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Offspring of BISS Am. Ch. Amberac Yer Chips R Taykin SDHF OS (7/20/1998-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Emma Good Girl:

Amberac's Serenity CDX RAE (7/19/2005-)

Out of Beckwiths Lily Langtry CD TDX:

Sundrops Annie Oakley CD TDX (5/16/2004-) [OFA GR-93025F36F-NOPI]

Out of Amberwood Chzbgr In Paradise:

Amberwood Randy At Eagleridge (6/4/2001-) [OFA GR-80141F25M-PI]
Amberwood Emily At Eagleridge (6/4/2001-) [OFA GR-80121F25F-PI]

Out of Artistry Life's A Bed Of Roses:

Artistry's Thunder Road (12/19/2005-)
Artistry's Pear Me The Details (12/19/2005-)

Out of CH Ducat-Watermark Cabin Fever:

CH Heartland Pocketful Of Miracles (3/31/2003-) [OFA GR-90156G38F-NOPI]
Heartland Full Inspiration (3/31/2003-) [OFA GR-86097F24F-PI]

Out of Sunkisd Hugs N Kisses CD, CGC:

Sunkisd Dream Angel CGC, CD, RN (5/24/2003-1/2/2008) [OFA GR-87154G26F-PI]
Sunkisd California Dreamin (5/24/2003-10/21/2009) [OFA GR-87709G27F-PI]
Sunkisd Girl of My Dreams CGC RN BN (5/24/2003-5/17/2016)

Out of Amberac's Ona Fantasy Fling:

U-CDX Amberac Lakeridge Reflection CDX TD (8/18/2002-4/11/2013)
OTCH ASCA OTCH U-CDX Amberac's Star Tracker Sagan UDX3 OM1 VER TD RAE GRCA OBHF ASCA UDX (8/18/2002-4/26/2014) [OFA GR-84973G28M-PI]
Amberac's Defender At Bearcreek CCA (8/18/2002-3/25/2012) [OFA GR-84011GM-PI]

Out of Can Ch. U-Ch. U-CD Cima's Mind Yur P's and Q's VCD2 Am/Can CDX RE OA OAJ WC Can RN RL2:

Am/Int BIS/U-GRCH,SHR/Can CH BPIS Cimas Workin On The Weekend CD BN GN RE WC VC CanWC,CD,RE,JH Triathlon Award (11/23/2005-)
Cima's All Work 'N No Play (11/23/2005-)
BPIS Can Ch. U-Ch Am Ch. Cima's Unfinished Business OA OAJ RE GN TD NDD VCD1 OD VCX JH Can CD RA RL2 (1/5/2004-3/15/2016) [OFA GR-88879G25F-PI]

Out of Northwood's Daisy Dewdrop:

Northwood's Gussied Up Gertie (1/3/2003-) [OFA GR-85102G24F-NOPI]
Amberac Shimshimshurah (1/3/2003-) [OFA GR-85131G24F-PI]
Amberac Shimshimshuree (1/3/2003-) [OFA GR-86493G28F-PI]

Out of GI-KI's Ready to Run:

GI-KI's Jumpin' Jake Caddy (11/26/2002-)
GI-KI's Pop Pop's Caddy (11/26/2002-8/2009)
GI-KI's Cruz'n Caddy Lac (11/26/2002-7/25/2015) [OFA GR-84850G24M-PI]
Am. CH GI-KI's A Caddy Me Award RN WC OD (11/26/2002-7/30/2017) [OFA GR-86284F24F-PI]
GI-KI's Golden Caddy (11/26/2002-)
GI-KI's Lick Caddy Split (11/26/2002-)
GI-KI's Caddylog RN (11/26/2002-3/17/2015)

Out of Crarae Powerpuff Girl:

Crarae Eye Candy CGC (1/10/2002-12/23/2014)
UKC Ch. Crarae Cool Yer Jets (1/10/2002-) [OFA GR-81791G24M-PI]
Crarae Jigglypuff (1/10/2002-)

Out of Ch Kandiland's All Points Bulletin OD:

Amberac Ridgepond On Thin Ice (10/25/2000-)
Amberac Ridgepond Mermaid (10/25/2000-)
Amberac Ridgepond Lilly (10/25/2000-)
Ridgepond Amberac Waterford (10/25/2000-11/26/2014) [OFA GR-78500G35F-PI]
Amberac Ridgepond Gametime (5/15/2001-)
Ridgepond Amberac Nap Time (5/15/2001-)
Amberac Ridgepond Timepiece (5/15/2001-)
Ridgepond Amberac Murphy's Bedtime CDX (5/15/2001-)
Am./Can. Ch. Ridgepond Amberac Back In Time (5/15/2001-1/16/2013) [OFA GR-79690G24M-PI]
Amberac Ridgepond Time T'Play (5/15/2001-)
Amberac Ridgepond Doubletime (5/15/2001-)
Am./Can. CH. Amberac Ridgepond Just N Tyme (5/15/2001-)

Out of Ch. Kandiland She's My Rite Handman OD:

CH. Merrygold Turn Down The Music.Com OD (10/18/2002-) [OFA GR-84454G24F-PI]
Merrygold's Justpushplay.Com (10/18/2002-)
Merrygold Dixiechip.Com (10/18/2002-) [OFA GR-84520F24F-PI]
Merrygold's Microchip@Mgg.Com (10/18/2002-) [OFA GR-84524F24F-PI]

Out of Can CH Baylor Jojo Cover Girl:

Can CH Jollyjoe Fairytamer (8/13/2002-)
Can CH Jollyjoe Princess Figgy (8/13/2002-)
Can CH Jollyjoe Defender Of Sherwood (8/13/2002-)

Out of Am CH Kamaglo Fancy Free:

Can. CH Kamaglo Starvale's Top Hat N Tails CDX RE NAP NJP CGC CCA -W-FDX/M F NFD (6/4/2005-4/10/2013) [OFA GR-93041G24M-NOPI]

Out of Artistry's Mystery To Me:

Artistry's I'm Gonna Getcha Good (8/26/2002-) [OFA GR-84870G27F-PI]
Artistry Luna's I'm All That (8/26/2002-) [OFA GR-84842E27F-PI]
Artistry's I'm Furreal (8/26/2002-)
Artistry's I'm All That N More (8/26/2002-) [OFA GR-84843G27M-PI]
Artistry's Pushin The Envelope (1/26/2001-) [OFA GR-78255G24M-PI ]
Artistry's Just Push Play (1/26/2001-) [OFA GR-78894G25M-PI]
Ch. Artistry's Pushin A Peel (1/26/2001-7/16/2012) [OFA GR-78313G24F-PI]

Out of Rumours Cocktails For Two:

Valmont's My Heart's Taykin (9/12/2001-)

Out of Amberac Snowshoe Speedwagon OD:

Amberac I Kissa Yer Face (10/28/1999-) [OFA GR-73865G24F-PI]
Amberac Taykin At Face Value (10/28/1999-) [OFA GR-73902G24F-PI]
BIS BISS Am. Kor. Chn. PRC. Ch. Amberac Wildwood Poker Face (10/28/1999-4/7/2008) [OFA GR-74403F35M-PI]
Am. Can. Int. Ch. Amberac Aileron Face Th' Mewzik (10/28/1999-2/18/2011) [OFA GR-74018F24F-PI]
Am./Can. Ch. Amberac Dichi Face The Odds OS (10/28/1999-) [OFA GR-73837G24M-PI]

Out of Int. CH. Zia Wyoming Perfect Kaskayde OD CGC TDI:

Wyoming's Magic Moment (1/28/2003-)
Wyoming's Amberac Perfect Lady (1/28/2003-)
KOR.CH Wyoming's Magic Black Tie Affair (1/28/2003-11/13/2008)
Wyoming's Empire of Magic (1/28/2003-)
Wyoming's Magic Razzmatazz (1/28/2003-)

Out of Am. CH Kandiland's Certified Liter OD:

Ch. Kandiland Head Line News (10/21/2000-) [OFA GR-78188G26F-PI]
Kandiland Hook Line N Sinker (10/21/2000-)
Kandiland Line 'Em Up Onc' More (10/21/2000-) [OFA GR-78341G27F-PI]

Out of Am CH Nautilus Salute To Granhill OD:

Granhill's by N' Vitation only (6/28/2001-)
Granhill Artistry Never Say Never (6/28/2001-4/25/2011) [OFA GR-80280G25F-PI]

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