Golden Retriever

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Offspring of SEU(u)CH GI CH GBZ CH, GBZ/BEL JCH Stanroph Si Maximillion de Terra di Siena (5/8/2012-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Rihanna de Atrapasueńos:

Altaravan Watch'n Learn (4/18/2016-) [B]
Altaravan Wait Your Turn (4/18/2016-)
Altaravan Say It (4/18/2016-)
Altaravan Lost In Paradise (4/18/2016-) [B]

Out of Goldenmill Strutt My Stuff For Stanroph:

It's Intrepid Du Bois de La Rayere
It's integrity du bois de la rayere
It's stanroph integrety du bois de la rayčre (11/10/2013-)
Stanroph Super Simona (6/29/2015-)
Stanroph Superstravegante At Shiresmill (6/29/2015-) [BVA 7:8]
Gbz Jr. Ch Stanroph Super Sol (6/29/2015-) [A/A]
Stanroph SuperSolstice (6/29/2015-) [OFA Good GR-121960G32F-VPI]
It's-Wish-Upon-A-Star Du Bois De La Rayere (10/20/2013-)
It's Encore Du Bois De La Rayere (11/17/2013-)

Out of HSCH,ROCH,SRBCH,HJCH Bonett Bride Dance All Night:

Excellents of Hunters Diamond Night (7/1/2015-) [B]
Excellents of Hunters Dancing Water (7/1/2015-) [FCI B]

Out of Heatwave Trick Of The Day:

Chamorels Umbrella Corporation [FCI A/A]

Out of Respons Qryddiga Qvickrot-Ten:

Respons Tankfulla Tösabit-Ten

Out of It. Ch., Int. Show Ch., Repr. Ch. Simone de Terra di Siena:

J.Ch. GBZ Put Your Trust In Lady Luck To Terra Di Siena (5/1/2014-) [BVA 3-5 ]
Kristalgold Florence Twist of Fate (1/5/2014-) [FCI A]
J It Ch. Alexander's Divine Plan (1/5/2014-) [FCI B]
master of my own fate (1/5/2014-) [FCI A]

Out of Gienmore Amy:

Dacota Gienmore
Gienmore Dalina (6/2/2014-) [FCI A1/A1 2016]
Gienmore Dundy (6/2/2014-)
Gienmore Dacota (6/2/2014-) [FCI A1/A1 2016]
Gienmore Duke (6/2/2014-) [FCI A1/A2 2015]
Gienmore Debby (6/2/2014-) [A1/A1 2015]
Gienmore Dalea (6/2/2014-) [FCI A1/A1 2015]

Out of Int Ch, Spa/Gbz Ch Stanroph So Let Me See:

Stanroph Shim Shim Shiree
Stanroph Sky Rocket (12/9/2014-) [OFA GR-121680G38M-VPI]
Stanroph Silkstyle (12/9/2014-)
Stanroph Super Hero (9/12/2014-) [FCI B1/B2]


Malenbrook Million Miles (5/5/2014-)

Out of Bouquet Imperial du Bois de la Rayere:

Je T'Adore Du Bois De La Rayere of Greengables (5/17/2014-)

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