Golden Retriever

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Offspring of AFC Wild Fire Of Riverview CDX WCX OS FDHF (10/18/1975-1988)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Tamarack's Panzer:

Tamarack's Ms Molly (10/2/1981-) [OFA GR-18228 Normal]
Northbreak's Thorne (10/2/1981-) [OFA GR-16431 Normal]

Out of Sunfire's Bumper of Honeyhill:

Roth's Jinx Of Murry Hills (11/9/1983-)
Samantha Michelle Zunker (11/9/1983-) [OFA GR-22316 Good]

Out of Sun Fire's Morning Mist:

Wild Fire's Revenge (9/24/1979-) [OFA GR-17185 Normal]

Out of Zuercher's Golden Heather Laz:

Golden Brandy Geneva Royal (12/4/1979-) [OFA GR-13452 Normal]

Out of Honeyhill's Mischief Mariah CDX:

Nakia of Honeyhill (6/1/1982-) [OFA GR-17804 Normal]
Honeyhill Haven Farms Jonah CDX (6/1/1982-) [OFA GR-17384 Normal]

Out of Punkin XXXIV:

Wilderness Wild Fire Buck (1/4/1983-)

Out of Bicentenial Betsy:

Boe Of B-Be (4/23/1980-)

Out of Marshlands Lucky Trick OD:

Marshland's Ace High CDX (12/27/1980-) [OFA GR-16341 Normal]
Marshlands Flash of Sunfire (12/27/1980-)
Marshlands Shotzy CDX MH WCX Am/Can *** (12/27/1980-7/6/1996) [OFA GR-14215 Normal]

Out of Windjammer Tali Me Bananas UD WCX *** OD:

Windjammer RR Buccaneer (12/10/1982-) [OFA GR-18800 Normal]
Windjammer's Krugerrand CD (12/10/1982-) [OFA GR-18693 Normal]
Windjammer Pippin UD MH *** (12/10/1982-)

Out of Am. CH. Whiskey Basins Tule Tripper:

Indian Autum's Mariah Song
Whiskey Basins Autumn Gold (10/16/1982-) [OFA GR-18221 Normal]
Whiskey Basins Abby Gale (10/16/1982-) [OFA GR-18611]
Whiskey Basin's Roughhouser CDX (10/16/1982-9/11/2000)

Out of AFC Bens Enchanted Glory OD FDHF:

Deerhill's Rainbow Pivo (11/13/1981-) [OFA GR-16123 Normal]
Deerhill's Blaze of Glory ** (11/13/1981-) [OFA GR-16124 Normal]
Magnum Calibres Chance Again Can/AmCDX AmWCX (11/13/1981-)

Out of Candlewoods Sungold Sue:

Taylor's Riverview Prints (10/14/1982-)
Thistlerocks Amber Daze (10/31/1983-) [OFA GR-20724 Good]
Taylors Riverview Turkey (10/14/1982-) [OFA GR-18303 Normal]
Thistlerock Sungold Contesa (10/14/1982-) [OFA GR-25364G59F]
Thistlerock's Maggy Mae (10/14/1982-7/4/1998) [OFA GR-26403G64F]
Thistle Rocks Abracadabra (10/31/1983-) [OFA GR-20603 Normal]

Out of Amberac's Sunny Sands:

Jecmen's Golden Sands (9/9/1983-) [OFA GR-22769 Fair]
Morkim Of The Third Move (9/9/1983-) [OFA GR-21111-T Fair]
Blazeks Miraculous Mawd (9/9/1983-)
Rangeline Firefly JH, WC (9/9/1983-) [OFA GR-20802 Good]

Out of Mioak's Pandora:

Mioak's Little Nell Of T-Bar (5/13/1982-)

Out of Moreland's Apricot Brandy:

Nugget Hill's Jack O Hearts (7/30/1982-) [GR-18129 Normal]
Bear Bottom's Golden Honey (7/30/1982-) [OFA GR-18009 Normal]
Nugget Hill Beaufort (7/30/1982-)
Nugget Hill Woods Afire (7/30/1982-)
Mrs Maxs Ben G Of Nugget Hill (7/30/1982-) [OFA GR-18051 Normal]

Out of Topbrass Butter Up:

Topbrass Krash Landing TD (8/2/1981-)
Topbrass Skippin-On UD (8/2/1981-)
Topbrass Skippin Go CanCD (8/2/1981-)
Topbrass Beau-Regard Am CD Can CDX (8/2/1981-)
OTCH Topbrass Supercharger OBHF (8/2/1981-12/16/1996)

Out of Sun Fire's Dyno Of Chances R OD:

Sun Fire's Morning Mist II CD WC (8/16/1982-) [OFA GR-18434-T Normal]
Sun Fire Danielle (11/23/1981-) [OFA GR-20665 Good]
Sun Fires Banner of Gold CD (11/23/1981-) [OFA GR-16386 Normal]
Sun Fire's Dynamo Duke (11/23/1981-) [OFA GR-16138 Normal]
Sunfire's Piece A Cake (4/6/1981-) [OFA GR-14952 Normal]
Can OTCH Sunfire's Flaming Skye Am UD (4/6/1981-)
Sun Fire Sure Mark Tess Can. *** (8/16/1982-6/5/1995) [OVC 4818]
FC AFC Sunfire's XX Buckshot OS (11/23/1981-) [OFA GR-16115 24M]

Out of Somday's Rising Sun Fire:

Sun Fire's Golden Taffy (11/6/1983-) [OFA GR-22569-T Good]
Sun Fire's Running Bear (8/4/1980-) [OFA GR-26378G90M]
Sun Fire's Double Ringer (11/29/1979-) [OFA GR-12421 Normal]
Heelalong Why Not Wyant CDX (11/29/1979-) [OFA GR-12319]
Sunfires Little Hot Shot UD SH WCX NAHRA-started (11/6/1983-1992) [OFA GR-20835-T]
Sun Fire's Touch Of Spark UDT,WCX (12/3/1981-1995)
OTCH Heelalong Cracklin' Sunfire TDX OS WC OBHF (11/29/1979-) [OFA GR-12318 Good]

Out of Mioak's Ginger *** OD:

Mioak's Fieldmark Challenge (9/30/1982-) [OFA GR-23715G52F]
Mioak's Spark O' Fire WCX (9/30/1982-) [OFA GR-19276 Normal]
Mioak's Megabucks OD (9/30/1982-) [OFA GR-19277 Normal]
Mioak's Golden Torch OD (9/30/1982-) [OFA GR-18702 Normal]
Mioak's Sparklin' Jezebel WCX *** OD (9/30/1982-) [OFA GR-18604-T Normal]
FC AFC Mioak's Main Event OS FDHF (9/30/1982-8/25/1998) [OFA GR-18285 Normal]

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