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Offspring of FTW Levenghyl Baccarat at Lochmuir (6/22/2009-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Ravensbank Tide:

Teddy (DK13248/2012) (7/14/2012-) [A]

Out of Svala Av Sunnanvind:

Svana Av Sunnanvind [A]
Strala Av Sunnanvind [A]
Spira Av Sunnanvind [B]
Spexa Av Sunnanvind [A]
Skugga Av Sunnanvind [A]
Svix Av Sunnanvind [A]
Stil Av Sunnanvind (2012-) [4/3]
Stolt Av Sunnanvind [A]

Out of Hunter Lab Bess of Tess:

Hunter Lab Puff The Magic Dragon [A]
Hunter Lab Wind of Change [A]

Out of Altiquin Fern:

ALTIQUIN OASIS (2014-) [3/2]
FTW Altiquin Odessa (2014-) [3/7]
Altiquin Osprey (4/24/2014-) [2/2]
Altiquin Opal (2014-)

Out of Lochiness Foxberry:

DKBrCh Lochiness Han Solo (7/15/2012-) [A]

Out of Delfleet Night Jar:

Lochmuir Viking (3/9/2012-)
Lochmuir Veracity (3/9/2012-) [C]
Lochmuir Venus (3/9/2012-)
Lochmuir Veloce (3/9/2012-)
Lochmuir Valhalla (3/9/2012-)
Lochmuir Viceroy of Shimnavale (3/9/2012-)
Lochmuir Vagabond of Shimnavale (3/9/2012-) [4/4]
Lochmuir Victoria (3/9/2012-) [A2/B1]

Out of Mandylike's Rambling Rose:

Mandylike's Ably [A]
Mandylike's Always [B]
Mandylike's Ability [A]
Mandylike's Adele [A]
Mandylike's Amazing [A]
Mandylike's Ant [D]

Out of Tweedshot Shingle:

Danestone Trojan (2011-)
Danestone Rocket (2011-)
Danestone Lilla (2011-)
Danestone Ebonstone (2011-) [A1]
Danestone Clyde (2011-)
FTW Danestone Ava (2011-) [FCI A2]
Int FT Ch Danestone Tweed (7/19/2011-) [FCI A2]

Out of Lucky Labrador 's Gaby's Sweet Sky:

Lucky Labrador 's Goodman Grass (5/17/2012-) [D1/C2]
Lucky Labrador's Tilde Dandelion [A]
Lucky Labrador's Kiki Sunflower [A]
Lucky Labrador's Flying Fern [A]

Out of Caper Cailie's Arrieta:

Caper Cailie's Kentucky [A]
Caper Cailie's Ohio (2012-) [B]
Caper Cailie's Alabama [A]
Caper Cailie's Texas [A]
Caper Cailie's Kansas [A]
Caper Cailie's Montana
Caper Cailie's Nevada [A]
Caper Cailie's Arizona

Out of FTW Rocket Star Grace:

Dougan von der Klifflinie (3/31/2012-)
Dorrell von der Klifflinie (3/31/2012-) [A/A]
Dorian von der Klifflinie (3/31/2012-) [A2/A2]
Donnan von der Klifflinie (3/31/2012-) [A2/A2]
Delfrick von der Klifflinie (3/31/2012-) [A2/A2]
Daida von der Klifflinie (3/31/2012-) [A2]
Davina von der Klifflinie (3/31/2012-) [FCI A2/A1]

Out of Greenbriar Beret:

Lochiness Arctic Monkey [A]

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