Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Am. CH. Indian Knoll's Roc-Cloud UD OS OBHF (9/3/1955-2/1967)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Fountain Glen Pawnee:

Fountain Glen's John Smith (9/5/1960-)

Out of Trievon Ravishing Nolden:

Bierly's Golden Harvey CD (12/2/1957-)

Out of Pooh's Susie:

Sun Dance's Amber Jewel (10/1/1964-)
Sirius (SA284907) (10/1/1964-)

Out of Sunnyway's Tawney Wallasey:

Sun Dance's Gypsy Ginn CanCD

Out of Gayhaven's Ginger:

Am. CH. Shady Lane's Jumper (3/4/1965-)

Out of Sun Dance's Melissa:

Sun Dance's Pocahontas (3/25/1960-)
Am. CH. Sun Dance's Picnic CDX (3/25/1960-)

Out of Roving Skipper:

Am. CH. Roc-Knoll Golden Clipper UD OBHF (4/28/1960-)

Out of Hetherington Jeane CD OD:

Sam Sun CD (1/3/1959-)
Sun Dance's Tuscarora CD (1/3/1959-)
Sun Dance's Titan CDX (1/3/1959-)
Sun Dance's Torch UD (1/3/1959-)
Sun Dance's Tammie UD (1/3/1959-)
Am. CH. Sun Dance's Thunder CDX (1/3/1959-)

Out of Am. CH. Sidram Shady Lady CDX ** OD:

Shady Miss Of Phil-Lo (6/29/1957-)
Am. CH. Lakeside Thor CD (6/29/1957-)
Am. CH. Ben's Major Of Sundance UD OBHF (6/29/1957-)

Out of Am. CH. Sidram Shining Star UD OD:

Sidram Super Speed (5/26/1957-)
Am. CH. Sun Dance's Kim CD (5/26/1957-)
Am./Can. CH., Can. OTCH Sun Dance's Rusticana UDT * OBHF (5/26/1957-1971)

Out of Sun Dance's Carla CD:

Sun Dance's Flamelight CD (12/20/1958-)
Sun Dance's Flare OD (12/20/1958-)

Out of Dutchess II Of Sandywood:

Roc-Cloud's Golden Quene (1/5/1958-)
Sun Dance's Gold Lightening UD (1/5/1958-)

Out of Sidram's Kapering Korky CD OD:

Sun Dance's Cameo (1/5/1957-)
Sun Dance's Boyce UD (1/5/1957-)
Sun Dance's Sunny CD (1/5/1957-)
Sun Dance's Brass UD OBHF (1/5/1957-)
Am. CH. Sun Dance's Bruce CDX (1/5/1957-)
Am. CH. Sun Dance's Brandy CD * (1/5/1957-)
Sun Dance's Carla CD (1/5/1957-)
Am. CH. Sun Dance's Bronze CD OS (1/5/1957-2/7/1970)

Out of Satinway Wildmist Of Sidram OD:

Sidram Screwdriver (8/23/1960-)
Seventh Sun Of Sidram (8/23/1960-)
Garway's Alpha (6/4/1965-)
Sidram Sherri (8/23/1960-)
Garway's Adonis (6/4/1965-)
Am. CH. Sidram Sporting Guy CD (6/4/1965-)
Am. CH. Satinway Sidram Sheriff (8/23/1960-)

Out of AmCH Milaur's Aphrodite OD:

La Wanna's Taffy Candy (7/21/1965-)
Am. CH. Sun Dance's Melody CDX (7/21/1965-)

Out of Am. CH. Sprucewood's Glamour Girl UD OD:

Sun Dance's G Ginger CD (11/10/1960-)
Sun Dance's Golden Gal (11/10/1960-)
Am. CH. Sun Dance's Gunner CDX (11/10/1960-)
Sun Dance's Gold Ingot CD OD (11/10/1960-)
Am. CH. Sun Dance's Gulie (11/10/1960-)

Out of Am. CH. Sun Dance's Chorus Girl CD:

Sun Dance's Sandman (6/27/1966-)
Am. CH. Sun Dance's Sand Piper CDX (6/27/1966-)
Am. CH. Sun Dance's Sand Box Miss (6/27/1966-)

Out of Am. CH. Sun Dance's Gulie:

Sun Dance's Willow (1/13/1962-)

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