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Offspring of Int. FTCH Garagill Pike at Blackthorn (2/16/2010-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Blackthorn Xsoora:

Blackthorn Desmo
Blackthorn Daylight (3/15/2018-)

Out of Blackthorn Libra:

Blackthorn Wild Jagger (7/13/2015-) [B1/C1]
Blackthorn Wega [C1/C1]
Blackthorn Willow (7/13/2015-) [B1/B1]

Out of Nelli vom Dachsgschleif:

Helpmate Avanti (1/2/2013-) [B/B]
Helpmate Arigo (1/2/2013-) [B/B]

Out of Ragweed's Willow:

Wildclover's Blueberry Hill (9/23/2016-)
Wildclover's Blue Moon (9/23/2016-)
Wildclover's Black Jack (9/23/2016-)
Wildclover's Billie Jean (9/23/2016-) [FCI A2/A2]
Wildclover's Black Bliss (9/23/2016-) [FCI A]
Wildclover's Boss (9/23/2016-) [FCI A2/B1]
Wildclover's Boundless Joy (9/23/2016-)
Wildclover's Bright Sky (9/23/2016-)
Wildclover's Blaze of Glory (9/23/2016-) [FCI A]

Out of Ragweed's Adell:

Hunterspearl April (4/5/2016-) [A]

Out of Virginia's Lean Pepper:

Bornbrand Jo Lean (4/2/2019-4/2/2019)
Bornbrand Black Jackie (4/2/2019-)
Bornbrand Pepper's Grady (4/2/2019-)
Bornbrand Fair Game (4/2/2019-)
Bornbrand Ebon Star (4/2/2019-)
Bornbrand Keen Morris (4/2/2019-)
Bornbrand Lean Seven (4/2/2019-)

Out of FTCh Kyara Of The Charmed Angel:

Sasawot Arpad Bogdán (2015-)
Sasawot Agotha Lány (2015-) [A]
Sasawot Alida Teal (2015-)
Sasawot Aranka Sterre (2015-) [A]
Sasawot Antal Laszlo (4/21/2015-) [D1/D1]
Sasawot Aranyu Sinne (4/21/2015-) [FCI A]
Sasawot Agoston Splinter (4/21/2015-)
Sasawot Andras Boycie (4/21/2015-) [FCI A]

Out of Kornay Hunting Call Me Miss Marple:

Kornay Hunting Seven (4/12/2012-) [A]
Kornay Hunting Scallegan Oskar (4/16/2012-) [FCI A2/A2]

Out of Res. CACIT Norbeck Fiona of Tweedshot Res. CAC:

ReedBed Abigail (1/17/2015-) [FCI B]
ReedBed Arizona (1/17/2015-)
ReedBed Adele (1/17/2015-) [FCI A]
ReedBed Arnold (1/17/2015-) [FCI A]
CACIT PL, CZ working Champion ReedBed Anthony (1/17/2015-) [FCI A]
ReedBed Amigo (1/17/2015-) [FCI A]
ReedBed Amon (1/17/2015-) [FCI A]

Out of Light and Shadow's Greenea:

Radclyffe's Collin (7/15/2013-) [A2/A2]

Out of Waterfriend Alabama:

Int. FTCh. Waterfriend Dragos (7/10/2014-) [B]
Waterfriend Daytona (7/10/2014-)

Out of FTW Drakeshead Vogue:

Blackthorn Uleia
Blackthorn Uma
Blackthorn Untouchable (3/16/2015-) [B/B]
Blackthorn Urmel (3/16/2015-)
Blackthorn Runner
Blackthorn Ray (11/10/2013-)
Blackthorn Rigz (11/10/2013-)
Blackthorn Rosa [B]
Blackthorn Rock 'n Roll (10/11/2013-) [B/B]
Blackthorn Rufina (11/10/2013-) [A2]
Blackthorn Raspberry Brandy (10/11/2013-) [FCI A2]
Blackthorn Rascal (10/11/2013-) [B2/B2]

Out of Kroonkennel's Joy:

Kroonkennel's Pat (9/21/2016-)

Out of Blackthorn Grid:

Albin Pondcastle of Alpine Girl (4/15/2016-) [FCI A]
Afra of Alpine Girl (4/15/2016-)

Out of Blackthorn Fair:

Blackthorn Stalker RUS WCh (11/22/2013-) [FCI A/A (2016)]

Out of Blackthorn Eos:

Blackthorn Phaenna (2013-)
Blackthorn Praecipua (2013-) [D]
Blackthorn Porrima (2/8/2013-) [B]
Blackthorn Pelagus (2/8/2013-) [FCI A]
Blackthorn Propus (2013-) [A2/A2]

Out of Dolphingham Doratilla:

Wide Glide Di Fonte Gaia (8/15/2014-)

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