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Offspring of French Dual Champion Carromer's Charlie Chalk (11/16/1991-9/20/2004)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of First Love Sand:

Iam Jouhna Jolly Imp (1993-)

Out of Trialer, Damsel Fly de la Garenne Aux Eglantines:

ChTFr Joss de la Garenne Aux Eglantines (3/9/1994-)

Out of Bonny Butterfly (RC146827):

Crisbourne's Sunrise Shine (1996-)
Sunriseshine [2:2]
April Sunset Shade (3/26/1996-)

Out of Fleur (LOF 42241/8391):

Indiana des Bords de la Vesgre (5/10/1993-) [C]
NL CH, Lux CH Indy des Bords de la Vesgre (5/10/1993-) [A]

Out of Sweettrees Remember Me:

Niger Du Puits De Chanteins (9/15/1997-) [B]

Out of Holly Berry of Tintagel Winds:

Mud Glorious Mud of Tintagel Winds (1/7/1996-)

Out of Have One On Me of Tintagel Winds:

Never Lose Hope Of Tintagel Winds
Never Give Up Of Tintagel Winds (7/12/2017-) [5/4]

Out of Cha's Dame Edna:

Witraz Vw Scirocco (3/4/2002-) [A]
Witraz Vw Caravelle (3/4/2002-4/5/2013) [A]
Witraz Vw Bora (3/4/2002-) [A]

Out of Ginger Snap of Tintagel Winds:

Iron Duke Of Tintagel Winds (1993-)
In Step of Tintagel Winds (10/4/1993-) [C]

Out of Isatis du Bord de la Vanne:

Ch Naiade du Bord de la Vanne (9/7/1997-) [B]

Out of Hot Number of Tintagel Winds:

Ch Laurie des Bois de la Fontenelle (5/29/1995-) [A]

Out of Int. Ch Colleen des Hauts de Tara:

Lookie Lancer Dit Lewis des Hauts de Tara (1995-)
L'Sugar Des Hauts De Tara (1995-2006) [A]

Out of CH Olympe de la Foret Des Dianes:

Int. Ch Pandora de La Region Des Lacs (10/11/1999-) [A]
Int. Ch, VDH Ch Poseidon de la Foret des Dianes (10/11/1999-) [A/A]
ChFr ChIB Pandora De La Foret Des Dianes Trialer (10/11/1999-) [FCI A]

Out of NU CH Trenow Morag:

Klungerhaugen's Noor (8/18/2000-) [B]
SE U(U)CH NO UCH Klungerhaugen's Nova (8/18/2000-) [B]

Out of Melina du Fond des Joncs:

Pila Du Haras Del Viento (1/25/1999-) [A]

Out of I For An I Of Tintagel Winds:

Lo and Behold of Tintagel Winds (1/2/1995-)

Out of Goodness Me of Tintagel Winds:

May I Dance With You of Tintagel Winds (8/11/1996-)
Miss Me Out Of Tintagel Winds (8/11/1996-)
Pink Champagne of Tintagel Winds (3/16/1999-) [A]
Lipton of Tintagel Winds (1/17/1995-)
I Remember of Tintagel Winds (11/11/1993-2006)
Int Ch Might Be A Show Dog Of Tintagel Winds (8/11/1996-) [0/0]

Out of Hollyhock of Tintagel Winds:

Jam Tart of Tintagel Winds (3/9/1994-)

Out of Get Up And Go of Tintagel Winds:

I'm Happy To Be Here Of Tintagel Winds (6/13/1993-) [A]
Indeed I Am Of Tintagel Winds (6/13/1993-) [FCI A]

Out of Guenever Queen of Tintagel Winds:

Maid In England of Tintagel Winds (3/31/1996-) [A]

Out of Oh To Be in England of Tintagel Winds:

Rainbow's End of Tintagel Winds (9/20/2000-) [B]

Out of Rocheby Fay of Tintagel Winds:

In Love of Tintagel Winds (8/24/1993-) [C]
Ch Just Orphan Annie of Tintagel Winds (7/24/1994-2/16/2011) [A]
I'm Lovely of Tintagel Winds (8/24/1993-)
Jagged Rock of Tintagel Winds (7/24/1994-) [A]

Out of Hardly Believe It of Tintagel Winds:

Just A Fairy Tale Of Tintagel Winds (12/29/1994-)
Just Incredible Of Tintagel Winds (12/29/1994-)

Out of Felicity's Favourite of Tintagel Winds:

Jungle-Fever of Tintagel Winds (7/20/1994-) [A]

Out of Mulberry Pie of Tintagel Winds:

Ch Sphinx While in Egypt of Tintagel Wind (1/4/2001-)
Sibuna Back to Front of Tintagel Winds (1/4/2001-) [4-4]

Out of Genuine Article Of Tintagel Winds:

I-Wipe Of Tintagel Winds (6/10/1993-) [A]
Noisy But Nice Of Tintagel Winds (8/29/1997-) [A]

Out of Happy-Go-Lucky of Tintagel Winds:

Joy-Ride of Tintagel Winds (2/20/1994-)

Out of Half a Crown of Tintagel Winds:

Firdhyqueen Melodie (4/1/1996-) [B]
Firdhyqueen Joy of Live (2/22/1994-) [C]

Out of Int. Ch Melicmark Foo Fighter:

IntCh NordCh SCh NCh DKCh Melicmark Louis T Duck (3/29/2001-9/21/2012) [A]

Out of Int. CH Marywell of Tintagel Winds:

Int. Ch. Saturday Night Fever Of Tintagel Winds (10/25/2001-) [A]
Trialer Rumours Running Wild of Tintagel Winds (11/19/2000-) [A]

Out of Jody de la Poste:

Quina de la Poste (5/10/2001-) [A/A]

Out of Lasting Memory of Tintagel Winds:

Plotting Treason of Tintagel Winds (11/5/1999-) [B]
F CH.T. Oozing What it Takes of Tintagel Winds (10/11/1998-) [FCI A/B]
Sh.Ch. CHIB CHCS CHS & Trialer Poole's Memory of Tintagel Winds (11/5/1999-7/23/2008) [BVA 6:4]

Out of Gilt Edged Share of Tintagel Winds:

I'm Home Again of Tintagel Winds (6/19/1993-)

Out of Nothing Astonishing of Tintagel Winds:

Sweet Promises Mean Nothing Of Tintagel Winds (7/27/2001-) [BVA 7:7]
It Ch Rags to Riches of Tintagel Winds (2/29/2000-) [B2]
Rave-Up of Tintagel Winds (2/29/2000-)
HR Ch Sitting Pretty of Tintagel Winds (7/27/2001-) [A]

Out of FIN Ch. Mellows Fair Fantasy:

Mellows Keen Huntress (5/20/1994-) [C/C]
FIN EST Ch Mellows Killing Fantasy (5/20/1994-8/14/2008) [A (0)]

Out of Hitinaturner:

Offlead Befree (8/4/2001-) [B (2004)]
Offlead Bonton (8/4/2001-) [A (2003)]
Offlead Bilot (8/4/2001-) [B (2003)]
Offlead Bunch (8/4/2001-) [B (2003)]
Offlead Bompers (8/4/2001-)
Offlead Bubinga (8/4/2001-) [A1]
Offlead Betulla (8/4/2001-) [B (2003)]

Out of Not Bad for Black of Tintagel Winds:

FR Ch Simba De La Region Des Lacs (2/4/2001-) [C]

Out of Am. CH Ridge View Snodrift JH:

Ridge View Tres Jolie (5/30/2000-) [OFA LR-127996G24F-NOPI]
AmCH Ridge View Left Banke (5/30/2000-) [OFA LR-127997E51M-PI]

Out of Toplicht Bonny's Amber Fleur:

Toplicht Fleur's Charlee My Girl (10/6/1994-) [OFA LR-90558G45F-T]

Out of Flirt Of Francos Valley:

AmCH Glacieridge Charlie's Red Ale (5/24/2000-) [OFA LR-124553G26M-PI]
CH Glacieridge Heartland's Charlie (5/24/2000-) [OFA LR-125929G25M-PI ]
Glacieridge Foreign Affair (5/24/2000-) [OFA Good]

Out of Heaven-Sent of Tintagel Winds:

Just an Angel of Tintagel Winds (8/18/1994-) [A]

Out of Green Red and White of Tintagel Winds:

It Ch Darling Dizzy Diva (8/23/1994-10/23/2009)
Dandyboy (LOIRC147617) [BVA 1:1]

Out of Langshott Zoe:

CH Raintree Riff CDX RE SH (12/17/2001-) [OFA Good]

Out of AmCH Blackthorns Timberline Tgif:

Timberline Victoria RN (1/21/2000-) [OFA LR-124233G27F-PI]
AmCH Timberline Big Ben At Fawnhaven RN SH (1/21/2000-2/2014)

Out of AmCH Pine Edge Jus Maid-Rite:

Devonshires French Kiss (8/6/1999-) [OFA LR-119072G27F-PI]

Out of Wingmaster's Parkay:

AmCH Wingmaster Justa Country Boy (6/25/1998-) [OFA LR-107412G24M-T]

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