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Offspring of FTW Garronpoint Fitty (6/23/2011-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of miss royal diamond van Foreburgh:

Cailey of Royal Pleasure (5/28/2017-)

Out of Buffy vom Velthover Winkel:

Caseway's Addicted to you Finja (5/27/2018-) [A2/A2]
Caseway's Addicted to you Frieda (5/27/2018-)
Caseway's Addicted to you Lotte (5/27/2018-)
Caseway's Addicted to you Lucy (5/27/2018-)
Caseway's Addicted to you Mavis (5/27/2018-) [E2/E1]
Caseway's Addicted to you Spencer (5/27/2018-) [A1/A1]
Caseway's Addicted to you Tirza (5/27/2018-)

Out of Deep Impact Bambery:

Smiling fellow's Ajvar (1/27/2019-)
Smiling fellow's Almond (1/27/2019-)
Smiling fellow's Ayu (1/27/2019-)
Smiling fellow's Ambercup (1/27/2019-)
Smiling fellow's Aneletti (1/27/2019-)
Smiling fellow's Apple (1/27/2019-)
Smiling fellow's Aronia (1/27/2019-)
Smiling fellow's Aubergine (1/27/2019-)

Out of Blackthorn Tjara:

Young Spirit Gentle Porter (7/14/2018-) [A2/A2]
Young Spirit Gentle Able (7/14/2018-) [A2/A2]
Young Spirit Gentle Mojo (7/14/2018-) [B1/B1]
Young Spirit Gentle Lucy (7/14/2018-) [A2/A2]
Young Spirit Gentle Hope (7/14/2018-) [A1/A1]
Young Spirit Gentle Ella (7/14/2018-) [A2/A2]
Young Spirit Gentle Hazel (7/14/2018-) [A2/A2]
Young Spirit Gentle Fine (7/14/2018-) [A2/A2]
Young Spirit Gentle Mind Velvet (7/14/2018-) [A2/A2]

Out of Caisy little Dragon from Fire Fighter:

Finn Fiete little Dragon from Fire Fighter (11/1/2015-) [A2/A1]
Floyd little Dragon from Fire Fighter (11/1/2015-) [A2/A1]
Fritz little Dragon from Fire Fighter (11/1/2015-) [A1/A1]
Fitty little Dragon from Fire Fighter (11/1/2015-) [A2/A2]
Finch little Dragon from Fire Fighter (11/1/2015-)
Frida little Dragon from Fire Fighter (11/1/2015-) [A2/A2]
Fiona little Dragon from Fire Fighter (11/1/2015-) [A1/A1]
Fancy-Ivory little Dragon from Fire Fighter (11/1/2015-) [A2/A2]
Feebee little Dragon from Fire Fighter (11/1/2015-)

Out of Gwen von Riedenberg:

Balu vom Oemberger Moor (3/4/2016-)
Bosse vom Oemberger Moor (3/4/2016-) [B1/A1]
Bright Yeth vom Oemberger Moor (3/4/2016-)
Bruno vom Oemberger Moor (3/4/2016-) [A1/A1]
Babbel vom Oemberger Moor (3/4/2016-) [A1/B1]
Bailey vom Oemberger Moor (3/4/2016-) [A1/A2]

Out of Flora von der Wegwarte:

Hummel von der Wegwarte (5/13/2015-) [FCI C1]
Halona von der Wegwarte (5/13/2015-)
Haru von der Wegwarte (5/13/2015-) [B1/A2]
Haya von der Wegwarte (5/13/2015-) [B1/A1]
Helin von der Wegwarte (5/13/2015-) [A2/B1]
Hendrix von der Wegwarte (5/13/2015-)
Hermine von der Wegwarte (5/13/2015-) [A2/B1]
Hester von der Wegwarte (5/13/2015-) [B1/B1]
Hoku von der Wegwarte (5/13/2015-) [B1/B1]
Horus von der Wegwarte (5/13/2015-) [A2/B1]

Out of Quick Stepers Eilis:

Polarfischer Florine (7/2/2015-) [B2/A2]
Polarfischer Frieda (7/2/2015-) [A2/A1]
Polarfischer Fittipaldi (7/2/2015-) [A1/A1]
Polarfischer Freia (7/2/2015-) [B1/A2]
Polarfischer Findus (7/2/2015-) [A1/B1]
Polarfischer Fiala (7/2/2015-) [B1]
Polarfischer Ferb (7/2/2015-) [B1]
Polarfischer Freiherr (7/2/2015-) [B1/A1]
Polarfischer Felix (7/2/2015-)

Out of Quick Stepers C'est Viva la Vita:

Quick Stepers Gino (3/28/2015-) [B1/A2]
Quick Stepers Glenlivet (3/28/2015-) [FCI B2/B1]
Quick Stepers Gently Zazou (3/28/2015-) [A2/A1]
Quick Stepers Garron (3/28/2015-) [B1/A1]
Quick Stepers Gently Bounce (3/28/2015-) [A1/A1]
Quick Stepers Grady (3/28/2015-) [B1/A1]
Quick Stepers Gem Balu (3/28/2015-) [A1/B1]
Quick Stepers Ginevra (3/28/2015-) [B1/A1]
Quick Stepers Great Betty (3/28/2015-) [A2/A1]
Quick Stepers Georgina (3/28/2015-) [B1/A2]

Out of Bine aus der Perlenbank:

Pearl Onyx Black Griffin (11/15/2016-) [A1/A1]
Pearl Onyx Black Giddy (11/15/2016-) [A1/A1]

Out of Ambra vom Forsthaus Augustdorf:

Duke Faxe vom Lohner Brook (4/17/2014-) [A2/A2]
Danger Elvis vom Lohner Brook (4/17/2014-) [A1/A1]
Don Rainbow vom Lohner Brook (4/17/2014-)
Dries Oscar vom Lohner Brook (4/17/2014-) [A2/A2]
Dark Beauty Little Dana vom Lohner Brook (4/17/2014-) [A2/A2]
Dancing Sky vom Lohner Brook (4/17/2014-) [A1/A1]

Out of Inula-Iline aus der Hühnerbreite:

Aldagessem's Cool Eddy (8/14/2013-) [A1/A1]
Aldagessem's Call me Ole (8/14/2013-) [A1/A1]
Aldagessem's Connor (8/14/2013-) [A2/A2]
Aldagessem's Catch the wind Callé (8/14/2013-) [A2/A2]

Out of Busy Breeze of Nature's Garden:

Dear Mr. Jones of Nature's Garden (5/12/2015-) [A1/A1]
Dreamcatcher Oscar of Nature's Garden (5/12/2015-) [A1/A1]
Dr. Watson of Nature's Garden (5/12/2015-) [B1/A2]
Dynamic Emil of Nature's Garden (5/12/2015-) [A1/A1]
Dublin of Nature's Garden (5/12/2015-) [B1/B1]
Delighted Powder of Nature's Garden (5/12/2015-) [A1/A1]
Dazzling Dawn of Nature's Garden (5/12/2015-) [A1/A1]
Dashing Fly of Nature's Garden (5/12/2015-) [A1/A2]

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