Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Pl. Ch. Complement Uno Voce

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Florida Blue:

Shaggy Vena Auri

Out of Florida Goldi:

Sunnie Sally Vena Auri

Out of SASQUEHANNA Sobotka:

BAKALIA Beza-Fam (4/28/2004-) [A1]

Out of DAKOTA Czar Kasi:

GRANADA Czar Kasi (7/14/2004-)

Out of CZERTA Dzemojady:

MILKA z Mazurskiej Kolonii

Out of Complement Nikita:

Vega Julunga (7/9/1999-)

Out of Complement Nana:

Complement Neska
Pl.Ch. Complement Nice Looking
Complement Carioca (3/8/1999-)
Complement Cordoba (3/8/1999-)

Out of Complement Bawarka:

Complement Balbina (4/25/2000-)
Complement Bandola (4/25/2000-)

Out of Complement Dola Idola:

Elbrus Nissar (5/15/1998-)
ELZA Nissar

Out of Complement Judy:

Complement Republika (4/9/2002-)

Out of Anda Norsken:

Gejsza Saviola

Out of Ch.Pl. Adelajda Potega Milosci:

Rubika Falkorn (6/5/1999-)
ROXANA Falkorn

Out of Sasquehanna Zofiowka:

Complement ORBI (5/5/2005-)

Out of Pl.Ch. Complement Zalotna Zuza:

Brygida Gordius (4/17/2000-)
Bonny Gordius (4/17/2000-)
Brutus Gordius
CH.PL Birma Gordius (4/17/2000-)

Out of BLANCA Goldi:

CALLA BLACA Goldenmania
Champ.Pl. CARRIBEAN DREAM Goldenmania (7/7/2000-6/13/2010) [A1]

Out of Extreme Pleasure Jeanton:

Complement Yvette (1/4/2003-)

Out of Pl.J.Ch. Complement High Fidelity:

Complement Ad Rem (12/1/1998-)
Complement Awangarda (12/1/1998-)
Pl.Ch. Complement Ad Hoc (12/1/1998-)
Complement Alegoria (12/1/1998-)

Out of Pl.Ch. Complement Dina Dobra Decyzja:

Complement Quintana (5/17/1998-)
Complement Specjalista (6/28/2000-)
Pl.Ch. Complement Quintessence (5/17/1998-)
Complement Sepia (6/28/2000-)

Out of Amber Vilties Spindulys:

Bona Elfu selsmas [B1]

Out of Qajun Minerva:

UNCJA Gordius
Mandarynka Gordius (12/20/2001-)
Uzurpator Gordius (8/8/1999-)
Moon'a Gordius (12/20/2001-) [A1]

Out of Complement Zingarella:

Chloja Gold Vilties Spindulys (6/24/1999-)
Candy White Vilties Spindulys (6/24/1999-)
LT JCH LT & RUS & BY & LV & CH Cammiu Strong Vilties Spindulys (6/24/1999-) [HD C1]

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