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Offspring of GB FTCh & Ir.FTCh Ulstare Oak (6/3/1992-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Country Maiden:

Souneys Choice (2000-)

Out of Lochlee Holly:

Kochlee Stanley
Lochlee Bracken

Out of Glenconway Cara Ft.W:

Dromard Abby

Out of Templecorn Black Velvet:

Longisland Rover

Out of Cannaphail Kate:

Cannaphail Myrtle of Countryways

Out of Sporthall Coco:

Sweep Of Cromcastle (1999-)
Aran of Cromcastle at Ardlow

Out of Blackberry Jill:

Cute Kisses

Out of Loughneagh Lass:

Hillside Princess of Copperbirch (1996-)

Out of Loughbane Milly:

FTCH Tirgarve Oak (1995-) [5/5]

Out of Radiant Velvet Mistress of Glendevitt:

Bethrob Smooth Lady

Out of Mountgamble Hannah:


Out of Little Pippet:

Tanvally Star (7/24/1996-)
Bonnie Lass of Magherabeg (7/24/1996-)

Out of FTW Saffron Seeker:

Kerry Mist Of Bohasset (2000-) [4/3]
FTAW Ashleen Lady of Birdrowe (8/16/2000-) [BVA 4/3]
Sheer Leen Lass of Bohasset [4/3]

Out of Damson Dawn:

Stonecircle Khamsin (12/26/1998-) [BVA 4/4]

Out of Maiden Tower:

Countryways Tosh (4/21/1998-) [5/7]
Curiain Bedlam of Countryways
Countryways Misile
Countryways Lady Alice
Countryways Style (4/21/1998-) [BVA 3/7]

Out of Beaverbrook Tea:

Dalrieda Sue (1998-) [5/12]
Highwalk Star (12/13/1998-) [BVA 3/3]
Cloughanramer Tess (9/7/1997-) [BVA 3/5]
FTW Higges Bess (1998-)

Out of Rose of Glen:

Lisdrum Allegro

Out of Drumshambo Iris:

Maries Fashion (1998-) [16/6]
Cherry Dee (11/6/1998-) [TC]

Out of Miss Pimpernel:

Dunlinn Cleo (2000-) [BVA 4/3]

Out of Sporthall Cindy at Glenbriar:

Magnificent Runner (1997-) [8/31]
Magnificent Ivy (4/11/1997-) [BVA 5/21]
Down Dawn (4/11/1997-) [5/5]
FTCh Red Row Rambler (4/11/1997-)

Out of Shangarrilyn Cleo:

Windyhill Jess Of Ernevale (2000-) [4/5]
Wayward Earl (2000-) [4/3]
Hardy Breeze (2002-) [2/7]

Out of Sweet Georgia (Ben of Mallowdale x Sandbrook Meg):

Middlebere Debbie (1998-) [9/6]
FTW Middlebere Dione of Gospelash [6:6]

Out of Sporthall Clio of Knockcunnier:

Knockcunnier Envoy
Knockcunnier Feast (1/6/1999-)
Knockcunnier Enya (1/18/1998-) [BVA 6/5]
Knockcunnier Emy (1/18/1998-) [BVA 7/10]
Knockcunnier Express (1/18/1998-)
Knockcunnier Elly of Clearmeadow (1/18/1998-)

Out of FTCH Leacroft Shy Lass:

October Born (1995-) [8/5]
Native Oak (1995-) [6/5]
Bernish View Kestral (1999-) [10/7]
Fathom Lass (1999-)
Spirit Of May (2001-) [8/7]
Clare's Rose (2001-) [5/4]
Slip The Lead (2001-)
FTCh Chapel Street Quest (1995-) [5/4]
FTCh Meadow King (10/29/1995-) [3/5]
Canal View Girl (1999-) [7/5]
FTW Highwalk Claire

Out of FTAW Pathehead Ash of Glenconway:

Glenconway Den (1999-) [4/2]
Glenconway Dante (1999-) [3/5]
Glenconway Euan (2000-) [5/5]
Glenconway Dougal (1999-) [4/3]
FTW Glenconway Elijah (2000-) [7/4]

Out of Garendon Beth:

Countryways Susie of Buttershall
Countryways Katie [4/4]
Countryways Jewel (1997-) [7/5]

Out of Theoweir Lota:

FTCh Theoweir Neutron
Theoweir Lana of Knockcunnier (1995-)
Theoweir New Flight (1995-)

Out of FTW Carraigairt Abba:

ISFTCH Altiquin Spectre (7/12/2001-) [A]
GR RT CH O CH Altiquin Stern RN TD ADM JDM (7/12/2001-)
Altiquin Spicy of Swanway (2001-)
Altiquin Solo (2001-)

Out of Pretty Princess Judy:

FTW Wiltongrove Teal (1996-) [BVA 7/7]

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