Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Am. CH. Hillock's Meredreme's Kazaam OS (4/30/2000-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Bluebraes Starlight:

Scotlands Paradise Gldn Star (9/26/2004-) [OFA GR-91199G25F-PI]

Out of Hillock's Bananas is My Business:

Hillock's Madison Heartthrob (6/13/2003-) [OFA GR-89347F33F-PI ]

Out of Hillock's Stolen Base:

Hillock's Island Punch (11/18/2007-)

Out of Bridlewold's Fly So Free:

Redlion's Bridlewold McLaughlin (6/5/2007-)
Redlion-Bridlewold K.E. Kellie (6/5/2007-) [OFA GR-101342F36F-VPI]

Out of CH Hillock's Gone Phishin NA, OAJ, BISS:

Hillock's You Talkin' To Me (2/22/2011-)
Int Ch. of Honor Hillock's Here's Looking At You Kid UD,VCD2, MXP2, MJP, RAE,BN,GN, CGCA,APR,PD, APJ (2/22/2011-)

Out of Hillock's Rowdy Roddy Piper CD BN GN RAE:

Hillock's Caddy Shack (6/26/2011-) [OFA GR-108907E25F-VPI]

Out of Kc's Winnie's Honey Pot:

Kc's Suebee (7/15/2004-) [OFA GR-90357E24F-PI]

Out of Kristil N'Hillock's Wrigleyfield:

CH Hillock's Ebbets Field BN RN CA DJ RATI (6/27/2010-) [OFA GR-106422E25F-VPI]
CH Hillock's Cheeseburger In Paradise (6/15/2007-) [OFA GR-98674G28M-VPI]
Hillock's Caribbean Night'S CCA (6/15/2007-) [OFA GR-100123G31M-VPI]
Hillock's Jilly Bean (2/3/2008-)

Out of CH Hillock's Laurell Frozen In Time:

BISS AmGCH Laurell's Jojo Dimaggio WC (10/14/2008-) [OFA GR-103864F33F-VPI]

Out of Broadway's Valley of the Dolls CCA:

Broadway's Fergalicious (12/20/2007-) [OFA GR-100231G25F-PI]

Out of Golden Angel Wings Lexie:

Golden Paws Silver Star Girl (8/16/2004-) [OFA GR-90607G24F-PI]
Golden Paws Pink Sassy Sou (8/16/2004-) [OFA GR-90608E24F-PI]

Out of Marchwood's Spring Tyme Rye:

Ryzin's Lights Camera Action RN (7/20/2003-) [OFA GR-88070F27M-PI]
Ryzin's Blue Light Special CGC (7/20/2003-) [OFA GR-89579G33M-PI]

Out of Delaur's Hilltop Echo:

Hilltop Murphy's Law (4/1/2004-)

Out of Lacey's Lilly Goldenquarter VCD1 AX AXJ:

Princess Leia Golden Quarter CD RN OA OAJ (12/8/2003-)

Out of Oakleaf's You're After Me:

AmCH Oakleaf's Master And Commander (8/30/2005-) [OFA GR-95038G29M-NOPI]

Out of Paddington's Lil Orphan Anie:

Paddingtons New Girl In Town (7/26/2002-)

Out of Goldn Val-E's One In A Million:

Goldn Val-E's It's A Hold Up (6/6/2003-)
Goldn Val-E's Lauren 'Em In (11/13/2002-)

Out of Hillock Stonepaw Uptown Girl:

Stonepaw's Blue Diamond (3/18/2003-)
Stonepaw's Triple Crown (5/27/2004-)

Out of LCM Becca Just U Wait 4 Me:

LCM Haley's Comet's Favorite Toy (12/8/2007-)
Lcm Ellie's Dreme'N The Day Away (5/20/2007-)
LCM Dreme'n With A Twist (10/20/2006-)
LCM Dreme'n He's the Lucky One CGC TDI CCA RN (3/21/2006-)

Out of Hillock's Native Dancer:

Hillock's Mae West (5/23/2003-) [OFA GR-87218F26F-PI]

Out of Pennylane Diamonds N The Sky:

Pennylane Magic N The Sky (1/6/2007-)
Pennylane's A Saint He Ain'T (1/6/2007-)

Out of Broomfields Lady Aberdeen:

Broomfields Dream A Little Dream Of Me (11/3/2009-)
Broomfields Eye On The Golden Dream (8/26/2007-)
Broomfield Season Golden Mystique (6/10/2008-)
Broomfield's Alla Kazzam (2/22/2006-9/15/2008) [OFA GR-95290G24F-PI]

Out of Lcm Just U Wait Lil' Audrey:

AmCH LCM Sandee's Dreme'N Again (7/16/2005-)

Out of Goldspring Hit Or Miss:

Noxon's Fleur des Champs (4/24/2004-)
Noxon's Golden Glow Bailie Jo (12/20/2004-) [OFA GR-96428E43F-VPI]
Noxon's Emerald Isle (4/24/2004-)

Out of Hillock's Midsummer Magic CCA, CGC:

Karowood's Summertime Joy (4/4/2005-2006)
Karowood's Kodiak Kidd Corbin (6/28/2003-)
Karowood's Et Tu Brute JH (11/1/2005-) [OFA GR-87848G28M-PI]
Karowood's Trick Or Treat (9/6/2004-) [OFA GR-91122G25F-PI]

Out of Hillock Weber's Moonlit Krystal:

Hillock's The Sky's the Limit (1/23/2003-)
Webers Renegade Ruger (1/2/2003-) [OFA GR-85256G24M-PI]
Weber's Woodland Winchester (1/2/2003-) [OFA GR-85255E24M-PI]

Out of Hillocks Circle of Life CGC TDI:

Briannes A La Kazaam CCA (12/16/2004-)
Briannes Master Of Illusions CCA (12/16/2004-)

Out of Ambercroft's Opal from my Life CanCD:

Ambercroft's PrettyRiver Canoe (7/24/2005-) [OVC 0034944]
CanCH Prettyriver Misty O'Ambercroft CD WC JH VC OD (7/24/2005-9/30/2013) [OVC 0034938]

Out of Hillock's Slick Chick:

Hillock's Kodiak Lucy 'N The Sky (7/26/2004-) [OFA GR-90777G25F-PI]
Hillock's Classic Mustang (1/21/2007-) [OFA GR-97439G24F-VPI]
Hillock's Countin on a Miracle (1/21/2004-8/25/2015) [OFA GR-90938G32F-PI]
Ch. Hillocks Show-N-Tell What a Lexus (6/29/2003-) [OFA GR-89075G32F-PI]
Hillock's Jersey Girl (1/21/2004-) [OFA GR-89270G26F-PI]

Out of Bearpaw Back To Me:

Bearpaw Little Miss Sunshine (6/15/2007-) [OFA GR-101588F38F-VPI]
Bearpaw Fried Green Tomatoes (6/15/2007-)
Bearpaws Lady Isabella Rose CD RE (6/15/2007-8/31/2012) [OFA GR-99074G26F-VPI]

Out of Can. Ch. Amberview Island Secret:

Acaciagold Masonridge Family (2/18/2008-)
Acaciagold Family Ties (2/18/2008-)
Acaciagold Family Day (2/18/2008-) [OFA GR-101148G28F-VPI]

Out of Trinket's Eastertime Molly:

Kazaam's King Copper (5/5/2003-) [OFA GR-98231F36M-VPI]

Out of Can. Ch. Blossomwood's Trousseau:

Blossomwood Kindle Embers (1/15/2006-12/3/2009)
Can. Ch. Blossomwood's Super Model (1/15/2006-) [OFA GR-94853G24F-PI]

Out of AmCH Sanmann's Luxury Edition:

Goldn Val-es High Octane (5/28/2003-) [OFA GR-93563G31M-PI ]
Goldn Val-E's It's Your Chance (11/8/2002-)

Out of Goldencols What A Girl Wants RE CD NAJ CGC TDI:

Coralace's Lucky Lacy (2/18/2007-10/21/2020)
Coralace's Brother Bear (Koda) (2/18/2007-2/25/2017)
Coralace's Prince Charming (2/18/2007-12/1/2007)

Out of Olympic's Gone With The Wind CD MX AXJ OD:

Olympic's Be Zooming By CDX, AX, AXJ, CGC (10/14/2006-)
Olympic's To Be Or Not to Be (10/14/2006-) [OFA GR-98626F32M-VPI]
Olympic's Georgia Belle CGC (10/14/2006-) [OFA GR96861G24F-VPI]

Out of Stonecroft American Eye-dol:

Stonecroft Left Of Scenter (7/12/2006-) [OFA GR-97065F28M-VPI]
Stonecrofts Scents Of Adventure CD RN CGC TDI CCA (7/12/2006-11/30/2018) [OFA GR-96375G25M-VPI]
Stonecroft's Scent Detector (7/12/2006-)

Out of U-Ch. FoxRun's Music of the Night OD CGC:

Foxrun's Ranaqua Makin' A Splash RA, OA, AXJ, NF, CCA, CGC (6/9/2007-)
FoxRun's All Fired Up at Electralon RE MX MXJ XF AD NW1 CGC (6/9/2007-) [OFA GR-99111G26F-VPI]
U-Ch. FoxRun's Spice Up The Night CGC (6/9/2007-1/6/2019)

Out of Northern Light's It Just Got Better:

Northern Lights On Top Of The World (11/11/2003-) [OFA Moderate Uni Lt (03/16/06)]
Northern Lights Practical Magic (11/11/2003-)
Highwinds A Bed Of Roses (11/11/2003-)

Out of Quinleighblu Denver's Milehigh CDX JH RAE WC:

Quinleighblu's Hudson (4/13/2006-)
Quinleighblu's Cassidy CDX RAE24 (4/13/2006-) [OFC 0037926]


AGCH MACH7 PACH6 ADCH Gaylan's Ji:Hah Fire Keeper UD RA MXG2 MJC2 MFB TQX T2B4 PJSP PDSP PAX6 T2BP2 MFPS MXP13 MJP16 TQXP MXPB2 MJPS2 ADHF CCA TDI (7/17/2007-6/14/2020) [OFA GR-101321E36F-VPI]
RACH Gaylan's Earth, Wind and Fire UDX GN RM3 RAE12 SH SIN SEN DJ TKA NW3 RATO WCX TT CGC; (7/17/2007-11/18/2020) [OFA GR-98881G24M-VPI]
Gaylan's Precious Fire (7/17/2007-1/9/2019)
U-CD Gaylan's Ready Aim Fire CD (7/17/2007-) [OFA GR-101092G34M-VPI]
OTCH Gaylan's Fire When Ready UDX3 OM5 RN TD JH MX MXJ XF WCX OBHF VCX CCA (7/17/2007-8/21/2014) [OFA GR-99172G26M-VPI]
MACH4 Gaylan's Fireside Affair JH MXC MJC NF WCX VC ADHF CCA CGC (7/17/2007-8/25/2017) [OFA GR-98947G24M-VPI]
OTCH10 Gaylan's Fire in the Sky UDX8 PCDX OGM RN OBHF CCA FFX-OP CGC (7/17/2007-) [OFA GR-99148G25F-VPI]
Gaylan's Fireball UD RE JH MX AXJ NF VC CCA CGC (7/17/2007-3/13/2019) [OFA GR-100784G33M]

Out of Can.Ch. Acaciagold Wet 'N Wild:

Can.Ch. Acaciagold Fall Colours (9/21/2003-) [OVC OVC 0028451]

Out of Bonacres Ingrid Bergman:

CH Bonacres Boogie With Benny (4/7/2003-)
CH Bonacres Boogie Express TDX (4/7/2003-8/31/2010)
CH Bonacres Boogie Nights (4/7/2003-) [OFA GR-86681G26M-PI]
Bonacres Jungle Boogie (4/7/2003-) [OFA GR-87418G28F-PI]

Out of Am/Can CH Paddington's Bit O'Stardust:

Owaissa's Star Hunter (2/25/2003-)
Owaissa Paddington Wrkn Girl (2/25/2003-) [OFA GR-86064F25F-PI]

Out of BIS VBIS Am GCH CH Redog's N' Mariah's Tickled Pink OD SDHF BVISS (#10 all-breed 2006):

Mariah's Sparticus (3/3/2005-)
Mariah's Sleight of Hand (3/3/2005-)
Am/Can/U-CH Mariah N River Run Magic Card RN, CDX JH, WCX, VCX, Can CD, WC, VC, CGC (3/3/2005-6/13/2014) [OFA GR-92497E25M-PI]
GCH CH Mariah-Hillock Magicl Mystry Tur OS (3/3/2005-11/23/2013) [OFA GR-92179G24M-PI]

Out of Hillock's Winning Ticket:

Hillock's Lady Luck CGC (10/12/2003-8/5/2017) [OFA GR-87769G24F-PI]

Out of Hillock's Carman Electra OD:

Hillock's Lorna Doone (11/13/2005-) [OFA GR-95384G28F-NOPI]
Hillock's Saturday Night Special AX, MXJ, NF, AD,CGC, TDI (2/5/2003-)
Hillock's Magical Forest Walk UD RE MH MX MXJ MXP MJP3 WCX VCX (1/20/2002-) [OFA GR-85747E37M-PI ]
Am. CH. SHR Hillock's Walk This Way JH WC (1/20/2002-) [OFA GR-82366G25M-PI]
Hillock's Get Shorty CD RA OAP OJP WC VC (8/15/2002-) [OFA GR-84013G24F-PI]
Hillock-Mariah's Slotz-A-Fun OA OAJ OAP OJP OD NAC-V (2/5/2003-8/15/2016) [OFA GR-85351E24F-PI ]
Hillock's Walk to Glory (1/20/2002-)

Out of CH Elysian's Decoy Seducktion CDX JH TD RE WC VCX:

Elysian's Beano Other UD TD MH RA WCX (4/26/2006-)

Out of BIS BISS Am. CH. Hillock She's Got A Way SDHF OD:

Honeybear Devil In A Blue Dress (10/14/2005-)
CH Honeybear Red October Atsinjin RN (10/14/2005-8/10/2015) [OFA GR-95639F30M-VPI]
Am GCH CH Hillock Honeybear's Purple Pizzazz SDHF OS (10/14/2005-5/2/2019) [OFA GR-94057G34M-VPI]
Honeybear Lexicon Runabout TDX (5/10/2004-)
CH Hillock's All-Star Survivor OD (5/10/2004-) [OFA GR-89895G24F-PI]
Hillock's Favorite Survivor (5/10/2004-)
Am CH Honeybear's This One's 4 You (5/10/2004-) [OFA GR-96220F50F-VPI]

Out of CH Hillock's Rad Racer:

Hillock's Get Rich Quick (8/31/2002-) [OFA GR-84032G24F-PI]

Out of Hillock's Shoot The Moon:

Hillock's Glory Days (1/17/2004-) [OFA GR-89269E26F-PI]

Out of Caymen's Breaking Northern Lights:

Northern Light's Day Of Heroe (9/11/2003-) [OFA Mild (01/29/2006)]
Northern Light's That September Day (9/11/2003-)
Northern Light's Tears R Falling (9/11/2003-) [OFA GR-100389F78F-VPI]

Out of Am CH Canterbury Shining Bellatrix:

Canterbury Mama Told Me Ntc (10/19/2003-)
Canterbury Eli's Coming (10/19/2003-)

Out of Stonehill's I D' Best:

Stonehills Earning My Wings (3/30/2003-) [OFA GR-85951G24M-PI]

Out of Caymen's Fox Run Kisses To Go CD OD ASCA CD:

FoxRun Comstock Classic CGC CCA (5/26/2004-2/2014) [OFA GR-91633F29M-PI]
U-Ch. Foxrun's She'Ll B A Classic RN, CGC (5/26/2004-11/7/2014) [OFA GR-89890F24F-VPI]
AKC, UKC, NAKC Int'l Ch. Foxrun's Classic Lotto RN, NAP, NJP, CL1R, CL1F, CGC (5/26/2004-7/14/2016)

Out of CH Rumours Elysian Kat'n Mouse BISS UD MH TD RA WCX VCX DDHF OD:

MACH PACH Elysian's Cuztom Design For Huntleigh UD RN MXS MJS MXPB MJPB PAX OF OD (12/19/2006-12/12/2018) [OFA GR-97725G25F-VPI]
CH Elysian's Cuz I Said So CD,RA,WC (12/19/2006-)

Out of Bayberry Autumn Breeze:

MACH Wildwood's Ain't She Sweet UD XF OAP OJP OF ADHF CCA (2/23/2004-)

Out of Am./Can. CH. Gold Loves Lola Bunny OD:

Gold Loves Parade Of Lights CD AX NAJ CCA (8/7/2003-)
Gold Loves Senic Sensation CCA (8/7/2003-)
Gold Love Tucker Hill Tanner (8/7/2003-)
Gold Love Misty Of Candyheart CGC (8/7/2003-) [OFA GR-87952G26F-PI]

Out of Gold Star's Kiss Of Pamaande TD:

Pamaande's All About Cricket (7/15/2004-) [OFA GR-90758G25F-Pl]

Out of Am./Can. CH. Gold Loves Cashmere Bouquet:

Gold Love Highlander's Ard Rhi (3/10/2004-)

Out of Stonecroft Truly Madly Deeply:

Stonecroft The Good Witch (8/3/2004-)
CH Stonecroft Uncommonly Good (8/3/2004-) [OFA GR-90489G24M-PI]

Out of Paradocs It's Not Over Yet CD:

Paradocs Sinjin Only In Jest (5/24/2003-)
Paradocs Only In A Dream CDX, AX, AXJ (5/24/2003-1/27/2014) [OFA GR-86958G25F-PI]

Out of CH Sunkota's My Phair Lady:

Waterford Bella Donna (12/19/2002-) [OFA GR-86355G28-F-PI]
Sunkota's Flight of Fancy CD GN RE CCA (12/19/2002-) [OFA GR-84976G24F-NOPI]
CH. Waterford Incredible Journey WC CGC TDI (12/19/2002-) [OFA GR84969F24M-PI]

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