Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Gaytonwood Mull (9/6/2014-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Mira Fida of Calimero's Castle:

Mira et fida anima Bonus Fritzi [A2/A2]
Mira et fida anima Balou [A2/A2]
Mira et fida anima Bonus Chester [A2/A2]
Mira et fida anima Barney [B2/B1]
Mira et fida anima Bona Neve (6/20/2018-) [FCI A2]
Mira et fida anima Brunni (6/20/2018-) [FCI A2/B1]

Out of Human Nature v.d. Loenense Hoeve:

Dreamlike Easy Gwen (5/6/2017-) [FCI A2]
Dreamlike Easy Glowing Heart Marlar (5/6/2017-) [FCI A2/A2]
Dreamlike Easy Gameboy (5/6/2017-) [FCI C1/B2]
Dreamlike Easy Gibson (5/6/2017-) [FCI B1/A2]
Dreamlike Easy Gamekeeper Lemmy (5/6/2017-) [FCI A1]
Dreamlike Easy George Harrison (5/6/2017-) [FCI A2]
Dreamlike Easy Golden Cosmo (5/6/2017-) [FCI A2]
Dreamlike Easy Garfield (5/6/2017-) [FCI A2/A2]
Dreamlike Easy Gin-Hendrick (5/6/2017-) [FCI A2]
Dreamlike Easy Galileo (5/6/2017-) [FCI A1/A1]
Dreamlike Easy Gary Cooper (5/6/2017-) [FCI B1/B1]

Out of Tawnyhill Ultramarine:

Handsome fox with gentle eyes Ayuka (5/25/2018-) [FCI B1/B1]
Handsome fox with gentle eyes Aileia (5/25/2018-) [A2/A2]
Handsome fox with gentle eyes Ancha (5/25/2018-) [A/A]
Handsome fox with gentle eyes Ava (5/25/2018-) [FCI A2/A2]
Handsome fox with gentle eyes Alya (5/25/2018-)
Handsome fox with gentle eyes Archie (5/25/2018-) [FCI C1]
Handsome fox with gentle eyes Arion (5/25/2018-) [FCI A1/A1]

Out of Everlasting love Elena of Rimmlingen:

Golden vom Forsthaus Betty (8/23/2017-) [A2]
Golden vom Forsthaus Bella (8/23/2017-) [A2]
Golden vom Forsthaus Belana (8/23/2017-) [FCI A1/A1]
Golden vom Forsthaus Bele (8/23/2017-) [A2]
Golden vom Forsthaus Ben (8/23/2017-) [A1/A2]
Golden vom Forsthaus Bosse (8/23/2017-) [A2]
Golden vom Forsthaus Bruno (8/23/2017-) [A2]

Out of Renssor Juna Queen:

Iduna's Abby von Bauernhirschtal (2/16/2020-)

Out of Go For It Maja vom Grassteich:

Hummel vom Grassteich [FCI C1/A2]
Hobbit Sam vom Grassteich [FCI B1]
Henry vom Grassteich [FCI A2]
Hörbie vom Grassteich
Happy vom Grassteich [FCI A2]
Harvey vom Grassteich
Hajo vom Grassteich

Out of TQ Karlotta Savannah:

Limtrees Golden Frieda Gold (11/21/2017-) [A2/A2]
Limetrees Golden Feyla [FCI A/A]
Limetrees Golden Fjella [FCI A2/B1]
Limetrees Golden Fiene [FCI B1/B2]
Limetrees Golden Frieda Gold [FCI A2/A2]
Limetrees Golden Fiir Q [FCI A/A]
Limetrees Golden Flying Chesley (11/21/2017-) [FCI A2/A2]
Limetrees Golden Fellow [FCI A2]
Limetrees Golden Faithful Dexter [FCI A1/A1]
Limetrees Golden Fearless Sam [FCI A2/A2]

Out of Elegant Mila of Enigmatic Patience:

Amazing Leni of Loyal Devotion (3/26/2017-) [FCI A2]
Amazing Oskar of Loyal Devotion (3/26/2017-)
Amazing Scotty of Loyal Devotion (3/26/2017-)
Amazing Waya of Loyal Devotion (3/26/2017-)
Amazing Janosch of Loyal Devotion (3/26/2017-) [FCI A2]

Out of Clever Forever Emotional Minnie Dinkie Die:

Copper's Sparkling Fix You Hope (3/25/2019-) [A/A]
Copper's Sparkling Everglow Jowna (4/10/2017-)
Copper's Sparkling Everglow JoJo (4/10/2017-)
Copper's Sparkling Everglow Maven (4/10/2017-)
Copper's Sparkling Everglow Mimo (4/10/2017-) [FCI A2/A2]

Out of Nette's Golden Tal Enjoy Kiwi:

Passion Worker Awesome Son of Moe and Kiwi (7/16/2018-) [A1/A1]

Out of Bonniebrook's Dunning Emma:

Sevenbrooks Alyth Burn Alba (4/30/2017-) [FCI C1]
Sevenbrooks Almond Ella (4/30/2017-)
Sevenbrooks A Ruby of Bonniebrook (4/30/2017-) [FCI D1/B1]

Out of Gundog's Choice Cuba:

Gundog's Choice Friday (5/5/2017-) [FCI A2]
Gundog's Choice Fergie (5/5/2017-) [FCI A1]
Gundog's Choice Falcon (5/5/2017-) [FCI A1]
Gundog's Choice Famous (5/5/2017-) [FCI A2]
Gundog's Choice Floyd (5/5/2017-) [FCI A1]
Gundog's Choice Franklin (5/5/2017-) [FCI A2]
Gundog's Choice Foreman (5/5/2017-) [FCI A2]
Gundog's Choice Flatcher (5/5/2017-) [FCI A1]
Gundog's Choice Foster (5/5/2017-) [FCI A2]

Out of Whispering Oaks Kaya:

Fire Fly Golden Best choice (4/28/2019-)
Fire Fly Goldens Be a Dreamer (4/28/2019-)

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