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Offspring of FTCh Pointraire Cromwell (7/17/1999-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Sloe Gin Josie:

Kenmilleven Christmas Time

Out of Dumends Kite:

Retswerb Bailey (2011-)
Retswerb Chardonnay (2011-)
Retswerb Jack Daniels (2011-)
Retswerb Jamieson (2011-)
Retswerb Martini (2011-)
Retswerb Murphy (2011-)
Retswerb Peach Schnapps (2011-)
Retswerb Porter (2011-)
Retswerb Rose (2011-)
Retswerb Sloe Gin (2011-)

Out of Hatchfield Corrie of Saxaphone:

Saxaphone Bambam (2006-) [4/6]

Out of Galrainy Jay:

Retswerb Holly (2010-)
Retswerb Cedar (2010-)
Retswerb Cherry (2010-)
Retswerb Fern (2010-)
Retswerb Hazel of Yardlowe (2010-)
Retswerb Laurel of Yardlowe (2010-)
Retswerb Monkey Puzzle (2010-)
Retswerb Nettle (2010-)
Retswerb Thorne (2010-)
Retswerb Willow (2010-)

Out of Pocklea Rue:

Pocklea Drummer Boy (2/25/2010-)

Out of Swaine Cuzeo from Dykesmarsh:

Dykesmarsh Englander (2010-) [5/4]
Dykesmarsh Evelyn

Out of FTCh Tullibole Tess of Denbrig:

Denbrig Comet (2005-)
Denbrig Dancer (2005-)
Denbrig Diva of Threevalleys (2005-)
Denbrig Hurricane (2005-)
Denbrig Lightning (2005-)
Denbrig Thunder (2005-)

Out of Dearnedike Dolly of Swaine:

Swaine Kurah (2008-) [0:0]
Swaine Celaeno (8/8/2008-) [3/4]
Swaine Algedi
Swaine Dubhe
Swaine Enif
Swaine Nashira (2008-)
Swaine Rasalas
Swaine Situla

Out of SE J(J)CH NO JCH Moorman's Double Diamond Ale:

Djubergas Heather (1/4/2007-) [A]

Out of FTCh Claravale Tide of Garronpoint:

FTW Garronpoint Spree (2/26/2006-) [BVA 2:3]
Garronpoint Bober (2/26/2006-) [4/5]
Garronpoint Elbe (2/26/2006-) [5/3]
Garronpoint Eider (2/26/2006-)
Garronpoint Elster (2/26/2006-)
Garronpoint Isar (2/26/2006-)
Garronpoint Melem (2/26/2006-)
Garronpoint Ruhr (2/26/2006-)

Out of Claybeck Rose:

Claybeck Treasure of Marhystin (2005-) [5/5]

Out of Greenbriar Cider of Waterfriend:

Waterfriend Rukka (10/29/2005-) [C/C (2007)]
FTW Waterfriend Ring (10/29/2005-) [B/B 2007]

Out of FTCh Drakeshead Treacle:

Kenmilquin Tilly of Drakeshead (3/25/2005-) [3/4]
Sweethills Emma [4/4]
Kenmilquin Lydia
Kenmilquin Pearl Of Driftaway [7/9]
Kenmilquin Adam
Kenmilquin Bob Swift [3/4]
Kenmilquin Tan [5/5]

Out of Brookbird Maeve of Copperbirch:

Copperbirch Hebe (2006-) [6/5]
Copperbirch Phobe (2006-) [6/4]
Copperbirch Athena of Threevalleys (1/21/2006-) [7/9]
Copperbirch Venus (2006-) [B (2007)]
FTCh Copperbirch Solo (1/21/2006-)
Copperbirch Aphrodite (2006-)
Copperbirch Nomad (2006-)
Copperbirch Rhea (2006-)

Out of FTCh Garronpoint Little Dove:

Garronpoint Till (11/11/2007-) [3/8]

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