Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Int Sh Ch + Dutch Ch + Lux + German VDH & Club Ch Herwildy's Michelangelo Club Winner '14, Dutch Jr CH, Luxembourg Jr CH (11/6/2011-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of GoldenMermaid's Step It Up:

PrimeGlow Amazing SunFlower (5/5/2019-) [FCI A/B]
PrimeGlow Colorful FlowerTattoo (5/5/2019-) [FCI A/A]
PrimeGlow Exotic HawaiFlower (5/5/2019-)
PrimeGlow Exploding FlowerBomb (5/5/2019-) [FCI A/A]
PrimeGlow Fantasy FlowerGodess (5/5/2019-) [FCI A/B]
PrimeGlow Glamorous Flowerista (5/5/2019-) [FCI A/A]
PrimeGlow Real FlowerPower (5/5/2019-) [FCI B/A]
PrimeGlow Spiritual LotusFlower (5/5/2019-) [FCI B/B]
PrimeGlow WildFlower Valley (5/5/2019-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Ramchaine Vibrant:

Ramchaine Donatello (1/27/2019-) [FCI B]

Out of Aurelie von der Lübbelau:

Schlottes Optimus Prime (6/11/2015-) [A1/A1]

Out of Joy and Devotion's Great News:

Joy and Devotion's Keep an Eye on Me (5/18/2015-) [FCI A]

Out of Emma Zum schwarzen Gold:

Jule Zum schwarzen Gold (1/19/2015-) [A2/A2]

Out of res. Puppy Eeuropean Winner, j.Pl. Winner, j.Pl.Ch. Ro.Ch. CACIB Brigitte Bardot Szczesliwy Slon:

Hoya Szczesliwy Slon (11/17/2016-) [FCI A]

Out of Whistlestar's Luciole:

Whistlestar's Orson (10/6/2015-) [FCI A]
Ch. Lux. Whistlestar's Ouba Bouba (10/6/2015-) [FCI A]

Out of JCH Olvinglay All Eyes On Me BW-BE '17 BJW-NL '17:

Killian Jones v.d. Corner Brook (5/28/2021-)

Out of Toadette Hidden in the Woods:

Testje Hidden in the Woods

Out of Goldbrior To Those That Wait:

Goldbrior Da Vinci Code [3:7]
Goldbrior Anna On Ice (3/14/2017-) [4:3]
Aust Ch Goldbrior Elsa On Ice
Goldbrior Caterina Da Vinci (3/2017-) [2:2]

Out of Reignbeau v.d. Corner Brook:

JCH Memphis Belle v.d. Corner Brook (5/22/2017-)
Dago Red v.d. Corner Brook (5/22/2017-) [B/B]

Out of Int.CH., Swedish & Dutch VDH& German CH Ramchaine Moonbeam 2 x UK RCCs:

Ramchaine Stardust
Ramchaine Starstruck
Int Sh Ch / Dutch / Swedish/Danish / Lux / German / VDH Ch. Ramchaine Skyfull of Stars NJK , DJK, (11/1/2014-) [FCI HD A]

Out of Xanthous El Eden:

Xanthous Jigsaw Puzzle (6/10/2018-) [FCI A]

Out of Delicate Flower du Bois de la Rayère:

LISTEN de la cite Des Etangs (7/11/2015-) [B]

Out of Zenevieva U Lookin At Me:

Zenevieva By Design (11/18/2015-) [BVA 5 : 6]
BPISS Champion Zenevieva Pink Floyd at Savannalands (11/18/2015-) [BVA 6/8]
EST LV LTU BALT JCH EST LV CH Zenevieva Picasso (11/18/2015-) [AB]
Zenevieva Da Vinchi Code (11/18/2015-)

Out of Golden Dreamstory Bonjour Mia:

Golden Dreamstory just otto (4/20/2016-) [FCI A2 / A2]

Out of Marryl's Maple:

Londonite Hairspray Queen (4/1/2018-)

Out of Ch-HR, BA Hoiker's In The Ring:

Hoiker's Danubian Blues Kody (2/20/2015-) [FCI A]
ChJ-SLO, HR, Ch-INT, SnCh-INT, Danubian Blues Karma at Hoiker (2/20/2015-) [Unknown A1:A1]

Out of Ramchaine Hidden Truth:

Hidden Truth Leah (4/29/2017-) [FCI A]

Out of Ch.German-Lux-VDH-CIE Lightning of Bridge Four:

Outlaw Mila Of Bridge Four (2/1/2015-)
Over The Moon Of Bridge Four (2/1/2015-)

Out of Montego Reminiscing:

Goldrush Sugar Coated Candyman (11/9/2015-)
Goldrush Sugar Oh Honey Honey (9/11/2015-)
Goldrush Sugar Pie Honey Bunch AI (9/11/2015-)

Out of JChPL,JChCZ,SlovakJW´13,ClubJW´14, Ch CZ, SK Heart and Soul Famous Gold:

C.I.E., Ch UA, ChBUL, ChMOL, JChUA, JChMOL,BES, JGrChUA, JGrChMOL Lemon Juice Famous Gold Grand Ch UA (7/21/2015-) [FCI A]
Lemon Star Famous Gold (7/21/2015-) [A2 / A2 (GRSK 19.08.16) HQ: 0,96]
CH Ro Lemon Rose Famous Gold (7/21/2015-) [A/C]
SKJCh. Lemon Queen Famous Gold (7/21/2015-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Djalisco Meet Me at Moonlight:

Lucky you Among Rising Stars (12/6/2016-)

Out of WORLD WINNER'16, INT CH, CH RUS/BLR, JCH RUS, JCH Club, CH Club Virago Rocket Iz Stolitsy Urala Eurasia Champion 2015, class winner at EDS' 15:

JCH RUS, BLR, CH RUS, Club Right Hunter Gravity Of Love (12/12/2015-) [HD-B]
Right Hunter Get Lucky (12/12/2015-)
JCH & CH CZ Right Hunter Grace N Favor (12/12/2015-) [FCI A/A]
Right Hunter Give Me The Moon (12/12/2015-)
Right Hunter Gentle On My Mind (12/12/2015-)
Right Hunter Greatest Force (12/12/2015-)
Right Hunter Guns N'Roses (12/12/2015-)
Ch CLUB Right Hunter Guarana Energy (12/12/2015-) [A-A]

Out of Xanthous Orange Country Register:

JCH Xanthous Miss Moneypenny [A]

Out of HJCH, ROJCH, Int SH CH Shamrock She Is A Diamond:

EuW’18/German Winner’17/International Ch./Multi Ch. Magic Madness Love me Twice (8/12/2015-) [AA]
HJCH Magic Madness Love To Love (8/12/2015-) [B (MKOE)]
HJCH Magic Madness Love Me Like You Do HJCW'16 (8/12/2015-) [B]
Magic Madness Love You Lots (12/8/2015-)
CZ JCH, SK CH, CZ CH Magic Madness Light Of Love (8/12/2015-) [A/A]

Out of Is just Golden du Bois de la Rayere:

Menorquin is just Golden (10/11/2016-) [FCI A]
Janneau is just Golden (10/11/2016-) [FCI A]
Beneteau is just Golden (10/11/2016-) [A]

Out of Zirkonia v.d. Tender Bende:

One of a Kind v.d. Tender Bende (3/3/2020-)
Odysseus v.d. Tender Bende (3/3/2020-)
Okey Dokey v.d. Tender Bende (3/3/2020-)
Obi-Wan Kenobi v.d. Tender Bende (3/3/2020-)
Ooh My Love v.d. Tender Bende (3/3/2020-)
Oops I Did It Again v.d. Tender Bende (3/3/2020-)
On High Heels v.d. Tender Bende (3/3/2020-)
Orange Blossom v.d. Tender Bende (3/3/2020-)
Our Surprise v.d. Tender Bende (3/3/2020-)
Oh My Darling v.d. Tender Bende (3/3/2020-)

Out of Tu Est Mon Amour My Love Of Splendour:

Highland Fling Ting Tingle-ing Too (12/26/2013-)
Highland Fling Giddy-Yap Let's Go (12/26/2013-) [A]

Out of GrChRom, ChUa, Bye, Rom, Bul, Bal Glitters Miss Salandaterra FT-DUCK JGrChUa, JChUa, Bul, Mol, Sal, Bal:

JGrChUa, JChUa Salandatterra Dream Catcher (6/25/2018-) [FCI A/A]
CanCH Salandatterra Duda Time to Shine (6/25/2018-) [OFA GR-131237E28F-VPI]
Salandatterra Doctor Pepper (6/25/2018-) [OFA GR-131169G28M-VPI]
Salandatterra Donna Eliona esla riena de corazon (6/25/2017-) [FCI AA]

Out of RoJCh, RoCH, MdCH Bonett Bride Dease Lake BIS Speciality '14, Club Winner '15 & '16:

Erdoalji Harmony (7/10/2019-) [FCI A]
Erdoalji Hot Love Caoimhe (7/10/2019-) [A2/A2]
MneCH Erdoalji High Force (7/10/2019-) [FCI A]
Erdoalji Honey Moon (7/10/2019-) [FCI HDA]

Out of Summeramba Busy Lizzie for Auristela:

Auristela Hot In The City with Summeramba JW (2/1/2016-) [BVA 3/6]
Auristela Sweet Sixteen JW (2/1/2016-) [7:18]

Out of Xanthous Montrose Magpies:

Xanthous Page Turner (6/11/2016-)

Out of Kindly Angel of Millroad:

Indiana Jones vom Rennweg (9/22/2016-) [A2/A2]
Ice and Fire vom Rennweg (9/22/2016-) [A2/A2]
Iron Man vom Rennweg (9/22/2016-) [B1/A2]
Infinity Love vom Rennweg (9/22/2016-) [A1/A2]
Indian Summer vom Rennweg (9/22/2016-) [B1/B1]
I am Ivory vom Rennweg (9/22/2016-) [A1/A2]

Out of Pl Ch, JCh Pepperella of the Hellacious Acres:

Ch. PL Badenova EVERLASTING LOVE (10/20/2013-) [A]
Badenova Enough Love (10/20/2013-)
Nat. & Int. UCI JR CH Badenova Empty Skies (10/20/2013-)
Badenova Enjoy Me (10/20/2013-)
Nat. & Int. UCI JR CH Badenova Eye Of The Tiger (10/20/2013-)
Badenova Essence of the Moment (10/20/2013-)

Out of Ch VDH, Dt. Ch DRC, Dt. Ch. GRC, Maplewind Bright Little Star of Bali:

C.I.E. Slov. Ch., VDH Ch., Dt. Ch (DRC), Dt. JCh VDH, Dt. JCh (DRC) Maplewind Chili Pepper (5/7/2016-) [A1]

Out of JrRomCh Zampanzar No Time for Love:

Just A Go Getter of Clear Passion THD, CGC (11/27/2014-) [OFA GR-118389G26M-VPI]
Jumping Jack Of Clear Passion (11/27/2014-)

Out of CH Miss Tiggy-Winkle v/d Corner Brook:

Multi CH Valentina v/d Corner Brook LJK NJK (4/6/2014-) [FCI A]

Out of Milbu Nadina C.I.E., C.I.B., LV,LT,UA,RU,EE,PL,BY,MD,CY,AZ, BALT Ch:

Sidus Aureum Buona Sera (5/14/2016-) [AA/01]
Sidus Aureum Besame Mucho [AA]

Out of InterCh ,CH RUS,UA,Blr.Club CH,J CH Rus,J CH Club Lad Unity Dancing Queen:

J CH RUS, J CH Belarus, CH Rus LAD Unity Song of My Soul (10/21/2015-) [A-A]
LAD Unity Cezanne (10/21/2015-)
J CH RUS , J CH GR Club, CH Rus , CH GR Club LAD Unity Silver Bell (10/21/2015-)
CH Rus ,2 x CH RKF, Ch GR Club Lad Unity Salinger (10/21/2015-)
LAD Unity Stuart Little (10/21/2015-)
Lad Unity Spark (10/21/2015-)
JCH Rus, CH RUS LAD Unity Space Girl (10/21/2015-)
CH RUS Lad Unity Serenada (10/21/2015-)
LAD Unity Snow Queen (10/21/2015-)

Out of Vive la Vie Béarnice:

Dolce Compagno Bella Mia (6/4/2015-)

Out of Dietinger's Great Surprise:

Tweed-Chester's Oops I Did It Again (4/8/2016-) [FCI A]

Out of Miray's Dream Scarlet Tanager:

Tushen Where She Stops Nobody Knows
Tushen Showing Up Here And There (10/18/2014-) [FCI A]
tusch showing up here and there (10/18/2014-) [FCI A]
Tushen Where She Stops Nobody Knws (10/18/2014-) [A]

Out of Xanthous Oilily:

Dutch CH Herwildy's Vera-Lynn BLX JCH, Lux JCH, Benelux Junior Winner 2014 + 2015 (11/15/2013-)

Out of Herwildy's Ice Cream:

JCH Sky Scraper v/d Corner Brook NJK (4/21/2013-) [FCI A]
Hemlock V.D. Corner Brook (9/19/2014-)
Katsura v/d Corner Brook (9/19/2014-)
Boxelder v.d. Corner Brook (9/19/2014-) [OFA GR-121120G39M-VPI]

Out of C.I.E. , GBZ/SPA CH Terra Keltica Très Jolie:

JCh.Srb, Ch Srb, Ch Mk Koek de Vallserrat (2/6/2014-) [FCI HD-A]
Mk Koek de Vallserrat

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