Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Am CH Goldwing True Bear OS SDHF (11/9/1977-10/1989)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Goldwing Tamarisk O'Sunhala:

Sunhala's Danpatch (7/10/1979-)

Out of Daybreak Tawney Treasure CD:

Daybreak True Promise WC (2/19/1981-1993) [OFA GR-14597 Good]
Daybreak True Dreamweaver JH WCX (2/19/1981-1987) [OFA GR-14598]

Out of Golden Pine Suze Hammond:

CH Golden Pine Duke Of Muchmore (8/2/1980-)
Golden Pine Panda Bear (8/2/1980-)

Out of CH Sunchaser's Misty Moon Shadow:

Dakota Of Sunchaser's UD (12/24/1984-)

Out of Sundial Westwyn Quarilation CDX:

Sundial's Tootin My Horn CDX TDX MH WCX (1/13/1986-)

Out of Gold-Rush Goldencharm Lacey:

Suncoast Lew Lewian (3/25/1983-) [OFA GR-19451]

Out of Gold Dust Honey Babe:

Golden Horizon Ginger Bread (10/19/1984-)

Out of Am CH Chicopee's Winnie the Pooh:

Be-Be-Mine (6/11/1980-) [OFA GR-17026]

Out of Lady Cadogan of Chelsea:

Lord Maxwell of Chelsea (1/3/1984-) [OFA GR-21330]

Out of Reddigold Rainboend Kayla:

Rainboend Golden Girl CD (12/5/1982-3/1994) [OFA GR-18681-T]

Out of Am CH Gold-Rush Sweet Betsy:

Shamrock Gold Pride of Erin CD,TD,WC (11/6/1980-) [OFA GR-13967-T]
Am CH Gold-Rush Sans Peur Sparkle JH WC (11/6/1980-)

Out of Tankers Golden Scout:

Tankers Lizzy's Image (6/13/1980-) [OFA GR-13571]
Am. CH Tankers Rebel Yell (6/13/1980-) [OFA GR-17155-T]

Out of Wochica's Gold Dust:

Kashmir Gold (7/16/1979-) [OFA GR-14385]

Out of Sunshinehill Wimsical Wisper:

Bearly A Wisper Of Lace (12/20/1981-)
CH Southwind's Sheena (12/20/1981-)
CH Southwind Country Boy (12/20/1981-) [OFA GR-16255]
Sunshine Hill Goldwing Pipit (12/20/1981-) [OFA GR-16397]
Sunshine Hill's Windwalker (12/20/1981-) [OFA GR-16344]
CH Cathy's Copper Penny II (12/20/1981-)

Out of Am CH Golden Pine Elizabeth's Ann:

Golden Pine Biscuit (8/25/1981-)
Golden Pine True Bear's Piper CDX CGC (8/25/1981-10/28/1993)

Out of Am CH Goldcrest Tammara:

Am CH Goldcrest Tawny Crystal CD (9/12/1983-) [OFA GR-20369-T]

Out of Am CH Wochica's Pennywate Brett:

Bit-O-Pines' Heather Mist (6/28/1982-)

Out of Am/Can OTCH Rick-Rack Dust Ruffle JH WC:

Rick-Rack Dust Devil UD JH (10/30/1984-)

Out of Copper Lee Gold-Rush Fantasa OD:

Am CH Wyncall's Fancy Dan (10/22/1984-)
Am. CH Wyncall's Adena (10/22/1984-)

Out of CanCH Atai's Rise Again Phoenix OD:

CanCH Goldsmith Camalire Captivator
Can. CH Goldsmith's Golden Opportunity OD (5/10/1987-10/9/1992) [OFA GR-31946F32F-T]

Out of Oregano of Golden Seasons:

Sundog's Marquise Of Denim (12/20/1982-5/9/1988)
CanCH Sundog's True Wild-Flax

Out of Puddleducks Illini Ciara:

Chardonnay's Sugar Bear (3/16/1987-) [OFA GR-29348E24F]

Out of Am CH Cloverdale Tera of Tamarron OD:

CH Tamarron's Hug-A-Bear (12/7/1981-)
CH Tamarron Spirit Of Sunglo (12/7/1981-)
Tamarron's Toot Toot Tootsie (7/4/1983-)
CH Tamarron's Firecracker Sammy (7/4/1983-)

Out of Goldwing Just-A-Second:

Goldwings Will O' The Wisp (2/6/1979-)

Out of Am CH Seneca's Riverine Lace CD OD:

CH Seneca's Electra TD (1/2/1983-)
Am./Can. CH. Seneca's La Fiesta CD (1/2/1983-)
Ch Seneca's Goldrush Shenandoah CDX TD WC (1/2/1983-)
Am CH Seneca Sundial White Ligtnin CD WCX (12/23/1981-) [OFA GR-16356]
Seneca's Augustus Caesar (11/16/1984-)

Out of Am. CH. Tower's Ballad:

Am. CH. Tower'n Cameron Day By Day (10/20/1982-) [OFA GR-18359-T]

Out of Am/Can CH Spannen's Born Free UD OD Can CDX WC:

LBJ Countrysde Winter Sonnet (9/6/1981-) [OFA GR-16650]
Am CH LBJ's Windwalker OD (9/6/1981-) [OFA GR-17028]

Out of Broughton's Golden L'il Babe OD:

Broughton's Buster Brown (3/25/1983-) [OFA GR-20264-T ]
Am. CH Broughton's Miss-Fire (12/21/1981-)
Broughton's Lil Bit O'Sunshine (3/25/1983-)
Broughton's Ted E Bear (12/21/1981-)
Am. CH Broughton's Rag Doll (3/25/1983-)
Am/Can. CH. Broughton's Foxy Lady (3/25/1983-) [OFA GR-20195]

Out of Rockhills Ticker Tape Parade:

Sandpipers Bear Country Hug (1/31/1984-) [OFA GR-22730]

Out of Sunshinehill Copper Lee Lil:

Sunshinehill Chaka Mekahn (3/18/1986-) [OFA GR-27713F28F-T]

Out of Spring Valleys Loreli:

Am Ch Spring Valley Sassafras (2/14/1979-1/14/1992) [OFA GR-13893]
Spring Valley's Wild Ginger (2/14/1979-)
Spring Valley Ginger (2/14/1979-)

Out of Thornelea Kaedra of Byrnbrae:

Byrnbrae's Dolcinea (8/25/1984-) [OFA GR23095G25F]
Am Ch Byrnbrae Rodney Teddy Bear (8/25/1984-) [OFA GR-26775F43M-T]
Goldwing Bear W Me Gypsy Wind (5/9/1987-)
Goldwing Bear Essentials (5/9/1987-)
CH Goldwing's Sunsong Serenade (5/9/1987-) [OFA GR-30907F33F]

Out of Am/Can Ch Bugaboo's Apache Doll:

Bugaboo's Brooke (10/18/1981-)
CH Bugaboo's Bullet (10/18/1981-)

Out of Golden Pine's Blythe Ginger:

Chancellor Of Hollycrest (8/22/1980-)
AmCH Hollycrest Grin And Bare It CD (8/22/1980-) [OFA GR-13800]

Out of Am. CH Goldcrest's Sunshine Poppy:

CH Sunshine's Petunia (1/20/1983-)
CH Sunshine's Demon Deacon (10/29/1983-)

Out of Gold-Rush's Honey Bear:

Aztec's Gold-Rush Brigadoon (12/29/1982-) [OFA GR-18715-T]

Out of Sanmann's Princess Jasmine:

Sanmann's Heart Stealer (8/8/1984-) [OFA GR-23101-T]
Am. CH Sanmann's Sure Shot (7/8/1983-) [OFA GR-19887-T]

Out of Can. CH Beaumaris English Jubilee Can. CD OD:

Can. CH Shaynedoro's Ko Ka Kola Am./Can. CD
CanCH Shaynedoro's Knight My Partner CanCD (7/10/1982-)
CanCH Shaynedoro's Kopper Koin

Out of Goldwing Bye Bye Blues OD:

Goldwing Minute Man (1/21/1986-)
Am Can Ch Goldwing Bearly Canadian Can WC OS (1/21/1986-10/28/1994) [OFA GR-26126G24M-T]

Out of Can. CH. Shaynedoro's Fee Fie Fo Fum:

Can. CH. Shaynedoro's Just-In-Time (2/5/1982-) [OFA GR-22059G50M]
Can. CH. Shaynedoro's Judge And Jury OS SDHF (2/5/1982-6/30/1993) [OFA GR-16956G25M]
CanCH Shaynedoro's Jai A Lai

Out of Can CH Beaumaris Genevieve Can OD:

CanCH Mandalaro Sunrise Citation AmCD (10/2/1981-)
Mandalaro Sunrise Saraband CD WC (10/2/1981-)
Am. CH Mandalaro Sunrise Supreme (10/2/1981-) [OFA GR-16327-T]
Can. CH Mandalaro Sunrise Shoneen OD (10/2/1981-12/3/1995) [OFA GR17564-T]
Can CH Mandalaro Sunrise Cynosure (10/2/1981-2/14/1996) [OFA GR-18433]

Out of Can Ch & OTCH Golden Jenny XI TT Am CD OD:

Can Ch Verdoro's Truly Zachariah Bear Can CDX TD WC SDHF (9/8/1985-6/30/1997) [OFA GR-27013G31M-T]
Can Ch Verdoro's Truly Gold Can CD OD (9/8/1985-10/1998) [OFA GR25590G26F-T]
Am./Can. CH. Verdoro's True Keepsake (9/8/1985-) [OFA GR-25288G24M-T Good]
Can Ch Verdoro's True Gem CDX (9/8/1985-) [OFA GR-30662F47M-T]
Can Ch Verdoro's True Westerner (9/8/1985-) [OFA GR-29766G43M-T]
Am./Can. CH. Verdoro's True Bear D'Or CanCD (9/8/1985-) [OFA GR-25180G24M-T]

Out of Am./Can. CH. Lindale's Gold Standard Am./Can. CDX WC OD:

Tri Valley Alderbrooke Mindy CD (12/6/1980-) [OFA GR-14128]
Tri Valleys Gunslinger (12/6/1980-)
Am./Can. CH Tri Valleys Doc Holiday Am./Can. CDX WC OS (12/6/1980-12/8/1987) [OFA GR-14127]

Out of Pepperhill's Westmont Honey OD:

Westmont's Shilo (10/4/1980-)
Westmont's Sugar Bear (10/4/1980-) [OFA GR-13834]

Out of Am./Can. CH. Smith Ridge Beckwith's Delite OD:

Beckwiths Kvamme Just Ducky Can OD (9/26/1981-) [OFA GR-15789 Good]
Am./Can.CH Beckwiths Justa Tuckerbear OS SDHF (9/26/1981-1988) [OFA GR-15984]
CanCH Beckwiths Jazzbear Blues (9/26/1981-1988)

Out of Am. CH. Honor's Centerfold OD:

Am CH. Honor's Wisequacker (6/18/1986-) [OFA GR-27455G24M-T]

Out of Am Ch. Westmont's Sutter Creek Aria:

Westmont's Tessahoc Desire (12/17/1984-)
CH Westmont Lacey Sugar 'N Spice (12/17/1984-)

Out of Am CH Goldwing's Tiffany OD:

Gold-Rush Lovejoys True Grit (4/28/1981-) [OFA GR-15251]
Goldwing Gilded Lily (12/30/1981-) [OFA GR-18113 Normal]
Am. CH Gold-Rush Alltheway OS (4/28/1981-5/10/1993) [OFA GR-15525]
Gold Rush Stephanie (12/30/1981-)
Am. CH Gold-Rush's Sweet Adeline (8/13/1982-)
Am. CH Gold-Rush Mirandy (4/28/1981-)
Am. CH. Gold-Rush Aztec Special Lady (12/30/1981-) [OFA GR-18516-T]

Out of Goldcrest Angelique OD:

CH Goldcrest Bronco Billy (1/7/1982-)
Goldcrest's Saffronique CD (1/7/1982-) [OFA GR-17187]
Goldcrest Annie True Bear (1/7/1982-) [OFA GR-18833]
Ch Goldcrest's Crown Jewel (1/7/1982-) [OFA GR-17234]

Out of Am CH Faera's Digger The Dawg OD:

Faera's Hope of Senyah CDX (6/11/1985-) [OFA GR-24832G24F-T]
Am CH Faera's Puppy Kidd OD (6/11/1985-12/11/1996) [OFA GR-24575F24F]
Am. CH Faera's Shamvali Trend Setter (1/10/1986-) [OFA GR-26728F26F]
CH Faera's Abbeyville Affair (6/11/1985-)

Out of Am/Can Ch. Goldenquest's Lucky Charm OD:

Am CH Goldencharm Jack O Roses CD (2/9/1981-) [OFA GR-15069-T]

Out of Jungold's Christmas Klassic CD, OD:

Jungold-Klasic Osa Escarlata (6/6/1981-) [OFA GR-15956-T]
Jungold-Klassic Osa De Oro (6/6/1981-)
Jungold-Klassic Osa Missy E (6/6/1981-)
Jungold-Klassic Osa Siete (6/6/1981-) [OFA GR-15958-T]
Jungold-Klassic Oso Leon (6/6/1981-)
Jungold-Klassic Oso Perro (6/6/1981-) [OFA GR-15957-T]

Out of Am Ch Laurell Yats Of Luck OD:

Am. CH. Laurell's Scarlett O'Beara OD SDHF (12/21/1980-) [OFA GR-14212]
Laurell's Amelia Bearhart CD (12/21/1980-) [OFA GR-17193]
Laurell's Hobson Flying Bear (12/21/1980-) [OFA GR-15210]
Laurell's Amiable Bear (12/21/1980-) [OFA GR-14962]
Laurell's Yats-A-Bear Of JJ (12/21/1980-) [OFA GR-14811]
Laurell's Bad News Bear (12/21/1980-) [OFA GR-14202]

Out of CH Twin-Beau-D's Starburst:

Twin-Beau-D's Cover Girl (9/26/1983-) [OFA GR-23521G40F]

Out of Am. CH. Blue Skye's Summit Walker CD:

Am. CH Blue Skye's Freebird (9/22/1982-) [OFA GR-19610]

Out of Am. Can. CH Krishna's E Z Livin' OD:

Am./Can. CH. Kachina Goodtime Hello Dolly (2/16/1981-) [OFA GR-14454-T]
Am./Can. CH Kachinas Kinsha Kari Am CDX OD Can CD OD SDHF (2/16/1981-) [GR-15060]
AmCH Kachina's Top Secret OD (2/16/1981-1/15/1994) [OFA GR-17869]
Ch Kachina's Prime Time (2/16/1981-4/1993) [OFA GR-14541]
Am CH Kachina Cibola Razzle-Dazzle (2/16/1981-) [OFA GR-15389-T]
AM CH Kachina's Aztec Topaz (2/16/1981-)
Kachina's Goldwing Sarah CD (2/16/1981-) [OFA GR-14480]

Out of Copper Lee Gold-Rush Cascade OD:

Sunshinehill's True Lovejoy (6/30/1981-10/1991) [OFA GR-116737 ]
Sunshine Hill Ivy Of Oakhaven (2/3/1983-) [OFA GR-19614]
Am CH Sunshine Hill's Thunderball (7/9/1983-) [OFA GR-21152-T]
Sunshine Hill's Hot Tomato (2/3/1983-)
CH Sunshinehill Bradlyn Zoe (6/30/1981-)
Am. CH Sunshine Hill Sunjoie Style (4/24/1984-) [OFA GR-21799]
Sunshine Hill's Firebird (2/3/1983-5/1992) [OFA GR-19805]
Am. CH Sunshinehill Mistfield Sage TD JH WCX OD (6/30/1981-)
Am. CH Sunshinehill Peg O'Sunnybrae (6/30/1981-) [OFA GR-16316]
CH Sunshinehills The Bear Facts OS (6/30/1981-) [OFA GR-15312]
Sunshinehill Legacy D' Roshar (6/30/1981-) [OFA GR-16474-T]
Am CH Sunshine Hill Lic Anna Promise (7/9/1983-) [OFA GR-19968]

Out of Am. CH Libra Lady Carioca CD OD:

Tangleloft Libra Organdy (10/20/1983-) [OFA GR-20567 24F]
Am. CH Tangleloft Odds On Pebwin CD WC VC OS Can WC (10/20/1983-8/20/1995) [OFA GR-20565]

Out of unknown dam:

Jungold's Mariposa (5/22/1980-)
Jungold's Majestic Adriana (5/22/1980-)
Jungold's Maple Candy (5/22/1980-)
Jungold's Marissa (5/22/1980-)

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