Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Stanroph Sandboy (10/5/1997-12/12/2009)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Rasmine (dam of Golden Dixie's Krusemynte):

Golden Dixie's Krusemynte (1/24/2004-)

Out of Hit's My True Love:

Livsglädjens Proffsiga Meja (2007-)
Livsglädjens Proffsiga Aslan (1/30/2007-)

Out of Gildas Queen of Diamonds:

Kapplandet's You Li Yu Gilda (6/9/2007-)
Kapplandet's Sha Nan Hai (6/9/2007-)
Kapplandet's Yun Huan (6/9/2007-)

Out of Attigårdens Hermione Granger:

Attigårdens Golden Light of Minna (2007-)
Attigårdens Golden Lucky Lad

Out of Gleaming Billie Jean:

Gleaming Country Clapton (2000-)

Out of Oxundas Sagacious Sydnie:

Oxundas Perfect Pugsley from Putjade (10/13/2006-) [6:8]

Out of Vassruggens Gaija Jardu:

Wynntorps Caerwyn (2005-)


Boubigårdens Nelson (2006-)

Out of Stanroph Selina:

Stanroph Senor Alfred Dent
Stanroph Senor Davy Crocket (1/18/2008-)
Stanroph Senora Ruby Tuesday (1/18/2008-) [3:6]

Out of Swiss JCH./ Swiss CH. Lynn of Golden Olwyn:

Noelle of Golden Olwyn (2/23/2008-) [A1]
Nilas of Golden Olwyn (2/23/2008-) [B1]
Nelson Jasper of Goldenolwyn (2/23/2008-) [A1]
Narik of Golden Olwyn [A/A]
Nougat of Golden Olwyn [A/A]
Nevio of Golden Olwyn
Nala Navaya of Golden Olwyn [B/B]
Nanouk of Golden Olwyn
Njuma of Golden Olwyn
Nubia of Golden Olwyn [B/B]
Nevis of Golden Olwyn

Out of Floprym Under the Rainbow:

Floprym Bellona (2007-)

Out of Rossmix Riverina:

Riverinas True Colour (3/14/2001-) [B1]

Out of Solstrimmans Ålättvanns:

Int & S & FIN Ch Solstrimmans Arctic Amethyst (4/24/2000-) [A/A (2001)]

Out of FIN & EST Ch Woodchuck's Alpine Rose:

Woodchuck's Dark Opal (9/18/2004-) [B/B]
Woodchuck's Dazzling Gold (9/18/2004-) [A/A]
Woodchuck's Dream and Joy (9/18/2004-) [A/A]
Woodchuck's Drummer Boy (9/18/2004-) [C/C]

Out of LPI S LCH Silveric Tammy Wynette:

Silveric Dionne Warwick (2001-) [A1]

Out of Est JCh Terra Antyda Sani Desiree:

Terra Antyda Sani Oriental King (9/25/2007-)
Terra Antyda Sani Oriental Prince (9/25/2007-) [A/A (cert 2009)]
Terra Antyda Sani Oriental Girl (9/25/2007-) [C/C (cert2009)]
Terra Antyda Sani Oriental Boy (9/25/2007-)
Terra Antyda Sani Oriental Princess (9/25/2007-)
Terra Antyda Sani Oriental Queen (9/25/2007-)

Out of FI CH Karvin Kimberley:

Kasion Lyra (7/24/2007-8/5/2016) [Unknown A/A (2009)]

Out of INT CH, ÖCH, ÖJUCH Golden Mountain Spring's Duchess Field:

ÖJCH Golden Mountain Spring´s O´Dudley (6/11/2007-)
Golden Mountain Spring's Open Fields

Out of Combine Goldilocks:

Combine Knock On Wood (8/26/2006-)
Combine Kind Regards (2006-) [A1]

Out of Gildas Live Now Pay Later:

Gildas Where Dreams Have No End (7/4/2005-) [A1]

Out of Gildas Grace N' Glory:

Gildas Kissing Cousin (2/4/2000-) [A/A]
Gildas Kind Regards (2/4/2000-)

Out of SEU(u)CH Knegarens Winnipeg:

Whoopi's News For Combine (8/21/1999-) [FCI A1]
Whoopi's Needles And Pins (8/21/1999-) [FCI A]
Whoopi's Noq Out (8/21/1999-) [Sweden HD grad A 2000]
Whoopi's Nun On The Run (8/21/1999-) [FCI A1]

Out of SV-01 Combine Daylight:

SEU(u)CH Combine Flames Of Fantasy (3/4/2001-10/15/2014) [A1]

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