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Offspring of FTCh Flyline Clint

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Stazjep Briana:

Lenoir Lady

Out of Ropehall Sequin:

Woodlodge Gypsy (2003-) [4/6]

Out of Mortons Black Gem:

Pears-Lodge Roly Poly (8/7/2000-) [BVA 6/6]

Out of Dancing Belle of Daltullich:

Yellowbrook Blaze (2006-) [5/3]
Yellowbrook Raven (2006-)

Out of FTCh Biney Belle:

Biney Brainstormer of Flyline (2004-) [5/3]
FTCh Biney Bob of Smithsteads (3/5/2004-) [BVA 5/6]

Out of Bedgebrook Elise:

Muddymile Indigo (2009-) [2/2]
Muddymile Jenny Wren of Bedgebrook (2009-) [3/6]

Out of Olivertash Mist:

Olivertash Locksmith (2004-)
Olivertash Olive (2004-)
Olivertash Scrumpy (2004-)
Olivertash Sol (2004-)
Olivertash Sancerre (2004-)
Olivertash Cedarberry (6/9/2004-) [4/3]
Olivertash Harvey of Whistlewinds (2004-)

Out of FTW Emmanygan Gypsy:

Emmanygan Jessie Snosrap

Out of FTCh Hatchfield Fern:

Olivertash Ziggy (2004-)
Olivertash Harry (2004-) [2/3]
Olivertash Maxime (2004-) [4/5]
Olivertash Katie of Flyline (2004-11/4/2016) [4/6]
FTW Olivertash Rooney (2004-) [5/3]

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