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Offspring of C.C.W. Stormley Craftsman at Ludzska (8/13/1992-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Stourfield Marsh Bryon:

Stourfield Oakwood Dawn

Out of Dodleston Chocolate Star:

Lady Amy of Insiration (9/27/1998-) [BVA 5:8]

Out of Ballyhenry Deep Secret:

Castleupton Dark And Stormy at Ludzska (8/5/1998-) [BVA 5/3]

Out of Byrnebank Magic Moments:

Abbeycrest Shoestring (7/9/1999-) [BVA 8:4]
Abbycrest Ironside (7/9/1999-) [BVA 3:3]
Abbycrest Shoestring (7/9/1999-) [BVA 4/8]

Out of Thomasina Twinkleberry:

Moon of Passion
My Chocolate Brownies (8/7/1997-) [BVA 6:21]

Out of Tyton Lady Helena of Jimjoy:

Bictonpool Lady Rolo
Craftmans Pride Of Jimjoy (8/17/1998-) [BVA 7:6]

Out of Bonnie Lleidiog:

Kenmillone Joe Boy (5/23/2001-) [BVA 6:4]
Kenmillone Daisy

Out of Shandalmar Annie's Keepsake:

Shandalmar Sapphire (2/23/2000-) [BVA 5:5]

Out of In Good Faith:

Rocky Horror (11/2/2000-)

Out of Meramond Browne Partridge:

Brakes Babe (7/10/1999-) [BVA 5:6]

Out of Lucys Tessa:

Rhymes Rita (3/14/1997-) [BVA 6:6]

Out of Archangel Amour At Chaddock:

Chaddock Twix and Between (5/13/2000-) [BVA 5:11]

Out of Eider Down at Ludzska:

Ludzska Lionize (5/4/1994-) [BVA 6/6]
Ludzska Locksmith of Riverfleet (5/4/1994-) [BVA 4:4]
Ludzska Firestorm (10/18/1993-)
Ludzska Leading Luff at Craigenroan (5/4/1994-) [BVA 7:11]
Ludzska Crafty's Credit (5/4/1994-)

Out of Treburrow Chestnut Cream:

Treburrow Storm In ATeacup (10/5/1999-) [BVA 6:5]

Out of Stormley Casandra:

Stormely Mastercraft with Harrop
Stormley Mastercraft with Harrop (5/11/2000-) [BVA 3:6]
Stormley Haley (5/11/2000-) [BVA 6;4]

Out of Bonzer Amber Solaire:

Our Master Craftsman Ludzska (10/14/2001-) [BVA 4:5]

Out of Coolehill Cute Candy:

Cieszynski Take It All (11/12/1998-)

Out of Bryndafydd Danu by Sidelock:

Sidelock Sweet Song of Megan (6/22/1997-) [BVA 6:4]

Out of Pumerang Dark Spirit:

Stourfield Bracken Fox
Stourfield Columbine Song (3/31/2000-)
Stourfield Bold Account at Stmachute (3/31/2000-) [BVA 5:7]

Out of Brandlesholme Brilliance at Eromdop:

Eromdop Whispers of Love (6/1/2001-) [BVA 2:2]

Out of Dabchick Diver at Ludzska:

Ludzska Claude (5/4/1995-)

Out of Jamberet Jequity:

Crystal Gail (8/5/1994-) [BVA 4/3]
Harrop Penny Black from Ludzska (10/9/1995-) [BVA 4:10]
Mr O'Sullivan at Harrop (8/5/1994-) [BVA 2/4]

Out of Ch. Ballyhenry Make Believe:

Ballyhenry Hot Property
Ballyhenry Special Edition With Simandem (12/13/1998-) [BVA 6:8]
Ballyhenry Charlie Brown (12/13/1998-) [BVA 6:7]
Ballyhenry Say No Say Yes (10/12/2000-) [BVA 3:3]
Ballyhenry Take A Chance (10/12/2000-) [A1/A2]

Out of Brandhams Keepsake at Elorac:

Oulsmi Who's That Girl (10/25/1996-)
Oulsmi Cast No Shadow (10/25/1996-) [B ]
Oulsmi This Time Around (10/25/1996-) [BVA 3:6]
Oulsmi Calypso (2/22/1994-) [B]

Out of Oulsmi Bold As Brass:

Oulsmi Endless Love (1/5/1996-) [BVA 3:2]

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