Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Int.Ch, J.Ch.Pl,Cz, Ch.Pl,Dt,VDH,Cz,Sk,H Kassander of Bridge Four (2/12/2011-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of DEJZI Ksiezniczki Mar-Maj:

AXEL Atiga (11/21/2017-)
ARO Atiga (11/21/2017-)
ALEX Atiga (11/21/2017-)
ABI Atiga (11/21/2017-)
ATIGA FIRST Atiga (11/21/2017-)
AGATA Atiga (11/21/2017-)
AJKA Atiga (11/21/2017-)
AJDA Atiga (11/21/2017-)

Out of BAKALIA Aspra:

KROKUS Z Tyblowej Oazy (6/30/2015-)
KAKTUS Z Tyblowej Oazy (6/30/2015-)
KASZTAN Z Tyblowej Oazy (6/30/2015-)
KARMEL Z Tyblowej Oazy (6/30/2015-)
KORAL Z Tyblowej Oazy (6/30/2015-)
KŁOS Z Tyblowej Oazy (6/30/2015-)
KALA Z Tyblowej Oazy (6/30/2015-)
KIARA Z Tyblowej Oazy (6/30/2015-)

Out of AQUA Dolina Marcinkowic:

HERMES Dolina Marcinkowic (7/15/2018-)
HARRY Dolina Marcinkowic (7/15/2018-)
HUGO Dolina Marcinkowic (7/15/2018-)
HAPPY Dolina Marcinkowic (7/15/2018-)
HEKTOR Dolina Marcinkowic (7/15/2018-)
HARLEY Dolina Marcinkowic (7/15/2018-)
HOMER JUNIOR Dolina Marcinkowic (7/15/2018-)
HALLE Dolina Marcinkowic (7/15/2018-)
HOLLY Dolina Marcinkowic (7/15/2018-)

Out of QUEEN VELVETEEN Kwintesencja:

LAMBETH WALK Kwintesencja (12/22/2018-)
LET'S FALL IN LOVE Kwintesencja (12/22/2018-)
LET IT BE Kwintesencja (12/22/2018-)
LET IT SNOW Kwintesencja (12/22/2018-)
LET ME SWAY Kwintesencja (12/22/2018-)
LET'S DO IT Kwintesencja (12/22/2018-)
LINDY HOP Kwintesencja (12/22/2018-)
LULLABY Kwintesencja (12/22/2018-) [HD A]


SUNSHINE Golden Moose Dogs (5/28/2016-)
SEJTA Golden Moose Dogs (5/28/1016-)
SHAE Golden Moose Dogs (5/28/2016-)
SEJUANI Golden Moose Dogs (5/28/2016-)
SANTANA Golden Moose Dogs (5/28/2016-)
SONYA Golden Moose Dogs (5/28/2016-)
SHAKO Golden Moose Dogs (5/28/2016-)
SITH Golden Moose Dogs (5/28/2016-)
SONGO Golden Moose Dogs (5/28/2016-)

Out of Inter CH C.I.E., PLJCH, PLCH,MDCH,BGCH,MNECH Eileen Zloto z Wyspy:

Logan My Golden Lake (7/18/2019-)
Lenox My Golden Lake (7/18/2019-)
Lenny My Golden Lake (7/18/2019-)
Lara My Golden Lake (7/18/2019-)
Lea Livia My Golden Lake (7/18/2019-)
Desna My Golden Lake (6/19/2018-)
Dakar My Golden Lake (6/19/2018-)
Dafne My Golden Lake (6/19/2018-)
Dior My Golden Lake (6/19/2018-)
Deemi My Golden Lake (6/19/2018-)
Dante My Golden Lake (6/19/2018-)

Out of HOLLY STAR Gold heart:

CUTE GIRL Gold Silesia (5/19/2016-)
CRAZY WOMAN Gold Silesia (5/19/2016-)
CUTE CENDY Gold Silesia (5/19/2016-)
CLEVER Gold Silesia (5/19/2016-)
CARTIER Gold Silesia (5/19/2016-)
CALVIN KLEIN Gold Silesia (5/19/2016-)
CRISTIANO RONALDO Gold Silesia (5/19/2016-)
JCh.Pl CHRISTINA AGUILERA Gold Silesia (5/19/2016-) [HD-A]

Out of Clancy Abbey Puregoldie:

DAFNE Puregoldie (5/24/2017-)
DODONA Puregoldie (5/24/2017-)
DELTA Puregoldie (5/24/2017-)
DEMETER Puregoldie (5/24/2017-)
DIONIZOS Puregoldie (5/24/2017-)
DIOMEDES Puregoldie (5/24/2017-)
DOROS Puregoldie (5/24/2017-)
DEDAL Puregoldie (5/24/2017-)
DELOS Puregoldie (5/24/2017-)

Out of Candy z Vidoule:

Ennie z Vidoule (5/4/2018-)
Elza z Vidoule (5/4/2018-)
Ellis z Vidoule (5/4/2018-)
Ebbie z Vidoule (5/4/2018-)
Expert z Vidoule (5/4/2018-)
Edward z Vidoule (5/4/2018-)
Edgar z Vidoule (5/4/2018-)

Out of Fatima Bismillahi:

Alfredo Mon Mignon (6/18/2014-)
Alkapone Mon Mignon (6/18/2014-)
Apollo Mon Mignon (6/18/2014-)
Afrodithe Mon Mignon (6/18/2014-)
Angie Mon Mignon (6/18/2014-) [B/B]
Annabel Mon Mignon (6/18/2014-)
Anife Mon Mignon (6/18/2014-)
Amelie Mon Mignon (6/18/2014-) [0/0]

Out of Heart for Izabel Famous Gold:

Work of Art FCI BRAWEHART (4/24/2015-)
Work of Art FCI BARRY (4/24/2015-)
Work of Art FCI BROADWAY (4/24/2015-)
Work of Art FCI BIG BEN (4/24/2015-)
Work of Art FCI BELL (4/24/2015-)
Work of Art FCI BABY CAKE (4/24/2015-) [FCI A]

Out of Non-Stop On The Move:

Ch SK, PL Born To Be Wild My Angel Tomi (7/24/2015-) [A]
Butterfly Kiss My Angel Tomi (7/24/2015-) [B]
Jun.Ch. Rus/Blr Big Bang Theory My Angel Tomi Ch.Rus/Blr/RKF (7/24/2015-) [A]
Ch SK, HU, RO, PL, GCh SK, RO Boom Boom My Angel Tomi C.I.E., C.I.B. (7/24/2015-) [A]
JCH Blanka for Non-Stop My Angel Tomi (7/24/2015-) [FCI A/C]

Out of TRUE PASSION Golden Gaj:

SILVER PEARL Golden Gaj (11/27/2017-)
SILVER SHINE Golden Gaj (11/27/2017-) [HD A]
SILVER QUEEN Golden Gaj (11/27/2017-)
SILVER STAR Golden Gaj (11/27/2017-)
SILVER TOUCH Golden Gaj (11/27/2017-)
SILVER HAWK Golden Gaj (11/27/2017-)
SILVER PRINCE Golden Gaj (11/27/2017-)
SILVER BLUE Golden Gaj (11/27/2017-)
SILVER MOON Golden Gaj (11/27/2017-)
CREAMY KNIGHT Golden Gaj (5/20/2016-)
CREAMY DELIGHT Golden Gaj (5/20/2016-)
CREAMY DIAMOND Golden Gaj (5/20/2016-)
CREAMY ANGEL Golden Gaj (5/20/2016-)
CREAMY ILLUSION Golden Gaj (5/20/2016-)
CREAMY KISS Golden Gaj (5/20/2016-)
CREAMY PASSION Golden Gaj (5/20/2016-)

Out of Faith z Liblickych rakosin:

Arthur Dori's golden miracle (2/4/2016-)
Argon Dori's golden miracle (2/4/2016-)
Ariadne Dori's golden miracle (2/4/2016-) [FCI C/C ]
Athylla Dori's golden miracle (2/4/2016-) [B/B]
CH CZ Adele Dori's golden miracle (2/4/2016-) [A/A]

Out of Blanche Countness of Pride Puregoldie:

BRILLANTE Cane Sonata (8/21/2019-)

Out of LT JCH, LT CH, LV CH, BY CH, CACIB, Linksmoji Lota Basteta FT duck B (II) level, I prize:

Pavasario Dobilas Basteta (3/24/2013-)
Pavasario Diemedis Basteta (3/24/2013-)
Pavasario Apynys Basteta (3/24/2013-)
Pavasario Ajeras Basteta (3/24/2013-)
Pavasario Putinas Basteta (3/24/2013-)
Pavasario Jovaras Basteta (3/24/2013-)
Pavasario Puriena Basteta (3/24/2013-)
Pavasario Medetka Basteta (3/24/2013-)

Out of Ch CZ, SK Away from Sophia Dorado Blanco:

JChCZ, ChCZ, ChSK, ChPL Frappuccino Dorado Blanco (4/21/2016-) [A/A]
Forest Gump Dorado Blanco (4/21/2016-) [A/A]
Ferrero Rocher Dorado Blanco (4/21/2016-4/21/2016)
Fighting Hero Dorado Blanco (4/21/2016-)
Fanta Bubbles Dorado Blanco (4/21/2016-)
Felicita Dorado Blanco (4/21/2016-)
Femme Fatale Dorado Blanco (4/21/2016-)

Out of CH Bonett Bride Eternal Dream:

Best of Both World AURIC TREASURE (10/18/2016-)
Behind Sweet Eyes AURIC TREASURE (10/18/2016-)
Be My Best Friend AURIC TREASURE (10/18/2016-)
Butterfly Fly Away AURIC TREASURE (10/18/2016-)
Junior Grand Champion, Junior Champion Born to Be my Dream AURIC TREASURE (10/18/2016-) [A/A]
Born Free AURIC TREASURE (10/18/2016-)
Back to the River AURIC TREASURE (10/18/2016-)
Before the Storm AURIC TREASURE (10/18/2016-)
Believe Me AURIC TREASURE (10/18/2016-) [A/A]

Out of Pearl of Golden-Hill Casablanca:

Magic Madness Poland Memories (10/31/2013-)
Magic Madness Poker Face (10/31/2013-)
Magic Madness Pacific Blue (10/31/2013-)
Magic Madness Promise of Pearls (10/31/2013-)
Magic Madness Prince of Persia (10/31/2013-)
Magic Madness Pure Passion (10/31/2013-)
Magic Madness Power of Love (10/31/2013-)
Magic Madness Premium Edition (10/31/2013-)
Magic Madness Peak Primadonna (10/31/2013-)
Magic Madness Pretty Persona (10/31/2013-)
Magic Madness Pink Paradise (10/31/2013-)

Out of PL.CH. Czika Bukowy Dwór:

SARTE Love Gold (10/30/2014-)
SOREL Love Gold (10/30/2014-)
SOKRATES Love Gold (10/30/2014-)
SANSA Love Gold (10/30/2014-)
SARITA Love Gold (10/30/2014-)
SHILA Love Gold (10/30/2014-)
SARSA Love Gold (10/30/2014-) [FCI HD-A]

Out of DASZA Zlota Druzyna:

ACHILLES Sweet Chocolate from Silesia (5/23/2013-)
APOLLON Sweet Chocolate from Silesia (5/23/2013-)
ADONIS Sweet Chocolate from Silesia (5/23/2013-) [HD A]
ARES Sweet Chocolate from Silesia (5/23/2013-)
ANDORA Sweet Chocolate from Silesia (5/23/2013-)
ADELIA Sweet Chocolate from Silesia (5/23/2013-)
ATLANTA Sweet Chocolate from Silesia (5/23/2013-)
ANTALAYA Sweet Chocolate from Silesia (5/23/2013-) [HD A]
ANDROMEDA Sweet Chocolate from Silesia (5/23/2013-) [HD A]
AFRICA Sweet Chocolate from Silesia (5/23/2013-)
ASTORIA Sweet Chocolate from Silesia (5/23/2013-)

Out of PL.Ch., Junior PL. Ch. Tilinca Ministry of Sound:

Adar Ministry of Sound (10/1/2012-)
Anubis Ministry of Sound (10/1/2012-)
Arabis Ministry of Sound (10/1/2012-)
Ames Ministry of Sound (10/1/2012-)
Arida Ministry of Sound (10/1/2012-)
Ajra Ministry of Sound (10/1/2012-)
Adora Ministry of Sound (10/1/2012-)

Out of Ch CZ Aimee Via Lattea:

Darja z Vidoule (6/16/2016-) [A/A]

Out of Junior Champion PL, Polish Junior Winner 2011, CH BLG BARBIE DOLL Anarchia Box FCI:

Ch.PL Once in a Lifetime Milerro FCI (7/9/2013-) [HD A]
One More Girl Milerro FCI (7/9/2013-) [HD A]
One Way or Another Milerro FCI (7/9/2013-)
One Minute Silence Milerro FCI (7/9/2013-)
One and Only Milerro FCI (7/9/2013-) [HD A]
One in a Million Milerro FCI (7/9/2013-)
One Little Miracle Milerro FCI (7/9/2013-)


NEVERLAND SMURFETTE Narnia Baltica (7/17/2018-)
NEVERLAND SASETTE Narnia Baltica (7/17/2018-) [FCI HD-A]
NEVERLAND DREAMY SMURF Narnia Baltica (7/17/2018-)
NEVERLAND JOKEY SMURF Narnia Baltica (7/17/2018-)
NEVERLAND VANITY SMURF Narnia Baltica (7/17/2018-)

Out of INT.CH.,JCh PL Ch.Pl,Ch.Rom,Ch.Ua Ch.Bg,Gr.CH.Bg Greys Wi-An-Wa:

Heroina Wi-An-Wa (2/16/2014-)
Haker Wi-An-Wa (2/16/2014-)
Honorata Wi-An-Wa (2/16/2014-)
HOMER JUNIOR Wi-An-Wa (2/16/2014-)
Honda Wi-An-Wa (2/16/2014-) [Unknown HD-A]
Hillary Wi-An-Wa (2/16/2014-)
Harmonia Wi-An-Wa (2/16/2014-)
Int.Ch CIE. J.Ch.PL, J.Ch.LT, Ch.Pl,Srb. Bakalia Wi-An-Wa (1/1/2013-) [HD-A]
Bajka Wi-An-Wa (1/1/2013-)
Bis Wi-An-Wa (1/1/2013-)
Baron Wi-An-Wa (1/1/2013-)
Big Mac Wi-An-Wa (1/1/2013-)
Bax Wi-An-Wa (1/1/2013-)

Out of Amy Eristar Golden:

Bono Meus Salus (11/19/2013-)
Baddy Meus Salus (11/19/2013-)
Berry Meus Salus (11/19/2013-)
Bonnie Meus Salus (11/19/2013-)
Bebe Meus Salus (11/19/2013-)
Baylee Meus Salus (11/19/2013-)

Out of Ch.Pl, Ch.Cz, J.Ch.Pl, Ch.Pl.Wet POEZJA Golden Gaj:

Art of Magic Golden Gaj (9/18/2013-)
Artistic Charm Golden Gaj (9/18/2013-)
Art of Beauty Golden Gaj (9/18/2013-)
Artistic Passion Golden Gaj (9/18/2013-)
Art of Emotion Golden Gaj (9/18/2013-)
Ch.Pl. Artistic Soul Golden Gaj (9/18/2013-) [HD A]

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