Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Pl.Ch. Shanlimore Fabian Pol. SG -93-95 (11/11/1991-2/9/2005)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Emma v.d. Golden Angels:

Ravell v.d. Golden Angels

Out of Nightdream Puss In Boots:

Juno-Juhekin Helmi (7/20/1996-) [B/A (1997)]

Out of Juno-Juhekin Assi:

Juno-Juhekin Nebula (1/25/1997-) [C/C (1999)]

Out of Waterloos Crystal At Nightdream:

Nightdream Cat Balloo (12/13/1995-) [B/B (1999)]

Out of Nightdream Flying Magic:

Perfect Beast Evening Joy (10/20/1999-)
Perfect Beast Cool Callahan (9/26/1998-1/8/2008) [D/D (2000)]
Perfect Beast Armbro Luxury (2/9/1996-)
Perfect Beast After Me Please (2/9/1996-)
Perfect Beast Biba-B-Looba (5/14/1997-) [A/A (1998)]
Perfect Beast Cute But Stupid (6/29/1998-) [C0/C0 (2002)]

Out of Nightdream Gloria Estefan:

Qajun Gabija

Out of Trollsångens Toy:

Nightdream One Way Ticket (9/1/1995-) [C0/C0 (1997)]
Pol. Ch. Nightdream GO GO GO (9/1/1995-) [HD: A2]
Nightdream All Night Party

Out of Nightdream MONEY MONEY:

Guldgårdens Ametist (11/15/1993-) [C/B (1995)]

Out of Qajun Europa:

Pl.J.Ch. Complement Top Secret (12/9/1995-)
Pl.J.Ch., Pl.Ch. Complement Tylko Ten Talmigold (12/9/1995-11/23/2010) [A1]

Out of Tottelina Fair Felicia:

Tottelina Mr. Mulberry (2/1/1999-) [A/A0]

Out of Kapplandet's Chateau de Cruzeau:

Complement Ultima Ratio Regum
Complement Uwaga Jestem (12/14/1995-)
Complement Ukulele
Complement Umpire
Complement UNCJA ZLOTA (12/14/1995-)
Int.Ch., Pl.Ch. Complement Unikat Nando [B1/B1]
Pl. Ch. Complement Uno Voce

Out of Hoyden Noisy Lady:

Complement Dola Idola (12/13/1993-)
Pl. Ch. Complement Dyplomatka (12/13/1993-)
Pl.Ch. Complement Dina Dobra Decyzja (12/13/1993-)
Complement DON DONALDO (12/13/1993-)

Out of Nightdream Good Heavens:

Nightdream Milla Magia (9/14/2000-) [C/C (2002)]
Tornado (7/10/1997-)

Out of Fin. CH. Hiekkakankaan Unelma-Ulla:

Deutscher Jugend Ch. Hiekkakankaan Iltatähti (10/28/1997-) [D0/D0]
Hiekkakankaan Iltasumu (10/28/1997-) [B/B (1998)]
FIN CH Hiekkakankaan Iltahämy (10/28/1997-) [A/A (1998)]
HIEKKAKANKAAN ILTARUSKO (10/28/1997-9/1/2006) [A/A (1998)]

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