Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Millwater Escapade (8/23/1999-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Sharon-Bliss v.d.Zi-Za Hoeve:

Ayla-Summerlove from Jardans Home (8/24/2004-) [FCI HD-A Norberg-waarde 40]
Lovely Dione from Jardans Home (4/12/2006-) [FCI HD-A Norberg-waarde 38]
Lovely Kyra from Jardans home

Out of Happy-Blossom van de Hollandergraven:

Bonfire Laika van de Hollandergraven (4/21/2001-)

Out of Offspring Jade van 't Olde Klooster:

Zen Saar van 't Olde Klooster

Out of Precious Amber v. Mardi's Dreams:

Lady Luna v. Mardi's Dreams [B1]

Out of Kyra of the Wagone's Tail:

Herman of the wagone`s tail (1/30/2006-)

Out of Ultimate Faye van't Olde Klooster:

Murphy Diamond van 't Olde Klooster (5/8/2009-)
DamiŽn Diamond van 't Olde Klooster (5/8/2009-)

Out of Precious Demi van 't Olde Klooster:

Vesper Chester van 't Olde Klooster (11/26/2006-)
Vesper Abbey van 't Olde Klooster (11/26/2006-)
Vesper Chad van 't Olde Klooster (11/26/2006-) [A]

Out of Millwater Muggle Puzzle:

Millwater Runaway (11/19/2007-)
Millwater Rumour Has It (11/19/2007-) [5:5]
Millwater Round N About (11/19/2007-)
Millwater Rough N Ready (11/19/2007-)
Millwater Rosie Raindrop (11/19/2007-)
Millwater Role Model (11/19/2007-)
Millwater Ribbon of Gold (11/19/2007-) [4:4]
Millwater Ready Maid (11/19/2007-)
Millwater Ray of Sunshine (11/19/2007-)

Out of Bowy van 't Relaer:

Silence Dream Amazing Bubbles (4/3/2001-8/31/2010) [A1]

Out of Orion Bayca v.d. Buitenpepers:

Bright Snowgirl of Aislynn Forest (12/3/2007-)
Bright Snowflake of Aislynn Forest (12/3/2007-9/30/2019)
Bright Snowman of Aislynn Forest (12/3/2007-)
Bright Snowstar of Aislynn Forest (12/3/2007-12/3/2019)
Bright Snowball of Aislynn Forest (12/3/2007-)
Bright Snowstorm of Aislynn Forest (12/3/2007-4/10/2015)
Autumn Dreamer of Aislynn Forest (11/23/2005-4/30/2019)
Autumn Charmer of Aislynn Forest (11/23/2005-6/25/2019)

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