Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Vice-EW'00, Int & Hun Ch Karvin Basic Instinct of Galans Bundessieger''99,Amsterdam Winner''97 & 98 (4/30/1995-2006)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Born to be Free Earth, Wind and Fire:

Chartley Aziza Zadeh

Out of Ordoghegyi-Berni Zoe Magic:

HSCH Ordoghegyi-Berni Nadine (1/25/2003-2010) [HD0]
Ordoghegyi-Berni Mezy
Ordoghegyi-Berni Nana (1/25/2003-) [C/C (2004)]

Out of Rákoshegyi Bársony Claudia:

Petprints Piglet (1997-)
Petprints Papagena (1997-)
Petprints Puck (1997-)
Petprints Popeye (1997-)
Petprints Poncho (1997-)
Petprints Pityke (1997-)
Petprints Packard (1997-)
Petprints Papageno (1997-)
Petprints Pippin (1997-)
Petprints Pamina (2/20/1997-12/30/2004)

Out of Galans Larifari:

Galansgoldens Great Magic (3/22/2011-) [A]
Galansgoldens Glamour of Ice (3/22/2011-) [B]
Galansgoldens Gilt Ice (3/22/2011-) [A]

Out of Szérüskerti-Arany Janet:

Union Jack Bugsy (1997-)

Out of Szeruskerti Arany Ledi:

Golden-Rainbow of Windsor Baccara

Out of Szeruskerti-Arany Petra:

Cujohero Argos
Cujohero Asuntha

Out of Ellen of Smiling Hunter:

Fuzberki Casey Jones

Out of INT Ch, HCh Galans Trallala:

Primrose Design
HCh. HjCh. Primrose Déjá Vu Int. Working Trial, Eurodog Show Exc.3 (6/15/1998-2/12/2013) [A/C]

Out of Primrose Blazing Eyes:

Vasco Valentino Bohemia (8/24/2001-) [0/0]

Out of Ch.PL KARIN z Vrchanova:

Zabawna z Karczewskich Szuwarow
Ch PL, JCh PL Zandor of the Music Maker z Karczewskich Szuwarów (12/31/2000-) [0/0]

Out of LOUISIANA Golden Araukarity:

Cita Cassovia White Star
Caron Cassovia White Star
Corina Cassovia White Star

Out of Fiesta Marty:

JCh.ChSL. Legat Goldenpack Marty (12/22/2000-) [A(00)]

Out of Int., German & VDH-Ch.,Österr. Ch. Golden Daydream's Luzie Lavender:

Lavender's Generation Balanced Josephine (4/24/2000-)
Lavender's Generation Be Jölle (4/25/2000-) [A1]
Lavender's Generation Beady Rose (4/25/2000-) [A1]

Out of ICH Aprila Zlate Slnko:

SK CH Deril Zlate slnko (4/9/1998-) [0/0]
ICH Delly Zlate Slnko (4/9/1998-)
CH SK, JCH SK Geronimo Zlate Slnko (1/27/2000-) [0/0]

Out of Areta MARTY:

Laura Goldenpack Marty (5/19/2000-) [HD-A]

Out of Pl.Ch. WELL DONE Kwintesencja FCI:

UNIQUE GIRL Kwintesencja (1/16/2003-)
UNIQUE CHARM Kwintesencja (1/16/2003-)
UNFORGETTABLE STUART Kwintesencja (1/16/2003-)
UP AND DOWN Kwintesencja (1/16/2003-)
UNREAL DREAM Kwintesencja (1/16/2003-)
UNIQUE BOY Kwintesencja (1/16/2003-)
Ch.Pl. UNTIL WE ARE TOGETHER Kwintesencja CACIB BoS BoB (1/16/2003-) [HD A]
Ch.Pl. UP AND COMING STAR Kwintesencja FCI (1/16/2003-) [HD A1]
USEFUL FRIEND OF TUSKULUM Kwintesencja FCI (1/16/2003-) [HD-A1]

Out of Pl.J.Ch., Pl.Ch On My Mind Oligarchia FCI:

VICE VERSA Kwintesencja (7/4/2002-)
VISTA BELLA Kwintesencja (7/4/2002-)
VANILLA ICE CREAM Kwintesencja (7/4/2002-)
VIS A VIS Kwintesencja (7/4/2002-)
VADEMECUM Kwintesencja (7/4/2002-)
Ch.Pl. VELVET BLUE Kwintesencja FCI (7/4/2002-) [A1]
Ch.Pl. VA BANQUE Kwintesencja (7/4/2002-) [A1]

Out of EW'00, ICH Galans Ciroka:

ICH, HCh, HsCh, Rom.Ch, Rom.GrCh Galans Idill Top retriever 04 (H), Club winner (11/28/2001-) [3/3]

Out of Galans Varazs:

HJCH HCH HGCH Kalocsahazi Larissa (8/28/1997-)
INT.Ch,HCH, 99'Ch of Ch,HJCH,Bk.HCH,Eu.Cup.Winner Kalocsahazi Lessi Ability Test, Working Test, Breed Exhibition (8/28/1997-2011) [0]
Int.Ch.,Hu.Jr.Ch. Kalocsahazi Lencsi (8/28/1997-2008) [1]

Out of WW''96, ICH, JCH Jackralee Lace Sensation Csipke of Galans:

Galans Dizoz (4/30/1998-)
Rus Ch Galans Dalia
HJCh. Galans Don Juan [B1]

Out of C'Shirene of Top Team:

Ördöghegyi Berni Valter Dollar
CAC, CACIB Ordoghegyi-Berny Larry (8/12/1997-)
ICH, MCH, CH CZ + SK + H, SK GrCH, H GrCH, SK JCH Ordohegyi-Berni Vanessa (12/9/1998-) [HDD 0/0]

Out of VCh CZ Cora Scandinavia Finland:

ICH, MCH, CH CZ + SK + PL + H, JCH Alex od Hradu Veveri 4x Champion of Champions CZ, National winner (6/13/1999-) [1/1]
ICh MCh CZ + SK + A + PL + CRO Ch, CZ VCh Aimee od Hradu Veveri (6/13/1999-2/17/2011) [HDD : 2/2 = C/C]

Out of CH CZ Blond Berry of Blue Erinor:

CH Bak ze Zasmuk (8/10/1999-) [1/1]
Berra ze Zasmuk (8/10/1999-) [1/1]
Bela ze Zasmuk (8/10/1999-) [2/1]
Best ze Zasmuk (8/10/1999-) [1/2]

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