Golden Retriever

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Offspring of FC AFC Topbrass Hawks Blackhawk OS (2/18/2013-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Duso's We Can Do It QAA:

Duso White Bog Orchid (3/2/2022-)

Out of Bailey Mae's Flashy Summer Breeze *** QFTR:

Birch Bay Calypso Orchid (11/25/2020-)
Oldsquaw’s Hawk ‘N Summer’s Fire (12/26/2021-)
Peach's Blue Sky (12/26/2021-)

Out of Arctic's Tazlina River SH ***:

Arctic's Brown Eyed Girl (10/29/2018-) [OFA GR-131240G24F-VPI]
Arctic's Taj Mahal (10/29/2018-)
Valhallas Heart X 3 (10/29/2018-)
Arctic Alpenglow Martini (10/29/2018-)
Tazlina's White Cloud Mountain Gem (10/29/2018-)
Buddy Billy Barker (10/29/2018-)
Tanana Tucker (10/29/2018-)

Out of Highlands Jazzy Solo Girl:

Highlands Topbrass Macey Parade (9/29/2018-) [OFA GR-118504E24F-VPI]

Out of Headwater's You Are My Sunshine:

Topbrass On the Rocks CGC TKI (2/18/2018-)
Topbrass Hw It's Zoe Wonderful Life (2/18/2018-)
Topbrass Cassia (2/18/2018-)
Topbrass Clover (2/18/2018-)
Topbrass Headwater Rey Of Sunshine (2/18/2018-)
Topbrass Dusty Pete MX MXJ ACT2 SCE SIA SEA TKI CGC (2/18/2018-)
Topbrass Headwater’s Autumn Blaze (9/11/2016-) [OFA GR-123988G25F-VPI]

Out of Topbrass Jessie Great Plains Drifter:

Topbrass Alex's Jax CGC (8/1/2017-)
Topbrass Snap Crackle Poppy (4/12/2018-) [OFA GR-129079G24F-VPI]
Topbrass All Work And No Play CGC WC (4/12/2018-)
Topbrass Bella Belle Of The Ball (4/12/2018-)
Topbrass Fly Me To The Moon III (8/1/2017-)
Topbrass Berkeley Golden Bear (8/1/2017-)
Topbrass Huck (8/1/2017-)
Topbrass Jessie's Jameson (8/1/2017-)
Topbrass Go Big Or Go Home (8/1/2017-)
Topbrass Tully Mars (8/1/2017-)
Kretschmer's Cody (4/12/2018-)
Topbrass Hawk's Firecrown Grand Finnale CGCA (4/12/2018-)
Topbrass Jessie Sue (4/12/2018-)
Topbrass Bailey II (4/12/2018-)
Topbrass Sugartime Rock And Roll (4/12/2018-)

Out of BDC CH SM Wildwing Dylans Plum Krazy Diamond:

Hunters Diamond In The Ruff (10/3/2017-) [OFA GR-127897E26F-VPI]
Skagit River Zephyr (10/3/2017-)
Riggs Of The House Of Powe (10/3/2017-)
Irogami's Golden Angler (10/3/2017-)
Hunters Sweet Gold (10/3/2017-)

Out of James Bonds Miss Moneypenny MH:

Miss Moneypenny's Fancy Nancy JH (11/23/2018-)
Hope's Golden Ticket ''Conner'' (11/23/2018-)

Out of HR Bally's Only Wanna Be With You SH:

Bally's Acorn Moon Chubbs-You Had Me At Hello (9/22/2017-) [OFA GR-127171G25M-VPI]
David's Waterloo Second Chance (9/22/2017-)
Gomez's Cody (9/22/2017-)
Qori Barrionuevo Moreno (9/22/2017-)
Markey's Buddy (9/22/2017-)

Out of HRCH Turbo Flash Dragon CDX MH QA2 AD WCX:

Turbo's Blue Absolut ** (12/1/2019-)
Turbo Congeniality (12/1/2019-) [OFA GR-135761G24F-P-VPI]
SHR Turbo Zinger’s Gold Rush SH WCX (12/1/2019-) [OFA GR-135671G24F-VPI]
Turbo Nator (12/1/2019-)

Out of MOTCH Taygold's Denali MH WCX:

Taygold's Real Tree Camo SH WCX (3/8/2019-) [OFA GR-132642G24F-VPI]
Taygold's Bauer Light The Lamp (3/8/2019-)
Taygold's Trigger Hunter Cook (3/8/2019-)
Taygold's Mac Tire (3/8/2019-)
Taygold's Best Case Scenario (3/8/2019-) [OFA GR-132477G24M-VPI]
Taygold's Duke (3/8/2019-)
Taygold's Cooper (3/8/2019-)
Taygold's Sir Kyle of Kanata (3/8/2019-)
Taygold's Henry (3/8/2019-)
Taygold's Jewel of Bagots End (3/8/2019-)

Out of HRC Topbrass Chiquita MH ** WCX:

Topbrass Hawks Maple Leaf ** (5/22/2019-)
Topbrass The Empire's Red Hot Chili Pepper (5/22/2019-)
Topbrass Breakwater Four On The Floor (5/22/2019-)
Topbrass Arya's Game Of Bones (5/22/2019-)
Topbrass Hemisphere Dancer (5/22/2019-)
Topbrass Seize The Day (5/22/2019-)
Topbrass Otter (5/22/2019-)

Out of HR Northwind's Hot Little Red Head MH, WCX:

StarShine Stormy Point’s Ruby Red Slipper (7/2/2018-)
Starshine's Workin Girl SH, WCX (7/2/2018-) [OFA GR-131272E28F-VPI]
Lady Freyja Starshine (7/2/2018-)
Crosswind's Feel The Thunder SH (7/2/2018-) [OFA GR-130135E25F-VPI]
August XIII (7/2/2018-)
Starshines Magic Man RE NJP BCAT TKI CGC (7/2/2018-)
Starshine's Little Red Tucker (7/2/2018-)
Decan's Charge Of The Light Brigade Of Starshine (7/2/2018-)
Starshine's Gate Keeper (7/2/2018-)

Out of Elusive Max Q Brixey WCX:

Ghost River's Scorched Earth (6/22/2017-7/16/2019)
Ghost River No Ragrets (6/22/2017-)
Ghost River's Charlie Roach (6/22/2017-)
Ghost River Mississippi Moon QA2, WC (6/22/2017-) [OFA GR-128452E32M-VPI]
Ghost River Flirtin With Disaster QA2, WC (6/22/2017-) [OFA GR-128451E32F-VPI]
Ghost River Mississippi Girl (6/22/2017-) [OFA GR-128076G30F-VPI]
Ghost River's Amarante Loiselle (6/22/2017-)
Kaiser's Huckleberry Of Ghost River (6/22/2017-) [OFA GR-126626G25M-PI]
Memphis XII JH (6/22/2017-)

Out of AFC Double Creek Ali's Double Agent OD:

BK Stryper ** (4/18/2018-)
Ali's Rising Star of Maggie Creek ** (4/18/2018-)
Ali's Good Time Charley *** (4/18/2018-)
GRHRCH Young's Stairway To Seven ** (4/18/2018-) [OFA GR-129007G24M-VPI]
Ali Phoenix Rises Reborn MH *** WCX (4/18/2018-)
Ali's Foolish Pride ** (4/18/2018-)
Ali's BravHart Scottish Heritage JH ** (4/18/2018-) [OFA GR-129622E26M-VPI]
Hardscrabble's Gold Is the New Black *** (4/18/2018-) [OFA GR-129549G26F-VPI]
Ali's Rocky Top DreamCatcher *** (4/18/2018-) [OFA GR-133324G36F-VPI]
Zevas Leader Of The Band Of Alis ** (4/18/2018-) [OFA GR-129325G25F-VPI]

Out of Terlingua's Whoa Nelli SH OD:

Morningstar Callidora DM WC (6/23/2015-) [OFA GR-125198G44F-NOPI]
Tanasi Soars Like A Hawk ** (6/23/2015-) [OFA GR-124369G41M-NOPI]
Terlingua's Sister Act SH ** (6/23/2015-) [OFA GR-119501G24F-VPI ]
Prr's Guns Down At Sundown MH, WCX (6/23/2015-) [OFA GR-119807G25F-VPI]
Sporting Gold Award Winning Brew MH (6/23/2015-) [OFA GR-122213E34F-VPI]
Hunter Thom JH (6/23/2015-) [OFA GR-119902G25M-VPI]
Topbrass Stormy Boy (6/23/2015-)
Terlingua Star-Lord Cory (6/23/2015-)
Terlingua Jessie Jayne (6/16/2018-)

Out of Topbrass Rockets' Red Glare MH OD:

Topbrass Rocky Top Rascal ** (2/16/2017-)
Topbrass Dakato's Antonena (10/19/2017-)
Topbrass Joy To The World II JH (2/16/2017-) [OFA GR-127731G32F-VPI]
Topbrass Rockin' Robin MH ** WCX (2/16/2017-) [OFA GR-126083G27M-VPI]
Topbrass Bodie Of Tanglewood (2/16/2017-)
Topbrass Red Rambler Wray SH WC ** (2/16/2017-) [OFA GR-131346G45F-VPI]
Topbrass What A Gem SH, JH (10/19/2017-) [OFA GR-130678E35F-VPI]
Topbrass Sweet Ruby Claire JH ** WC CCA (12/17/2018-) [OFA GR-133482E29F-VPI]
Topbrass Pattee Creek Hutch *** QA2 (10/19/2017-) [OFA GR-128007G24M-VPI]
Topbrass Destined To Reign SH ** (12/17/2018-) [OFA GR-132672E27-VPI]
Topbrass Blackhawk's Fly Boy DM, ASA, HDM (12/17/2018-) [OFA GR-132749E27M-VPI]
Topbrass Skylar (2/16/2017-)
Topbrass Spiritrocker (10/19/2017-)
Topbrass XXX (10/19/2017-)
Topbrass Charlie Horton (10/19/2017-)
Topbrass Frequent Flyer (12/17/2018-)
Topbrass Flying Redd Hawk Of Mtn Sky QA2 (12/17/2018-) [OFA GR-131593G24M-VPI]
Topbrass Annie Get Your Gumbo (12/17/2018-)

Out of OTCH Roostin' In The Fields Of Magicgold UDX8 PCD OGM BN GN RAE2 MH113 CGC WCX OBHF HTHF VCX CCA OD:

Rradac Wild River Full Of Adventure CD MH WCX (8/28/2017-)
Rradac Tommie Hawk MH WCX (8/28/2017-)
Rradac USDA Prime T Bone MH WCX (8/28/2017-)
Rradac T Bird MH WC (8/28/2017-)
Rradac Blazing Arrow Of Magic Hawk JH WC (8/28/2017-)

Out of Topbrass Loving Liberty JH:

Topbrass Dyxies Yellow Rose (6/16/2017-) [OFA GR-128185G31F-VPI]
Topbrass Josie Clare (6/16/2017-)
Topbrass Scout & Cellar's Grape Pip (6/16/2017-)
Topbrass Northstar Whisky River Take My Mind MH ** (6/16/2017-) [OFA GR-133671G47F-VPI]
Topbrass Bucky (6/16/2017-)
Topbrass Remington No Duck Gets Away JH WC (6/16/2017-) [OFA GR-126414G24M-VPI]
Topbrass Captain Mcallister (6/16/2017-)
Topbrass Fern (6/16/2017-)

Out of Topbrass Bizquick ** OD:

Topbrass Coastal Commander (12/12/2015-)
Topbrass Sierra Nugget (12/12/2015-)
Topbrass Remus (12/12/2015-)
Topbrass Calvin's Friend Hobbes MH (12/12/2015-) [OFA GR-122584G29M-NOPI]
Topbrass Madison River (12/12/2015-)
Topbrass Off With A Bang (12/12/2015-)
Topbrass Highland Drake (7/20/2016-)
Topbrass Sky Watcher (7/20/2016-) [OFA GR-123556G25M-VPI]
HRCH UH Topbrass Wings Of Gold JH (7/20/2016-) [OFA GR-125314G32M-VPI]
Let's Go Get The Birds Bizzy JH (12/12/2015-) [OFA GR-121628G25F-PI]
Topbrass Long Pond Lilypad JH (7/20/2016-)
Helping With The Smack Down Reya JH (12/12/2015-) [OFA GR-121627G25F-PI]
Topbrass Mimi (7/20/2016-)
Topbrass Wild Bill Cody II (7/20/2016-)
Topbrass Maddon Madalin Rainwater (7/20/2016-)
Topbrass Tupelo Honey (7/20/2016-)

Out of Windy River's Smok'n Cedar QFTR:

Youtube SH (3/13/2020-) [OFA GR-136901E24F-C-VPI]
Windy River Win-Some Willows JFTR ** (3/13/2020-) [OFA GR-136570E24M-P-VPI]
Windy River's Benjamin (3/13/2020-)
Earling Hills Fancy Reba (3/13/2020-)
Windy River's Galeforce Mystique (3/13/2020-)

Out of HR PRR's Walk The Line MH WCX:

PRR's Better Be Good (1/10/2017-)
PRR's Keep On The Sunny Side JH (1/10/2017-) [OFA GR-127584G27F-NOPI ]
PRR's Run Em Dry (1/10/2017-)
Prr You'Re A Fine Girl (1/10/2017-) [OFA GR-124842G24F-VPI]
Golden Acres Sofia Grace (1/10/2017-)

Out of Storm Warnings Ava:

Storm Warning's Alberta Clipper (6/19/2015-) [OFA GR-121077E30F-VPI]
Storm Warnings Deep Eddy MH QA2 WCX (6/19/2015-) [OFA GR-121083G30M-VPI]
Storm Warning Wasatch West Wisconsin JH WC (6/19/2015-) [OFA GR-121889E33F-VPI]
Storm Warnings Poetry In Motion MH (6/19/2015-) [OFA GR-120130G25F-VPI]

Out of T-Pines Wilma Pearl MH CDX BN CCA:

T-Pines Waitin' For The Go MH (11/3/2015-)
Watermarks Gold Rush WC (11/3/2015-) [OFA GR-120731E24F-VPI]
T-Pines Rollin' Thunder UDX OM2 RE TKI CGC (11/3/2015-)
T-Pines Prarie Dasher (11/3/2015-)
T-Pines Burnin' Daylight (11/3/2015-)
Paytons Golden Flash (11/3/2015-)
T-Pines Rosebud Born In A Flurry (11/3/2015-)

Out of Topbrass Savannah SH CCA WCX **:

HR Topbrass Platte Rivers Wheel Of Fortune JH (5/31/2016-) [OFA GR-122716G24F-VPI]
Topbrass Biodiesel FDC TKN DSA CGC (5/31/2016-) [OFA GR-122742G24M-VPI]
Topbrass Harmoney's Ruff 'N Tuff Rufus (5/31/2016-)
Topbrass Artful Dodger (5/31/2016-)

Out of NMH GMH RCH Talin Zaniri Frz'n Concentrate Can WCX CD RMX Am CD MH CCA WCX *** OD:

Zaniri's Orange Twist Can Am JH ** (3/30/2018-) [OFA GR-130576G29F-VPI]
Talin's Zaniri Cutting Edge ** (3/30/2018-) [OFA GR-129851E27M-VPI]
Zaniri Rare Tanzanite SH WCX (3/30/2018-) [OFA GR-131949E93M-VPI]
Zaniri Donamor XJS (3/30/2018-) [OFA GR-131161G31M-VPI]

Out of Birch Bay Spring Beauty MH QA2 WCX CCA:

Topbrass Red Hawk (9/11/2016-) [OFA GR-125382G30M-VPI]
Topbrass American Lil Deuce Coupe CGCA (9/11/2016-)
Topbrass Roscoe Swift JFTR WCX QAA (9/11/2016-) [OFA GR-132458G53M-VPI]
Topbrass Sweet As Can Bee (9/11/2016-) [OFA GR-129256E44F-VPI]
Topbrass Say No More (9/11/2016-)
Topbrass Aleu Of Black Creek (9/11/2016-)

Out of Thistle Rocks Storm Warning Maurene MH QAA WCX:

Thunderstruck Thistle Rock And Roll Train MH *** (6/24/2015-) [OFA GR-120265G26M-VPI]

Out of River Bottoms Max Q Annie RN MH QA2 CCA *** VCX OD:

Max Q Jake & Gingrocks Amor Vincent MH WCX ** (11/21/2015-2/18/2021) [OFA GR-126171G42F-VPI]
Pcs Sweet Little Rock N Roller SH WCX (11/21/2015-)
Max Q's Ben Here Done That MH ** (11/21/2015-1/3/2021)
Ernst Moses Merkley SH ** (11/21/2015-)
Max Q R U Yeti MH WC (11/21/2015-) [OFA GR-132311G39M-PI]
Birdwoods Home Grown Hottie (11/21/2015-) [OFA GR-122275E29F-VPI]
Hawks Mighty River (11/21/2015-) [OFA GR-121435G26F-VPI]
Briarbrooks Branch Alces Moose (11/21/2015-)

Out of Duso's Phoenix of Temair MH *** OD:

Duso's Baker's Dozen *** (3/31/2016-)
Duso's Not Fade Away QA2 (3/31/2016-) [OFA GR-129455G24M-VPI]
Duso's Dublin JH (3/31/2016-)
Duso's Admiral Digby Of Ns CGC (3/31/2016-)
Duso's Rising To The Second Wind (3/31/2016-) [OFA GR-124099E31M-VPI]
Duso's Quest Over the Rainbow RN JH ACT1 TKI WC ** (6/5/2017-)
Duso's I Walk The Line ** (6/5/2017-) [OFA GR-127516E28M-NOPI]
Wyatt XXX *** (6/5/2017-)
Duso's Ora SH (6/5/2017-)
Dusos Double Trouble MH (3/31/2016-)
Aquilo's Everlasting Journey From Duso (3/31/2016-) [OFA GR-122271G24M-VPI]
OTCH2 Duso Is The Key To Phoenix Rising UDX OM3 OBHF (6/5/2017-)
Duso's Nonstop Action Jackson (3/31/2016-)
Duso's Holeshot Moto (3/31/2016-) [OFA GR-122506G25M-NOPI]

Out of NOC OTCH11 High Times Instant Soup UDX4 OM7 MH QAA NA NAJ:

High Times Hit'N The Sauce (9/4/2017-) [OFA GR-128312G29F-VPI]
High Times Stir'N The Pot CD, JH, WCX (9/4/2017-)

Out of Topbrass Lightning Flash Lucy MH ***:

Topbrass Lightning Flash Holly MH *** (8/18/2015-) [OFA GR-121659G30F-PI]
Topbrass Plutos A Planet AX OAJ (8/18/2015-)
Topbrass Storm In Norman (8/18/2015-)
Topbrass Anja Marie (8/18/2015-)
Topbrass Lightning Flash Ginger (8/18/2015-)

Out of Topbrass Prettyltl Supedup 4wd MH WCX *** OD HTHF:

RATCHX Topbrass Dakota My Heart and Soul RATI, DS, CA (2/14/2016-)
Topbrass Kuventre U Better Think Twice MH (2/14/2016-) [OFA GR-122245E26F-VPI]
Topbrass Time for Honor CDX PCD BN RM JH OA OAJ XF DMA CGC TKI WCX (2/14/2016-)
Topbrass Down In The Boondocks MH WCX ** (2/14/2016-) [OFA GR-122155E26M-VPI]
UCI Nat & Int CH Topbrass and Heartland's Sarabi (2/14/2016-) [OFA GR-122454G27F-VPI]
Topbrass Stryker (2/14/2016-)
Topbrass Boris Turkey Bucket Grover (2/14/2016-)
Topbrass Star Ruby (2/14/2016-)
Topbrass Athena (2/14/2016-)
Topbrass 'The Empires' Sierra RN NA ACT2 DSA CGCU CGCA (2/14/2016-)

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