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Offspring of FTW Jagdens Jude

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Milheath March Brown:

Milheath Black Midge In Woodcockwood (2005-) [3/5]

Out of Desully Doti:

Mythical Morgana (7/6/2006-) [A/A]
Misty Myfanwy (2006-) [0/0]
Muddle Megan (2006-) [0/0]

Out of Ffynongain Dusk:

Ffynongain Hyacinth (2006-)
Ffynongain Huggy of Willinghurst (2006-)
Ffynongain Hero (2006-)
Ffynongain Harrier (2006-)

Out of Edwardiana Sian:

Gwendylen Tweedy

Out of Treckers Mischa:

Pasturelands Daybreak (2004-) [3/5]

Out of FTCh Connemara Twinkle of Lakedown:

Lakedown Demoiselle (11/14/2004-) [BVA 3/3]
Lakedown Emerger (11/14/2004-)
Lakedown Leprechaun (11/14/2004-) [BVA 2/2]
Lakedown Persuader Of Santafe (11/14/2004-) [BVA 3/2]
Lakedown Solwick Spy (11/14/2004-)

Out of Birdberi Dragonfly:

FTCh Bierspool Blackbill of Lakedown (6/26/2004-) [BVA 3/3]
Bierspool Blackbull [5/4]
Bierspool Blackjack
Bierspool Blackbart [3/3]
Bierspool Blackbess
Bierspool Blackpearl
Bierspool Blackberry

Out of FTW Dipplelodge Rossetti:

FTW Suthcharic Inti (4/9/2005-) [2/2]
Suthcharic Dime Of Wudurofe (4/9/2005-) [6/3]
Suthcharic Florin (4/9/2005-) [4/2]
Suthcharic George (4/9/2005-)
Suthcharic Millon Dollar (4/9/2005-)
Suthcharic Runa (4/9/2005-) [3/2]
Suthcharic Tuppence (4/9/2005-)

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