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Offspring of FTCH Bringwood Bobby of Brindlebay

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Cock Hat Connie:

Hulvor Rose (2003-) [8/4]

Out of Copperwheat Aston Banjo:

Copperwheat Lewis (2005-) [2/3]

Out of Buttershall Jade:

Ruby Delight (7/19/1999-) [BVA 2/4]
Shining Ridge Penny

Out of Sloe Gin Josie:

Kenmilquin Haven (2005-)

Out of Atikonak Gudrun:

Atikonak Hairstreak (2004-) [11/6]
Atikonak Ringlet

Out of Sulleyshill Penny of Brindlebay:

Brindlebay Pigeon of Balbirnie

Out of Silhowe Snow Fly:

Petayax Glaisdale Of Onetam

Out of Fernshot Ember:

Brindlebay Kelly

Out of Locheilside Comet:

Kenmilfore Guinea (2004-) [6/3]
Kenmilfore Estelle Of Malshinga (2004-) [3/4]

Out of Phoebe Goddess Of The Moon:

Chestnut Lottie

Out of Pridelines Evita:

Tuscanni Tumble At Meadowmill (2007-) [3/7]
Tuscanni Tina [3/6]

Out of Oxpastures Limelight:

Greenwrythe William (2004-)
Greenwrythe Rose (2004-)
Greenwrythe Princess (2004-)
Greenwrythe Penny (2004-)
Greenwrythe Maiden (2004-)
Greenwrythe Lucy (2004-)
Greenwrythe Lass (2004-)
Greenwrythe Kathy (2004-)
Greenwrythe Bonnie (2004-)
Greenwrythe Bobby (2004-)
Greenwrythe Anna (2004-)

Out of Rendham Rebecca:

Charcoal Genna
Benhall Hadie

Out of Basswood Delilah At Thalasgair:

Barweston Samba of Brindlebay

Out of Macie Roon:

Gameflight Flaxen Flyer

Out of Twighlight Rosa:

Herringbone Gaia

Out of Gameflight Wales Bank Whisper:

Gameflight Forest (5/8/2003-) [BVA 3/3]

Out of Garrethall Malu:

Gillygaben flute

Out of Bracken of Fransham:

Kenmilfore Butch

Out of FTW Iris May:

FTW Sebow Laurel of Brindlebay (8/11/2003-) [BVA 4/6]

Out of Lettermore Matilda:

FTCh Lettermore Loyal of Aithness (2003-) [16/11]

Out of Kenmillen Beechie of Mirojach:

Mirojach Princess (9/25/2003-) [5/3]
Mirojach Willow of Cragtop (2005-)

Out of FTCh Basswood Delia of Barsky:

Barweston Silver Of Avonford (2003-) [2/2]

Out of Brindlebay Bedazzle of Bedgebrook:

Brindlebay Giddy of Saddlemoss (6/1/2007-) [4/4]
FTCh Brindlebay Gertie of Birdsgreen (6/1/2007-) [4/4]

Out of Mansengreen Dipper of Brindlebay:

Highland Hatty Of Cragtop (2006-)

Out of FTCh Mansengreen Bizzy of Brindlebay:

Brindlebay Lucy Locket

Out of Brindlebay Moth:

Strowside Thunder (2001-)
Strowside Sun (2001-)
Strowside Storm (2001-)
Strowside Star (2001-)
Strowside Sky (2001-)
Strowside Lightning (2001-)
Strowside Hurricane (2001-)
Strowside Shine (2001-)

Out of Int FTCH Starcreek Zally:

Starcreek Drew (2004-)
Starcreek Drake (3/15/2007-1/3/2017)

Out of Brindlebay Gale:

Fordleymoor Florence
Fordleymoor Fen (1999-) [7/17]

Out of Blackharn Becky:

Marshwood Dazzle

Out of Stockiemuir Caza:

Stockiemuir Bonnie (2003-) [3/3]

Out of FTCh Starcreek Zuckey:

Starcreek Chester [B1/B1]
Starcreek Charlotte [B1/B1]
FT Ch Starcreek Catweasel (5/24/2003-)
FTCh Starcreek Clover (5/24/2003-) [A2]

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