Golden Retriever

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Offspring of BISS Am./BIS Can./BIS Bda. CH Cherrybrook Touchstone JH WC SDHF OS (10/8/1988-6/11/2001)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of AmCH Sunnybrae Bretsin Thatcher CD:

Sunnybrae's The Other Woman (12/13/1992-) [OFA GR-48086F26F]

Out of Int'l CH Wildfire's Yuppie Puppy:

Wildfire's Magic Tricks (4/15/1994-1/17/2006)

Out of CH Goldenbear's Bodacious:

Karabeck's Sleeping Beauty (3/15/1995-) [OFA GR-55836G24F]

Out of Am Can Ch Hearthside's Magical Kingdom:

Hearthside Daybreak First Run (5/1/2002-)

Out of Emerald's Call Me Wanda:

Emerald-RDO's Moonstruck (1/15/2000-) [OFA GR-76544G30F-PI]

Out of Tee Emm's Aunt Mabel CD:

Tee Emm's Bargain Hunter (11/24/1992-) [OFA GR-47061G24F]
Tee Emm's Tickle My Fancy (11/24/1992-) [OFA GR-47062G24F]
Tee Emms Snug As A Bug (5/30/1994-) [OFA GR-52876G24F]

Out of Swizzle:

Winnipesaukee Lady (12/18/1992-) [OFA GR-48539G28F]
Windward's Ready About JH (12/18/1992-) [OFA GR-47239E24F]
Keeper III (12/18/1992-) [OFA GR-50705G35F]

Out of Can. Ch. Claircrest Daybreak Archetype:

Am. Ch. Daybreak Varsity Jump OS (10/5/1998-5/6/2008) [OFA GR-70669G26M-PI]
Daybreak Wedgwood True Wings (10/5/1998-) [OFA GR70893F27F-PI]
Daybreak Stars N Stripes (10/5/1998-) [OFA GR-71404G27F-PI ]

Out of Belleville Great Meadows Gal:

Belleville Razzle Dazzle (2/12/1991-) [OFA GR-43959G36F]

Out of Sunfires Christmas Blitz:

Wiloruns Magical Dream Bud (3/31/1996-) [OFA GR-61912G29F]

Out of Am/Can CH Pebwin'N Westmarch Nestle CDX WC VC OD:

Westmarch Highland Fling UDX MX MXJ NAP NJP (6/1/1995-3/28/2007) [OFA GR-57374G25F]
Pebwin Westmarch High Woods UD, AX, AXJ, Can CDX (6/1/1995-)
Westmarch High Presence (6/1/1995-) [OFA GR-59857F33F-T]

Out of Am CH Birnam Wood's Song N Dance OD:

Claircrest A Photo Finish (5/27/1992-) [OFA GR-47514G31M]
Can CH Claircrest Daybreak Showdown JH WC CGC (5/27/1992-)
Am CH Claircrest Dealer's Choice (5/27/1992-) [OFA GR-45856G25M]
Claircrest's Upping The Ante (5/27/1992-) [OFA GR-46205F24F-T]

Out of Ch. Claircrest Devilish Demeanor:

Claircrest Especially Daybreak (7/7/1995-)

Out of Fox Hollows Bit O'Honey:

Fox Hollows No Excuses (4/5/1991-) [OFA GR-44646F36F]

Out of BIS CH. Tangleloft Breach of Peace OD:

CH Daybreak Varsity Peacekeeper JH (7/12/1999-5/2008) [OFA GR-72825G24M-PI ]
Tangleloft Old Glory Flyin High (7/12/1999-) [OFA GR 74211E28F-PI]

Out of Wana-Be Goldenbear's Billie:

Wana-be Devonayre's Opus One (7/8/1995-) [OFA GR-57254E24F-T ]
Wana-be No Two Ways About It (7/8/1995-7/23/2007) [OFA GR-58693G28F]

Out of Am. CH Sunnybrae's Minuet:

Am./Bda/Can/Peru/So.Am.CH Hy Vallee's Promise Me Magic (6/16/1991-10/12/2002) [OFA GR-42143G24M-T]
Hy-Vallee Sunnybrae Hustle CD (6/16/1991-10/12/2000) [OFA GR42144G24F-T]
Hy Vallee's Jessica Ty Zach (6/16/1991-) [OFA GR-42312G25F]

Out of CH Goldtrak That Girl On Strike CD OD:

Steelecreek Royal Melbourne JH WCX (5/18/2000-6/4/2012) [OFA GR-76644G26F-PI]

Out of Goldenbears Spunky Brewster:

Am./Can. CH. Wana-Be's Hunt for Red October CGC, TDI (6/8/1993-7/2/2005) [OFA GR-49172G24M]
Wana-Be Ramblin Rose (6/8/1993-1/4/2002) [OFA GR49519G25F]
Wana-be's Born To Run (6/8/1993-2/3/2003) [OFA GR-50048G27F]
Wana Be A City Slicker (6/8/1993-) [OFA GR-49474F24M]

Out of Am. CH Bon Vue's Delight:

Bon Vue's Tryst With Cherrybrook (12/25/1994-) [OFA GR-55559G25F]
Bon Vue's Nicholas (12/25/1994-) [OFA GR-54963F24M]

Out of Pekay's Double Indemnity:

Am. CH Pekay's Untouchable (3/23/1991-2/1/2003) [OFA GR-43377F31M]
Pekay's Keep In Touch (3/23/1991-) [OFA GR-41263F24F]

Out of Shamvali Rider To The Stars UD JH WC:

Dauntless Fourever Young UD SH AX WCX VCX (6/23/1993-2/25/2001) [OFA GR-49349G24F]
Dauntless Darby's Final Four CD JH WC (6/23/1993-) [OFA GR-49927G25F]

Out of Am./Can. CH. Eirene's Love Or Magic Am./Can. OD:

Can. Ch. Hearthside Day Break Of Starhill (11/30/2000-5/6/2013) [OFA GR-77767G24F-PI]
Am/Can Ch. Hearthside's Season Ticket OS (11/30/2000-8/19/2004) [OFA GR-78092G24M-PI]
Hearthside's Ticket To Paradise (11/30/2000-) [013907 OVC]
CanCH Hearthside's Hidden Ticket (11/30/2000-) [OFA GR-78093G24F-PI]
Ch. Hearthside Ticket To Heaven (11/30/2000-) [OFA GR-78725F26F-PI]

Out of Am. CH Hunts Jodie OD:

Am. CH Hunts Ultress JH (7/18/1992-2/13/2002) [OFA GR-45812G24F]
Hunts Underwood CDX (7/18/1992-)
Hunts Ultimate Maximillion (7/18/1992-) [OFA GR-48637F33M]
Hunts Unity (7/18/1992-) [OFA GR-49246G35F-T]

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