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Offspring of NO V-11 SE V-98 EE CH FI MVA Tawastway's Fooling Around WW-98 (11/30/1996-1/10/2008)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Tawastway's Here'N'There:

Tawastway's Step By Step (8/4/2003-) [FCI B/B]

Out of Follies Rock Candy:

Follies Blondie Joke (11/9/2000-)

Out of Saskian Fantasy Flower:

Sweetmix Blow-by-Blow (12/20/1999-)

Out of CH Rosanan Snow White Rose:

CZ JCh, JWW 03 Rosanan Mascarpone (6/24/2002-10/28/2012) [FCI A/A]

Out of SE UCH FI UCH INT UCH Strongline's Knock on Wood:

Tawastway's Piglet (10/9/2000-) [B/B]
Can CH Tawastway's Paw Print (10/9/2000-)

Out of FI UCH Strongline's Just Illusion:

CH INTER Strongline's Comrade (8/18/1998-) [HD B]
SE VCH FI VCH SE UCH FI UCH Strongline's Heaven Knows (8/22/1999-4/19/2012) [FCI C/B]
SF CH INT CH JWW/99 Strongline's Cooling Around (8/18/1998-) [B/B]
Strongline's Cheeky (8/18/1998-)
Aust / NZ Ch Strongline's Hooligan (8/22/1999-) [5:4]
Strongline's Halley's Comet (8/22/1999-) [FCI A/A]

Out of C.I.B. FIN CH EE CH Strongline's Jolly Known:

SUCH FIUCH Strongline's Eternal Flame (2/19/1999-3/30/2009) [A/A]
FIN Ch, FIN FTCh SE Ch Strongline's Piggywiggy (9/21/2000-11/17/2014) [FCI C/B]
CIB, FIN Ch, FIN TRCh, RU Ch 7 Strongline's Well-Known (9/24/2001-1/8/2014) [FCI A/A]
RU CH UKR CH LV CH BY CH Strongline's Echo (2/19/1999-)
FIN Ch Strongline's Extra Jolly (2/19/1999-) [FCI C/C]
C.I.B. FIN CH EE CH LT CH Strongline's Enjoying Around (2/19/1999-1/9/2015) [FCI A/B]
Strongline's Wrangler (9/24/2001-10/26/2010) [FCI A/A]
FIN Ch Strongline's Easy Known (2/19/1999-6/8/2012) [FCI A/A]

Out of Fin. Ch. Tsarodej Kohinor:

Tsarodej Caipirinha (7/15/2001-) [FCI C/C]
Tsarodej Ballyhoo (7/15/2001-)

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