Golden Retriever

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Offspring of ICH, TRIALER Royal Commander du Pays de Boheme TAN Epreuve A/B (12/5/2000-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Cheek to Cheek Ultimatly Beautiful:

Cherry Moon de l'Abbaye Felgère

Out of River of Fantasy Du Pays De Boheme:

Unlimited Surprise Du Pays De Boheme

Out of Bergamotte du Domaine des Clayeux:

Drole de Dame du Domaine des Clayeux [A/A]

Out of Frontenac Febee from Misty Veil:

Overwhelming boy Loki from Misty Veil (4/12/2008-)

Out of Silver Melody du Pays de Boheme:

Virtual Monopoly du Pays de Boheme

Out of Bright Maxima vom Wiesentalidyll:

Amazing Marley The Golden Joy vom Malerbach (8/7/2009-) [A2/A2]

Out of Ogil Orchy Brigde of Scottish Pride:

Blane Blair Bridget of Scottish Pride (3/13/2010-) [A2/A2]

Out of Road to the Stars du Pays de Boheme:

Unbelievable-Ladylike du Pays de Bôheme

Out of Campione riproduttore Double Willow Magic One:

Pluri Champion Time After Time (5/9/2006-) [BVA 5:4]

Out of Come Back du Pays de Boheme:

don't you remember du pays de Boheme

Out of Reves Des Fields D'est:

Virgule Des Fields D'Est

Out of Reloy's Shanel:

Divine des Fields de Ora (9/18/2008-)

Out of Jeamie my never ending Love:

Now it's Anton of the Crow Valley (10/15/2004-)
Now it's Arthur of the Crow Valley (10/15/2004-)
Now it's Merlin of the Crow Valley (10/15/2004-)
Now it's Nero of the Crow Valley (10/15/2004-)
Now it's Dana of the Crow Valley (10/15/2004-)
Now it's Jule of the Crow Valley (10/15/2004-)

Out of Birmingham-Bliss of Mallard Alley:

Georg-Paul MacBliss of Mallard Alley (12/7/2004-)
Grian-Gitano MacBliss of Mallard Alley (12/7/2004-)

Out of Salvia du Rau D'Esch:

Ubak du Sentier des Bergamotes (6/1/2003-)
Uno du Sentier des Bergamotes (6/1/2003-)
Ullmer du Sentier des Bergamotes (6/1/2003-)

Out of Prele du Rau D'Esch:

Tilleul (12/7/2002-)
Tandem (12/7/2002-)

Out of Wittgenstein's Golden Deary:

Wittgenstein's Golden Fox Hunter (12/27/2004-)
Wittgenstein's Golden Flower Power (12/27/2004-)
Wittgenstein's Golden Fleur De Lis (12/27/2004-)
Wittgenstein's Golden Flashlight (12/27/2004-)
Wittgenstein's Golden Fitzgerald (12/27/2004-)
Wittgenstein's Golden Fine Girl (12/27/2004-)
Wittgenstein's Golden Fellow (12/27/2004-)
Wittgenstein's Golden Fantasy Amy (12/27/2004-)
Wittgenstein's Golden Fairy Tale (12/27/2004-)
Wittgenstein's Golden Florence (12/27/2004-)

Out of Gunmarsh Heaven Sent:

All By Myself Du Pays De Boheme (3/15/2005-)

Out of Precious Golden Aspen Bowl of Beauty:

Precious Golden Flacon D'Esprit Felicitas (10/30/2002-)
Precious Golden Foret Fantastique Isha (10/30/2002-)
Precious Golden Festival D'Amour Emily (10/30/2002-) [B1]
Precious Golden Fruits de Fantaisie Fleur (10/30/2002-)
Precious Golden Flamme du Desire Finlay (10/30/2002-)
Precious Golden Foely D'Urgure Filou (10/30/2002-)
Precious Golden Flaire Elvis (10/30/2002-) [B1]
Precious Golden Fils de Fantastique Frodo (10/30/2002-)
Precious Golden Fue de L'Amour Frazer (10/30/2002-)

Out of Good Luck Gilda from Misty Veil:

Lovely Fellows Lotte from Misty Veil (7/13/2006-)
Jolis Amis Shyla from Misty Veil (4/3/2005-) [C1]
Jolis Amis Lana from Misty Veil (4/3/2005-)
Jolis Amis Josephine from Misty Veil (4/3/2005-) [A2]
Jolis Amis Jim-Bob from Misty Veil (4/3/2005-) [B2]
Jolis Amis Jessy from Misty Veil (4/3/2005-)
Jolis Amis Janosch from Misty Veil (4/3/2005-)
Jolis Amis Funny from Misty Veil (4/3/2005-)
Jolis Amis Chicco from Misty Veil (4/3/2005-)

Out of Finnfield's Filifjonka:

Finnfield's Hesan Kundi (6/6/2006-)

Out of Melia du Rau D'Esch:

Azur Du Rau D'Esch (6/9/2005-)
Aster Du Rau D'Esch (6/9/2005-)
Ukraine Du Rau D'Esch (7/29/2003-)
Uka Du Rau D'Esch (7/29/2003-) [A]

Out of Selma du Pays Sauvage:

Utsie du Pays Sauvage (6/16/2003-)
Ugoh du Pays Sauvage (6/16/2003-)
Umpa-Lumpa du Pays Sauvage (6/16/2003-)
Uliak du Pays Sauvage (6/16/2003-)
U'Ourou du Pays Sauvage (6/16/2003-)
Utchoume du Pays Sauvage (6/16/2003-)
Ursella Rose du Pays Sauvage (6/16/2003-)
Undy du Pays Sauvage (6/16/2003-)
Urdaloup du Pays sauvage (6/16/2003-)

Out of Coralyn Camoniak von der Lerchenau:

Edison von der Lerchenau (10/28/2004-)
Edmondo von der Lerchenau (10/28/2004-)
Erasmus von der Lerchenau (10/28/2004-)
Elbereth von der Lerchenau (10/28/2004-)
Eriador von der Lerchenau (10/28/2004-) [HD - A2]
Eldorado von der Lerchenau (10/28/2004-) [HD-B1]

Out of Murdock's Illusion of Indiana:

Murdock's Nous for Thope (1/5/2012-)
Murdock's Neo the Choosen One (1/5/2012-)
Murdock's Nemo Capt'n of Nautilus (1/5/2012-)
Murdock's Neelix Morale Officer (1/5/2012-)

Out of RECOMMANDE TRIALER Feelgood Lazaryzou Sweet Dream:

feelgood lazaryzou Viena Verone (11/7/2004-)
Feelgood lazaryzou very versace (7/11/2004-1/23/2009)
feelgood lazaryzou very vivendi (11/7/2004-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Venice Beach (11/7/2004-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Viena Verdi (11/7/2004-) [A0]
Feelgood Lazaryzou Very Las Vegas (11/7/2004-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Viena Victoria (11/7/2004-)
Feelgood Lazaryzou Viena Volga (11/7/2004-) [A0]
VDH CH & Switzerland CH Feelgood Lazaryzou Vanilla Sky Lice Recommandée (11/7/2004-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Cheek to Cheek Apocalypse Now:

Cheek to Cheek Chateau Margaux
Cheek to Cheek Chateau Doyac (8/15/2007-)
Cheek to Cheek Chateau Angelus (8/15/2007-)
Cheek to Cheek Chateau Cheval Blanc (8/15/2007-)
Cheek to Cheek Chateau Talbot (8/15/2007-) [A1]
Cheek to Cheek Chateau Petrus (8/15/2007-)
Cheek to Cheek Chateau d'Yquem (8/15/2007-3/22/2017) [B1]

Out of Pure Emotional Rescue de Champernoune:

Under Milckwood de la Tribu Doree (5/17/2003-)

Out of Jankovichtelepi-Sunny Axis:

Classic Dream of Golden Millenium (12/2/2002-)
Chilly of Golden Millenium (12/2/2002-) [B0]
Ciara of Golden Millenium (12/2/2002-) [A0]
Champagne-Cora of Golden Millenium (12/2/2002-) [B0]
Chanel Number One of Golden Millenium (12/2/2002-)
Celine of Golden Millenium (12/2/2002-) [A0]
Chester-Sam of Golden Millenium (12/2/2002-)
Charles of Golden Millenium (12/2/2002-)
Cameron-Champ of Golden Millenium (12/2/2002-)

Out of Felica Glenrose of Golden Comfort:

Felica's Frederic vom Hochrheinufer
Felica's Fenja vom Hochrheinufer
Felica's Fabio vom Hochrheinufer
Felica's Fiona vom Hochrheinufer
Felica's Falco vom Hochrheinufer
Felica's Finlay vom Hochrheinufer

Out of Dancy vom Hochrheinufer:

Amaretto Golden Angels aus dem Wiesental [C 2]
Abela Golden Angels aus dem Wiesental [C 1]
Archie Golden Angels aus dem Wiesental [C 1]

Out of Vice-EW'07, Luxembourg & VDH & German CH Sequins Sycamore Bundes Siegerin '07:

German/VDH Junior Champion Sequins Supremes (11/4/2005-) [A1]
Dt. Ch VDH Sequins Soraya (11/4/2005-) [A2]
ChCZ Sequins Shakira *U*universal dog (4/11/2005-) [0/0 ( HD A/A )]

Out of Fourwind Cottage Knapweed Blossom:

Fourwind Cottage Xiting Xara my facetious Fellow (6/7/2003-)

Out of Prune des Vives:

Beautiful Dream du domaine de la Bricinesse (3/17/2006-)
Vick du Domaine de la Bricinesse (8/28/2004-)

Out of Feelgood Lazaryzou Simply The Best trialer recommande:

feelgood lazaryzou vixen (12/19/2004-) [A0/B0]
Feelgood Lazaryzou Vodka Tonic (12/19/2004-)

Out of Cinderella vom Hochrheinufer:

Estelle Exceptionelle vom Hochrheinufer (10/3/2003-)
Elliot Excusez-Mois vom Hochrheinufer (10/3/2003-) [A1]
Erol Encore Une Fois vom Hochrheinufer (10/3/2003-) [D1]
High Pleasure vom Hochrheinufer (6/20/2005-)
High Spirit vom Hochrheinufer (6/20/2005-)
High Hope vom Hochrheinufer (6/20/2005-) [C1/C1]
Gismo vom Hochrheinufer (7/4/2004-)
Eugenie Enchante vom Hochrheinufer (10/3/2003-) [A1]

Out of Grashopper's Golden Alva:

Abadudas Golden Ace in the Hole Anthea (7/25/2004-1/21/2015) [B1]

Out of X-File of Graceful Delight:

All the Light of Life from Cooper's Brook (5/1/2006-)
A Spring Romance from Cooper`s Brook (5/1/2006-)
A Lily of The Valley from Cooper`s Brook (5/1/2006-)
A Fairy Tale from Cooper's Brook (5/1/2006-) [A2]
A Dance Into the Light from Cooper's Brook (5/1/2006-)
All The Fire of Life from Cooper's Brook (5/1/2006-)
A Kiss of a Fairy from Cooper's Brook (5/1/2006-)
A French Affair from Cooper's Brook (5/1/2006-)
A Flame of Dawn from Cooper's Brook (5/1/2006-)

Out of Nausicaa du Pays de Boheme:

The White Shadow du Pays de Boheme (10/20/2002-)

Out of Ch. Akira of Chestnut Tree:

Ch. A Magic Moment of Toboggan Run (4/21/2003-) [A1]
Angel Heart of Toboggan Run (4/21/2003-) [B1]
Admiral Jason of Toboggan Run (4/21/2003-)
Arthus-Charles of Toboggan Run (4/21/2003-)
Attractive Benjamin of Toboggan Run (4/21/2003-) [B2]
Adventure Jack of Toboggan Run (4/21/2003-) [B2]
Amazing Snowman of Toboggan Run (4/21/2003-)
Agile Honeybee of Toboggan Run (4/21/2003-) [C 1]

Out of Fourwind Cottage Poison Ivy:

Timeless Golden Baby Lyna (11/1/2003-)
Timeless Golden Blissful Jule (11/1/2003-) [A1]
Timeless Golden Becky Bebop (11/1/2003-) [A2]
Timeless Golden Be My Little Indy (11/1/2003-) [A2]
Timeless Golden Blessed Barclay (11/1/2003-) [B1]
Timeless Golden Boatswain Samson (11/1/2003-) [B2]
Timeless Golden Bouncing Brian (11/1/2003-) [B1]
Timeless Golden Billy The Kid (11/1/2003-) [A2]

Out of Lilldale's Ultima Thule:

Finnfield's Enthusiastic Emma (11/4/2002-)
Finnfield's Elegant Ella (11/4/2002-) [B1]
Finnfield's Extrovert Elsa (11/4/2002-) [A2]
Finnfield's Easy-Going Esa (11/4/2002-) [B1]
Finnfield's Entertaining Elvis (11/4/2002-) [A1]
Finnfield's Exotic Erkki (11/4/2002-) [A1]
Finnfield's Emil The Expert (11/4/2002-) [A1]
Finnfield's Extra-Elmer (11/4/2002-) [A1]
Finnfield's Enfant Terrible (4/11/2002-) [C1]

Out of Dt-CH Highness Maggie vom Seelbacher Forst:

Jakina-Kaja vom Seelbacher Forst (2/22/2003-)
Jule vom Seelbacher Forst (2/22/2003-) [B1]
Jasper-Jim vom Seelbacher Forst (2/22/2003-) [B2]
Jackson vom Seelbacher Forst (2/22/2003-)
Josch vom Seelbacher Forst (2/22/2003-) [C1]
Jens-Tork vom Seelbacher Forst (2/22/2003-) [B2]
Josephine vom Seelbacher Forst (2/22/2003-)

Out of Gunmarsh Edelweiss Trialer:

CHM HR Cheek to Cheek Tequila Sunrise (8/7/2002-) [A1]
Cheek to Cheek Twin Peaks (8/7/2002-) [A1]
Cheek to Cheek The Matrix (8/7/2002-)
Cheek to Cheek The Lord of The Rings (8/7/2002-) [B1]
Cheek to Cheek The African Queen (8/7/2002-) [B1]
Cheek to Cheek The Fisher King (8/7/2002-)

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