Golden Retriever

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Offspring of OTCH Heelalong Cracklin' Sunfire TDX OS WC OBHF (11/29/1979-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Liberty Belle XXX:

Godbees Golden Sage (4/1/1988-)

Out of Liberty Belle XXIX:

Libby's Cracklin Golden Bear (7/8/1986-)
Sweet Amanda Belle (7/8/1986-) [OFA GR-28356E28F]

Out of Cracklin' Kaleidescope CD TD:

Cracklin High Frequency CDX (1/10/1986-) [OFA GR-28149G30M]

Out of Honeyhill Cupid's Arrow:

Shannon's Pride of Honeyhill (9/13/1984-) [OFA GR-22933-T ]
Gettin Gators at Gypsy Glen (9/13/1984-) [OFA GR-23340G27M]

Out of Wildfire's Winnie The Pooh:

Evergreen Cracklin' Cris UD SH WCX (9/12/1986-) [OFA GR-30685G35M]

Out of Honeyhill Luna's Moonbeam CD WC OD:

Honeyhill Cracklin Firestorm CDX (1/19/1987-) [GR-31213G33M]

Out of Kung O Viks Mary Ellen's GB:

Cracklin' Snappin' Sunsparks *** WCX (6/6/1982-) [OFA GR-22155-T good]
Golden Cracklin' MacIntosh CD (6/6/1982-) [GR-19772 Good]
Cracklin Waldo Pepper (6/6/1982-) [GR-19199 Normal]
Cracklin's First Edition (6/6/1982-) [GR-17919 Normal]
Cracklin' High Voltage CD TD (6/6/1982-) [OFA GR-17530 Normal]

Out of Topbrass Tensleep Tootsie CD:

Asland Cracklin' Kruegerand UD TD JH (4/21/1983-)
Asland Cracklin' Jacklin CD TDX (4/21/1983-)

Out of Topbrass Sonnet of Gold *:

Duckponds Beau Garth CD (5/17/1987-) [OFA GR-24764G37M]
Duckpond Heelalong Jasper (5/17/1984-) [OFA GR-21805 Good]
Tailwinds Fizbom of Duckpond UD TDX JH WC (5/17/1984-1/26/2001) [OFA GR-24783G38M-T]

Out of Boe Of B-Be:

Zachary Cracklin' Riverfire (7/19/1982-) [OFA GR-17825 Normal]

Out of Meadowpond Glory B Dickens CDX:

De Voe's Liberty For All (5/8/1986-) [OFA GR-28787F32F ]
Wynwood's Bold Venture CanCD AmCDX (10/7/1983-6/30/1999) [OFA GR-20581 Good]
OTCh Wynwood Over Time (6/18/1984-) [OFA GR-24200G34M-T]

Out of Topbrass Shur Shot Ginger CD JH WCX:

Ouachita Ginger-Bred Katie CDX (7/1/1985-) [OFA GR-25353G27F]
Ouachita Cracklin' Blue Max (7/1/1985-) [OFA GR-26948G34M ]
Ouachita Knockem Down Zack CDX JH WC (7/1/1985-) [OFA GR-25354G27M]

Out of Magnum Mandy of Powderhorn CDX SH WCX OD:

Powderhorn's Red Hot Riley (5/12/1985-)
Powderhorn's Gold Dust CD JH (5/12/1985-) [OFA GR-26186G33F-T]
OTCH Powderhorn's Shot In The Dark OBHF (5/12/1985-) [OFA GR-29187G45M]
Powderhorn's White Lightnin' CDX JH WC (5/12/1985-11/9/1994)
Powderhorn's Amber Light (8/30/1987-) [OFA GR-33854G33F]
HRCH Powderhorn's Ruff and Reddy JH (8/30/1987-) [OFA GR-37168G50M-T]
Powderhorn's Flight Of Fancy MH WCX *** OD (8/30/1987-1/17/2000) [OFA GR3295G29F]
OTCH Powderhorn's Princess Sara UDT AX AXJ OBHF (8/30/1987-1/14/2004) [OFA GR-31052F25F]

Out of Can Ch Sunfire's Kinetic Dynamite JH UD WCX Can UD WCI OD:

Sunfire's Firecracker SH (10/14/1984-) [OFA GR-24177F29M]
Sunfire's Tucker Anthony (10/14/1984-) [OFA GR-23862G25M]
Sunfire's Cherry Bomb CD WC CanCD (10/14/1984-4/1997) [OFA GR-22987G]
Sunfire's Arctic Hotshot UD (12/17/1986-7/22/1994)
Sunfire Cracklin Livewire CD JH WC (12/17/1986-1/12/1998) [OFA GR-28482G24M-T]
Sunfires' Cracklin' Dynamo CDX (10/14/1984-3/28/1996) [OFA GR-23271G40M]
U-CD Sunfire's Blue Moon (12/17/1986-) [OFA GR-29258G24F-T]
Sunfire's Cracklin Storm Am/CanCD AmOD (12/17/1986-) [OFA GR-30502F31F-T]

Out of Pine Run's Ain't it Great CD WCX:

Pine Run's Jesse (2/15/1985-1995)
Pine Run Cracklin Sun Spirit (2/15/1985-6/1999) [OFA Mild dys-25mos]
Pine Run's Cracklin' Sundown (2/15/1985-)
Pine Run's Golden Snapper (2/15/1985-)
Pine Run's Golden Sunrise (2/15/1985-)
Pine Run Cracklin Cheyenne CD (2/15/1985-) [OFA GR-23817G24F]
Pine Run Cracklin Kiowa Storm CDX JH WCX (2/15/1985-5/1998) [OFA GR 25340F31M]

Out of Can Ch Bargello's Hit-A-Miss UD JH WCX OD:

Bargello's Light My Fire CDX (12/21/1986-)
Bargello's Goose In The Pond (12/21/1986-) [GR-29067G26F]
Bargello's Scatter's Golden CDX WCX JH ** (12/21/1986-2/2/1999) [OFA GR-29665G27M]
Bargello's Goldmark Jody Bay (12/21/1986-) [OFA GR-28553G24F]
Bargello's Seaforth Sand CD WCX (12/21/1986-) [OFA GR-28766G24F]
HRCH OTCH Bargello's Ten on the Richter UDX2 TDX MH WCX U-CD (12/21/1986-4/11/2003) [OFA GR-28781G24M]

Out of Am Can Ch Clark's Easter Bonnet UD WCX Can CDX WC OD:

Sunfire's XKE of Thornhedge CD (11/6/1985-) [OFA GR-25942F25M-T]
Sunfires Northcoast Flare JH (11/6/1985-) [OFA GR-25640G24M-T]
Sunfire's Snap Cracklin Pop CD OD (11/6/1985-1996) [OFA GR25736G24F]
Sunfire's Highland Crisp CDX JH WCX Can CDX (11/6/1985-2001) [OFA GR-25584F24F-T]
OTCH Sunfire Spontaneus Combustn JH WCX OS OBHF (11/6/1985-) [OFA GR-25863G25M]
OTCH U-UD Sunfire's Rowdy Rebel JH WCX ODHF (11/6/1985-6/1998) [OFA GR-26292F27M-T]

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