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Offspring of Siagar Spencer JW (6/24/1998-8/1/2010)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Filoise Alexis at Talliska:

Filouise Spirit Of Joy Of Mullein [23:24]

Out of Toddrosa Jasmine of School Cottage:

Toddrosa Run for Free [7:4]

Out of Lorinford Kay Sera- Sera del Avrain:

Avrain Asti Spumante [6:4]

Out of Palizolla Polar Star:

Palizolla Polar Bear [9:14]

Out of Golmas Grainne:

Aeavendale Moment In Time [4:3]
Aeavendale Georgio [3:4]

Out of Fairfield Flame Sensation:

FAIRFIELD FOREVER AMBER (10/3/2005-) [3. 6]

Out of redtowers little sister via alsden:

ALSDEN CAESAR (4/26/2006-)
ALSDEN CASANOVA (4/26/2006-)
ALSDEN CAVALIER (4/26/2006-)
ALSDEN CHELSEA (4/26/2006-)
ALSDEN CHARMED (4/26/2006-) [14]

Out of Pamgavin Maritime Song:

Pamgavin Ocean Breeze [6:6]
pamgavin ocean storm at brambledore (4/25/2005-) [4/5]

Out of Mossburn Muffin at Denicol:

Denicol Dizzy Lizzy (2002-) [6:6]

Out of Sansue Farina of Furleigh:

Sansue Miss Berenice at Corsemaul (3/18/2002-2010) [9:8]

Out of Filouise Accolade of Roundspring:

Roundspring Dejavu
Roundspring Debutante [5:5]

Out of Fairfield Fairy Magic at Toddrosa:

Toddrosa Desert Orchid (4/1/2005-) [4-3]

Out of Ambergold Sensation:

Ambergold Bees Knees [Hip Score 14:9]

Out of Darthill Pick a Lily JW:


Out of Mating Call Miss Marron Top Brood bitch 2007 & 2008:

EST & LV & LTU & BALT JCH Greenhill's Hugo Boss (9/5/2008-) [A/A (200x)]

Out of Pandreft Prima Donna:

Pandreft Playing The Game (2/20/2004-) [Hip score: 6:5]

Out of Rosinante Tiller Girl:

Rosinante Chelsea Girl JW (2002-) [5:6]
Rosinante Jubilee Jack at Siagar (3/15/2002-)

Out of Scarlet Lady of Trebell:

Trebell Touch of Love (10/7/2003-) [BVA 6:18]

Out of Satona Moonlight Sonata:

Satona Eternal Flame (2001-) [4:4]

Out of Golmas Greta:

Golmas Gin Fizz At Lynkerdee [6:7]

Out of Siagar Sincerely Yours To Valisa:

Valisa Viscount Of Regalsouzas (1/1/2001-)
Valisa Virtual Reality (1/1/2001-) [4:5]

Out of Golmas Gift To Siagar:

Siagar Succession (9/7/2002-) [3:5]
Siagar Sequence (9/7/2002-) [6:5]
Siagar Sentimental Journey to Vanzela (12/9/2000-) [9:15]

Out of Robscraig Frosted Fudge:

robscraig indian lilac (1/27/2001-)

Out of Rosinante Lady In Red:

Rosinante Mustique [5:6]
Rosinante Mandolin JW [6:6]

Out of Morning Breeze at Rumwood:

Rumwood Regal Reward [7:7]

Out of Laurenley Colleen:

Laurenley Sweet Charity [3:4]

Out of Mossburn Mulady:

Mossburn Carra Mel (8/13/2002-)
Mossburn Colonel Mustard JW, SGWC 2CC 1RCC (8/13/2002-) [4:3]

Out of Eng. CH. Fairfield Firecrystal:

Fairfield Firesymphony (4/28/2002-) [10:16]
Fairfield Fireformation (4/28/2002-)
Fairfield Fire Guardsman (4/28/2002-)
Fairfield Fireserenade (4/28/2002-) [5 . 3]
BH, FI/EE CH Fairfield Firefoxtrot (4/28/2002-2/14/2007) [Unknown B/B (2/15/2006)]

Out of Fairfield Firesprite JW:

Eng. CH. Fairfield Firedreamer JW (8/7/2000-) [3:6]

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