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Offspring of Chablais Rhapsodie En Bleu (3/2/1992-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Kresland's By Participation AM CDX CAN CD:

Kresland's Cajun (5/9/1997-) [OFA Excellent]
CH Kresland's Farewell to Coach CDX (5/9/1997-) [OFA Excellent]

Out of Kresland's Final Dance:

Kresland's Rock-n-Roll (2/4/2001-) [Good]

Out of Flyway's Shadow Dancer:

Flyway Shades of Bleu (1/3/1996-) [OFA Good]

Out of Cumberland Christina JH:

AmCh Cumberland Cachet JH (1/14/1996-) [OFA Excellent]
Braemar Cumberland Canon (1/14/1996-) [OFA Excellent]

Out of Emily Zariah:

Plumtree Tapenja Jasmyn (3/16/1997-) [OFA LR-99039G28F-T]

Out of CH Brighton's Erica At Sandolar CGC:

CH Snd Dlr Bleu Angel At Blksnds (8/13/2004-)
Sand Dollar's Rhapsody Ranger (8/13/2004-)

Out of BIS MBISS Am Can GCH Chablais Chouchou WC:

Am/CanCH Chablais Mon Petit Chou (2/3/2013-) [OFA LR-213260G24F-VPI]

Out of AmCH Braemar Morgaine O'Caerleon JH:

Caerleons Crystal Cave (4/29/1996-) [OFA Good]
Caerleons Hollow Hills (4/29/1996-) [OFA Good]

Out of AmCH Pine Edge Paj O'Cedarsprings:

Cedar Springs Bleu Polyester

Out of Mandigo's Summer Legacy:

Tealwood's Minuette En Bleu (1/26/2001-2013) [OFA LR-135815E30F-PI]

Out of Marstad's Step Softly:

Marstad's Rochester Rhapsodie (6/6/1998-) [OFA LR-108318G25M-T]

Out of Huntcrest Brazen Hussy:

Huntcrest Sultry Blonde (9/26/1993-) [OFA Excellent]

Out of Riverroad Honorbright Ripple:

Riverroad Daydream (4/11/1996-)

Out of AM CH Millmar's Magic Moonshadow:

Millmar's Law and Order

Out of Specl Ocasion Putwyn Prelude:

Specl Ocasion Putwyn Prairie (2/18/1994-) [OFA LR-69014E24F]

Out of AmCH Pine Edge Jus Bearly Mi Turn:

Ch. Pine Edge Mibleulite Special (8/20/1996-) [OFA Good]
Pine Edge Hold Onto Yer Pants (2/24/1997-) [OFA Excellent]
AmCH Pine Edge Jus Maid-Rite (2/24/1997-) [OFA LR-95135G24F-T]
Ch Pine Edge Tai Mai Macadamia (9/26/1994-) [OFA Good]
Ch Pine Edge Heartland All Jazz (9/26/1994-) [OFA Good]
CH Pine Edge Mi Bleu Denim Jeans (9/26/1994-) [OFA Excellent]

Out of AmCH Wag TLS Highland Ivy League:

Am/CanCH Winterwinds Gaelic Twist (1/23/1995-) [OFA LR-78048G26F]

Out of AmCH Pine Edge Ridge View Snobear:

Ridge View Bleu Ice (4/26/1995-) [OFA LR-81640G27F-T]
Ridge View's Just A Bit Britt (2/4/1997-)
AmCH Ridge View Trinity's Selena (4/26/1995-)
AmCH Ridge View LT. La Forge JH (4/26/1995-) [OFA LR-81332G27M-T]
AmCH Ridge View Bleu Bunny (4/26/1995-) [OFA LR-81713G27F-T]
Am CH Ridge Views Dare Me Dovetail (2/4/1997-) [OFA LR-116739F50F-PI]
BIS BISS Am Jap CH Ridge View Heartland Hit Man (4/26/1995-) [OFA LR-79796G25M-T]

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