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Offspring of MBISS Am GCHB CH Can CH Saddlehill Late Knight Scramble WC (3/23/2009-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Cherryacre's A Hearbeat Away:

Cherryacre's Special Agent Daveed

Out of CH Edlyn Maidstone Visions of Sugarplums@Bartoncreek:

Gr Ch.B Edlyn Madistone I Like the Sound of That (4/30/2016-) [OFA LR-234197G24F-VPI]

Out of Deep Run Hannity's Liberty Beck:

CH Barra's Lady's Knight CGC (8/25/2012-) [OFA Excellent]

Out of Am GCH CH Atlantic's Nothin' But Lilies:

Atlantic's Late Knight Lily

Out of Dickendall Saddlebrooke Madabout Madeline:

Saddlebrooke Paint It Black (5/13/2015-)
Saddlebrooke Jumpin Jack Flash (5/13/2015-) [OFA Good]
Saddlebrooke Heart Of Stone

Out of Sandastre Waltzing Matilda:

NZ CH Ashdale Mid-Knight Tango With Cowanheights (8/9/2014-) [A2]
Ashdale Mid Knight Jazz (8/9/2014-) [A2]

Out of Aust Ch Wynstream Whispers Image AI:

Wynstream Scramble Inth Knight (1/10/2017-)

Out of Swiss Ch. Black Pearls of Mainhatten Vanity Fair:

Over the Ocean Dream Star vom Soppestig (1/22/2017-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Cinnamire's Samantha Brown:

Cinnamire's Hannah Black (10/8/2013-) [OFA LR-217521F24F-VPI]

Out of It Ch Intipama Onda Sismica:

Intipama Oh Gong-Oh (12/8/2017-) [FCI A]

Out of Alpine Praise Amidst The Storm:

Alpine's Maia RN (3/9/2015-)

Out of Wallcroft Windrose Maybelline:

Wallcroft's Early Knightkap RN RA WC JH (3/2/2015-) [OFA Excellent]

Out of Wallcroft Windrose Zero Gravity JH:

Wallcroft Promise Keeper At Bayside RN (7/1/2016-)

Out of Black & White Z Gordu Hrabiego Malmesbury:

Loyre de Aralla

Out of Greenstone's Silver Lining:

Delian Greenstone Tincture (4/5/2012-) [OFA Good]

Out of Jancerie Cocoa Bean:

Ashdale Not T'Knight Josefine

Out of CH Rozihill's Oh What A Ride:

Rozihill's Whoa Black Betty (7/25/2018-) [OFA Good]
CH Rozihill Wonderful World Of Oz (7/25/2018-) [OFA Good]

Out of Ch Legasea's Texas Tornado JH, DN, WC, CGC, TDI:

LegaSea's Take Cover (10/23/2012-) [OFA Excellent ]

Out of Qubbling's Salt'N'Pepa:

Qubbling's Prime Time Princess (11/26/2014-) [FCI BB]
Qubbling's Part Time Lover (11/26/2014-) [FCI AA]

Out of Chablais Dina Lab Plenty:

Lab Plenty's Born To Be A Knight (3/21/2016-) [FCI C1/C1]

Out of Anya Stroud (Anguiano):

Tyssen (Anguiano)

Out of Mex. CH Elena Indigo Retriever:

Loretta Lobuff Girls Knight Out
Loretta Lobuff One Knight Stand (6/20/2015-) [A]
Loretta Labs Lovin' The Knight Life (6/20/2015-)

Out of Bouldinaire's Happy Hour:

GCH Bouldinaire N Tuscany's Pacific Port (5/17/2012-) [OFA Good]
GCH CH Bouldinaire's Move It On Over WC (5/17/2012-) [OFA LR-209448E24M-VPI]

Out of C.I.B. Clearcreek BonaVenture Play It Texas:

Konsul Lab Zephyr (2015-)
Konsul Lab Zoey at Dias
C.I.E. CH JCH VDH / LCD CJW LCD HJW WiWSi Konsul Lab Zewana (7/12/2015-) [FCI A2]

Out of CanCH Shadesi's Miss Demeanor RN:

CanCh. Shadesi Hide The Evidence (7/30/2016-)
Shadesi Meadowhill Night Watch (7/30/2016-)

Out of AmCH Birdstone Another Red Hot Mama:

Birdstone Late Knight Rendezvous

Out of Ninja vom Suderholz:

Querido vom Suderholz (3/19/2018-) [FCI A1/A1]

Out of Clearcreek's Blazes Of Glory:

Big Thunders Dream Makers Back In The Saddle (12/19/2011-) [OFA LR-211137G33F-VPI]

Out of Mex CH Tequila Sit Anguiano:

Tequilabs Quincy Quality
Tequilabs Quantum Quest
Tequilab's Quebec Qua

Out of GCH CH Dutch Hollow's Simply Charming RA TDX MH TKI WC:

Dutch Hollow's Simply Because RN TD JH TKI WC (9/21/2019-) [OFA LR-224061G26F-PI]

Out of SR Shadowmyst Cuff Links JH WC:

Shadowmyst Black Cow CGC TDI TKN (4/30/2012-) [OFA LR-212680G32F-NOPI]

Out of Castilleja Cupcake At Allsport:

Allsport Onyx at Castilleja (12/21/2013-) [OFA Good]

Out of MBISS CH Shalane Cora Belle:

Shalane Strangers In The Knight (12/17/2011-) [OFA LR-206567E24M-VPI]
Shalane Knightingail (12/17/2011-) [OFA LR-206739G24F-VPI]

Out of Buttonwood Cheerio:

Buttonwood Just Wild About Harry (8/8/2011-) [OFA LR-205407E25M-VPI]

Out of Dickendall Buckstone Hopeful:

Dickendall Buckstone Ez Rock (11/19/2011-)

Out of MBISS GCH Summerlin's Charmed and Dangerous JH WC:

Summerlin Dangerous To The Hips JH (3/26/2012-) [OFA LR-208314G26F-VPI]
CH Summerlin Hot And Dangerous (3/26/2012-) [OFA LR-209141F26F-VPI]

Out of CH Kohler Creek's Bada Bing:

Kohler Creek's Bing It On (7/23/2012-)

Out of Nipntuck I Believe:

Nipntuck Fool Me Once (4/1/2013-)
Nipntuck Shenanigans (4/1/2013-)

Out of IntShCh/IntCh./Hr-/ÍKV-/Swiss-/VDH-/LCD.Ch, Black Pearls of Mainhatten Tootsie Roll:

Black Pearls of Mainhatten Chupa Chups (10/14/2015-) [A1/A1]

Out of Am CH Dickendall Princess Phoebe WC:

MBISS Am GCH CH Pol CH Dickendall Buckstone Three Dog Night (12/18/2011-) [A]

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