) [OFA GR-93758F41F-PI]

Out of Setherwood Jacqueline CanCD:

Can. Ch. Setherwood Ukiah C.D., C.G.N.

Out of BPIS Can. Ch. Jacksons Edelweiss Vanilla Sky OD:

Can. Ch. Edelweiss Agent Double (11/22/2003-) [OFA GR-90163G31M-PI]
Can. Ch. Edelweiss Rose Double (11/22/2003-)
Can. Ch. Edelweiss Double Your Bets (11/22/2003-8/2017) [OFA GR-89513F28F-PI]
Edelweiss Sunkozi Double Play (11/22/2003-)

Out of Can. Ch. Amberview Angelheart Sandspur:

Can Ch. Amberview Animations In Style (9/21/2004-8/28/2014) [OVC 31008]
Amberview's Cover Girl (9/21/2004-) [O.V.C. clear 0032104]
Can. Ch. Amberview's Chanel By Design (9/21/2004-) [OVC 0032103]

Out of Jackson's Walkin On Sunshine:

Amberviews Secret Animation (1/3/2004-)
Can. Ch. Amberview Island Secret (1/3/2004-4/19/2018) [OVC 0028445]

Out of Can. Ch. Amberview's Denim And Lace:

Amberview's Talk Of The Town (7/19/2002-10/23/2017) [O.V.C. clear 020222]
Can Ch. Amberview's Encore Performance OD (12/25/2001-11/9/2012) [O.V.C. clear 017880]

Out of Can. CH. Amberview Rothesay Go For Gold:

CanCh. Rothesay's Sophia At MeliaGold (7/1/2002-) [O.V.C. clear 020663]

Out of Amberview Turningleaf Prospect:

Can Ch. Amberview Endless Animation (3/31/2002-4/1/2014) [OVC 019557]

Out of Amberview's Ready Set Go:

Amberview's Reason To Believe (9/24/2001-) [OVC 020223]
Amberview Believes In Destiny (9/24/2001-)

Out of Can. CH. Amberview Heart Of Dovecottage:

Can. Ch. DoveCottage A New Day Has Come (2/17/2003-) [O.V.C. clear 0025070]

Out of Ranchosierra's Tea For Two:

Conquerer's Kentucky Rain (5/6/2005-)
Conquerer's Stuck On You (5/6/2005-)
Conquerer's ABigHunk O'Love (5/6/2005-)
Conquerer's Good Luck Charm Am. MX, MXJ (5/6/2005-12/11/2011)
Conquerer's Jail House Rock (5/6/2005-)
Conquerer's All Shook Up (5/6/2005-)
Conquerer's Teddy Bear (5/6/2005-)
Conquerer's Love Me Tender (5/6/2005-)
Conquerer's Viva Las Vegas (5/6/2005-3/12/2015)
Conquerer AL'ilLessConvrsation (5/6/2005-9/21/2015)
Conquerer's Devil In Disguise (5/6/2005-7/4/2014)

Out of Can CH Storiline Agatha Christie:

Can. Ch. Animation's Ingots of Gold (7/12/2003-10/10/2018) [OFA GR-88003G27F-PI]
Animations The Mystery of Life (7/12/2003-7/28/2015) [OVC 0027114]
Animation's I'm A Believer (7/12/2003-)

Out of Amberview's Flying High Can. CDX WCI JH Am CD CGC TDI:

Ambersky's Cresendo (9/29/2002-)

Out of Can.Ch. Arcane's Endless Summer BPISS:

Arcane's Razz Ma Tazz (2/16/2002-)
Arcane G'Race To The Finish (2/16/2002-6/26/2018) [prelim -good 03/03]

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