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Offspring of Am. CH. Hunt's Copperfield Daemon CD TD WC OS SDHF (10/31/1969-8/11/1979)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Beckwith's Radiant Mist:

Berby's Empress Shannon Tara (3/19/1972-)

Out of Knollwoods Kameo of Kimbyeya CD:

Knollwood's Koffee Klatsch (5/26/1979-)

Out of Sindy Of Stonehouse CD:

Sterlingold Asland CD (3/22/1975-) [OFA GR-4842]

Out of Xanadu's Cindy Lou CD:

Xanadu's Grampa Chubbs (5/20/1979-) [OFA GR-11475-T]
Burgundy Sparkle of Dale CD (5/20/1979-) [OFA GR-12676]
Xanadu's Quincy Goodfellow CanCD (5/20/1979-) [OFA GR-11577-T]

Out of Coventry's Double Trouble:

CH Coventry's Double Talk (7/23/1979-)

Out of Malagold Balgair Wee Erinn:

Balgair Alderbrook Tasia (11/20/1973-) [OFA GR-3841]
Balgair's Frazer (11/20/1973-)
Balgair's My Fair Lady (11/20/1973-)

Out of Heatherstone Ivy O' Autumn Lea:

Autumn Lea's Golden Aquarius (12/11/1972-) [OFA GR-3006-T]
Am./Can. CH. Autumn Lea's Chief Red Jacket CDX (12/11/1972-) [OFA GR-3075]
Am./Can. CH. Autumn Lea's Superstar (12/11/1972-)

Out of Willow Lane's Golden Kimbyeya OD:

Am CH Golden Mark's Handsome Max (1/6/1975-) [OFA GR-6046]
Joshua XXIX (1/6/1975-)
Am/Can CH. Kimbyeya Hilltop's Brahma Bay (1/6/1975-) [OFA GR-4699-T]
Am. CH. Hunts Darrowby (1/6/1975-) [OFA GR-6238]

Out of Can.Ch. Synspur Beckwiths Laurel Am.Can.CD:

Beckwith's Phoenix (12/22/1972-)
Am/Can Ch. Beckwith's Phantom Knight CD (12/22/1972-)

Out of Am. CH. Moonlight Diana:

Goodfellows Handy Andy (8/3/1973-)
Xanadu's Serendipity (12/7/1971-)
Xanadu's Tom (8/3/1973-) [OFA GR-3764-T ]
Am. Ch. Daemon's Benjamen of Xanadu CD (12/7/1971-) [OFA GR-3233-T]
Vegas' Miss Conduct CD (8/3/1973-) [OFA GR-3343 ]

Out of Am./Can. CH. Goldenwire's Lords Lady OD:

CanCH Meldaph's Happy Go Lucky (3/21/1973-)
Am./Can. CH. Goldenwire's Ambassador Am./Can. CD (1/21/1974-) [OFA GR-3725]
Am. CH. Daemon's Sundanced Lady CD (1/21/1974-)
Parker's Goldenwire Ginger UD WC (1/21/1974-)

Out of Darlington Del-Beth Rochelle OD:

Moreland's Jim Dandy (11/26/1972-)
Moreland's Kyra of Sunnyfield (11/26/1972-)

Out of Jolly Folly Of Goldendartt:

Daemon's Blushing Rose (8/13/1979-) [OFA GR-12100]
Dandy Mandy Of Goldendartt (8/13/1979-) [OFA GR-12046]

Out of Am. CH Brynmar's A Tisket A Tasket:

Arnold's Duke of Daemon (12/23/1978-)

Out of Bargello's Tiffany Tulip Am./Can. CD WC:

Bargello Trowsnest Nit N Purl (9/9/1979-)

Out of Am. CH Milaur's Bridget:

Honor's Magic Moment CD (10/14/1972-)
Honor's Mostly Chance (10/14/1972-)
Honor's Memories R Made Of Bash CD (10/14/1972-1984) [OFA GR-4405]
Honor's Music Maid Of Taragold CD (10/14/1972-) [OFA GR-2440]

Out of Am./Can. CH Smithaven's Rousing Rhet O'Ric CD WC VC OD:

Smithaven's Chadwick (9/6/1978-) [OFA GR-12272]
Smithaven Kilter (9/6/1978-) [OFA GR-10483]
Am./Can. CH. Smithaven's Benchmark Caper CD OS SDHF (9/6/1978-1989) [OFA GR-10370]

Out of Am. CH. Ryden's Charisma:

Am. CH. Rockgold's Pandora
Am. CH. Rockgold's Lysistrata (5/26/1972-)

Out of Can./Am. CH. Kyrie Loch Ness of Terra-Hoh OD:

Brenjo's Torch Of Loch Ness (6/23/1972-)
Sarrins Noah Of Terra Hoh CDX TD (6/23/1972-) [OFA GR-2462]
Terra Hoh's Lots O'Loch UDT (6/23/1972-)
Can Ch. Brenjo's Torch O'Loch Ness CD (6/23/1972-) [OFA GR-2355]

Out of Am. CH. Hunts Rosalynde OD:

Am CH Glenallens Bandwaggin (4/27/1978-) [OFA GR-10103]
Am CH Glenallens Buck Rogers (4/27/1978-)
Glenallens Applejack (11/23/1976-)
Am. CH Glenallens Amanda (11/23/1976-) [OFA GR-8934]

Out of Am Ch Tempo's Nassau Miss OD:

Tempo's Darcie (12/6/1973-)
Am. CH. Tempo's Tempestuous Daemon CDX (12/6/1973-) [OFA GR-4207 ]
Sunshine's Sagebrush of Tempo (12/6/1973-1986)
Am. CH. Tempo's Special Taco
Am. CH. Tempo's Stormy Petrel (12/6/1973-) [OFA GR-4879]
Bearwood Chablis Of Tempo (12/6/1973-) [OFA GR-3867]

Out of Xanadu's Solo Of Hunt:

Hunts Innes MacInnes (10/5/1976-6/13/1988) [OFA GR-7657]
Am. CH. Hunts Interlude (10/5/1976-) [OFA GR-7656]

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