Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Eng.Sh.Ch. , Lux. Ch. Zampanzar Say It Again Shardanell JW (3/27/2009-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Tramin Never Ending Love To Lislone Garbank:

Lislone Garbank Irish Myth For Anshada [5:5]

Out of Palizolla Polar Express:

Palizolla Penzance [4:4]

Out of Alphabet is just Golden:

Kitri is just Golden (11/1/2019-)

Out of EEJW-18 Joystep's Elegant Star:

Joystep's Festive Star (6/28/2019-)

Out of Garline Dreams In My Arms:

Garline Catcher Of Dreams [5:5]
Garline Echo's Of A Dream [5:6]

Out of Ritzilyn Barbie Cue At Dawnryan:

Dawnryan Schussboomer [4:5]
Dawnryan Krystal Kitsch [5:4]

Out of Pl.Jr.Ch. Aurora Autumnalis Adsum:

Juniperus Indicta Adsum (2/1/2018-)
Juniperus Grandis Adsum (2/1/2018-)
Juniperus Convallium Adsum (2/1/2018-)
Juniperus Communis Adsum (2/1/2018-)
Jasminum Officinale Adsum (2/1/2018-)
Jasminum Polyanthum Adsum (2/1/2018-)
Jasminum Beesianum Adsum (2/1/2018-)
Jasminum Sambac Adsum (2/1/2018-)
Juniperus Cedrus Adsum (2/1/2018-)
Jasminum Grandiflorum Adsum (2/1/2018-)

Out of Aust Ch Chaleur Naughty But Nice:

Chaleur Say I Do (AI) (4/6/2016-) [AVA 3/4]
ABBIS SBIS Aust CH Chaleur Say I Will (AI) (4/6/2016-) [AVA 3/3]
SBIS Aust Champion Chaleur Say My Name (4/6/2016-) [AVA 3:4]

Out of Aymsbury Aurora:

Aymsbury Ariadne

Out of Goldiemay Quiet Elegance:

Marshgold Moon Over Olympus (7/4/2011-) [3:6]
Marshgold Pink Floyd Moon (11/30/2012-)

Out of Morgold Liberian Girl:

Morgold Aretha [6:7]
Morgold Magwitch (11/24/2012-)

Out of Jobeka Just A Jewel At Dilworthey:

Dilworthey Cristal Clear At Christhams [6:4]
Dilworthey Shard Of Cristal At Norlis (1/27/2013-) [5:3]

Out of Tiltham St Maarten:

Tiltham Isla Anna Maria [5:11]

Out of Graceleigh Playmate:

Graceleigh Strike A Pose [5:6]
Graceleigh Snapshot [5:5]
Graceleigh Paparazzi

Out of Charmagen Duches De Noailes:

Charmagen Christmas Bells [5:3]

Out of Glenlomond Ulicia:

Glenlomond Whiltierna [5:6]
Glenlomond Wynne [4:2]

Out of Bramblebriar Rainbow Rose For Sunnyoak:

Sunnyoak Summer Love [8:4]
Sunnyoak Stole My Heart (3/14/2015-) [19:7]

Out of Watamusand Top Notch Klassy:

Watamusand Touch The Wind (10/11/2015-)
Watamusand Touch The Stars (10/11/2015-)
Watamusand Serengeti Sun (10/11/2015-)
Watamusand Savannah Sunset (10/11/2015-)
Watamusand Ngong Sunrise (10/11/2015-)
Watamusand Mzima Springs (10/11/2015-)
Watamusand Moonlight Magic (10/11/2015-)
Watamusand Happy Valley (10/11/2015-)
Watamusand Baringo Magic (10/11/2015-)
Watamusand Aberdares Mist (10/11/2015-)
Watamusand Zafari Askari (10/11/2015-) [BVA 3:3]

Out of Trebell Truly Scrumptious:

Trebell Tahiti [7:6]
Trebell Trinity [3:3]
Trebell Texas (8/23/2014-)

Out of Pearlbarn Platinum:

Pearlbarn Pink Gin [4:5]
Pearlbarn Pot Of Gold

Out of Ninell Daniella:

Ninell Gwendolyn [4:5]

Out of Rosselle Resemblance at Honeymill:

Honeymill Heaven Of Hearts To Sokenlea (8/7/2011-) [6:5]

Out of Monchique Dream Awhile:

Monchique Dream Princess [7:8]
Monchique Impossible Dream [6:4]
Monchique Mrs Brown
Monchique Pure Imagination [3:3]
Monchique Believe In Dreams For Shancade (5/18/2015-)

Out of Dawn Awakening Over Kingsfleet:

Kingsfleet Moondust [4:5]

Out of Choriand Call Me Madam:

Choriand Chiquitita [3:3]
Choriand Chances Are [3:8]

Out of Pandreft Young Love at Cassatess:

Cassatess Kiss'n'Tell [8:5]
Cassatess Kissing Cousins [7:7]
Cassatess Kiss Me Quick [3:6]
Cassatess Kiss Chase (5/22/2012-) [3:4]
Cassatess Kissagram (5/22/2012-) [3:4]
Cassatess Keep Talking about Kidston (5/22/2012-)

Out of SE U(U)CH, DK UCH, NO UCH Dewmist Diversity:

Dewmist diligence
Dewmist D'artagnan (5/5/2018-)
SWE CH Dewmist Diplomacy (5/25/2014-) [FCI HD B]
Dewmist Divinity (5/25/2014-) [FCI A/A]
Int. Ch. Dewmist Duplicity (5/25/2014-)
SWE CH Dewmist Dexterity (5/25/2014-) [HD B]
DK CH SE(u)CH NO CH Dewmist Darwinsky (5/25/2014-) [FCI A/A]
Swed Ch Dewmist Diablo Range (5/25/2014-)
Dewmist Dusty River (5/25/2014-)
SWE CH Dewmist Dante's Peak (5/25/2014-) [FCI B ]
C.I.E, NORDIC, BALTIC, SE(u) DK(u) NO LT LV EE CH VDH HeW-16 Dewmist Dawson Creek (5/25/2014-) [FCI HD B]
Can. Ch. Dewmist Dare Devil (5/25/2014-) [OFA GR-116678G25M-VPI]
N S UCH KBJV-15 Dewmist Double Jeopardy (5/25/2014-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Dantassie Dancing Delight:

Dantassie Disadora [4:4]

Out of ABBIS SBIS Aust Ch Chaleur Hubba Bubba:

Chaleur U Got The Look (2018-) [AVA 0/1]
Chaleur Understudy For Shardanell (AI) (1/14/2018-) [7:8]
Australian Champion Chaleur U Had Me At Hello (1/14/2018-) [3:3]

Out of Wynrita Hocus Pocus:

Wynrita Scandalmonger [7:8]
Wynrita Hot Gossip (12/25/2013-) [6:9]

Out of Toddrosa Oasis Dream:

Toddrosa Taghrooda (8/25/2014-) [5/6]
Toddrosa Toronado (8/25/2014-) [5:7]

Out of Faithful Heart Ivy Queen:

Faithful Heart Milky Chance (12/10/2017-) [A1]

Out of Fernwyche Femme Fatale At Eldoret:

Eldoret Take A Chance on Me (5/24/2015-) [7:7]

Out of Shamrock Donna Karan:

Shamrock The Princess Of Mold [5:4]
Shamrock The Mynydd Margam (5/17/2014-) [FCI B/B]
Shamrock Vale of Ewyas (5/16/2014-) [B / A]
Shamrock The Ewenny's Pride (5/16/2014-)
Shamrock The Bangor's Prince (5/27/2014-) [A]
Shamrock The Lady of Barry Island (5/27/2014-) [BVA 5-3]

Out of Crystal Golden Angels Oberach at Wheatcroft JW:

Wheatcroft Flame Flicka at Laurenley (8/13/2015-) [BVA 5:8]
wheatcroft eternal flame over toseland (8/13/2015-) [BVA 3-3]
Wheatcroft White Flame JW (8/13/2015-) [BVA 6:6]

Out of Gracewood Jingles:

ShCh. Gracewood Lilibet (4/23/2014-) [4:3]
ShCh. Gracewood Lakesha (4/23/2014-) [5:5]

Out of Int.ShCh , Int Ch ,Fr-Belg-Lux-VDH Ch,Lux JCh Impressive of Sunshine's valley trialer:

Lightning Of Sunshine's Valley (12/6/2012-) [B ]
JChPol Lord Nico of Sunshine's Valley (12/6/2012-) [A/A]

Out of Icelandic Ch. Xanthos Megiddo JW:

Xanthos Nougat At Zerrindell [3:7]
Xanthos Nimbus (7/1/2014-) [FCI B/B]
SEU(u) Ch Xanthos Nymphadora Tonks JW (1/7/2014-) [4:4]
UCI Nat/Int Baby CH, Nat/Int Sr Puppy CH, Nat/Int Xanthos Nightingale (1/7/2014-)

Out of Carolake Just Speak Softly At Calarose:

Calarose Over The Moon [6:6]
Calarose Shining Star [5:4]
Calarose Out of the Blue (3/16/2011-) [7:4]
Lux Ch Calarose On The Up JW (3/16/2011-) [6:5]

Out of Multi. JCH, Multi.CH. INT.Ch Zateya iz Doliny Solnca:

Sussesly Don`t Forget Me (11/26/2017-) [HD:A]
Sussesly Dream`s Come True
Sussesly Don`t Look Back
Sussesly Damea Say More (11/26/2016-)
Sussesly Deeply In Love (11/26/2016-)

Out of Dasmaks Beyonce:

Dasmaks Fairy Nuff (6/5/2011-) [13:5]
Dasmaks Florentina At Cresswil (6/5/2011-) [7:7]
dasmaks fernando (5/6/2011-)

Out of I Love You Happy Company:

Purple Rain Happy Company
Pandora Box Happy Company
Paris At Night Happy Company (2/11/2013-) [HD - A]
JCh ; CH ; Club Winner PARTY GIRL HAPPY COMPANY (2/11/2013-) [HD -A]
Ch , JClub Winner PEARL FROM HAPPY COMPANY Crufts Qualification (2/11/2013-) [FCI HD - A]
Dt.Ch./Hr.Ch Princess of Wales Happy Company (11/2/2013-) [B2/B2]

Out of Aust. Champion Haydengold Generous Love (AI):

Haydengold Say It Like This (2/3/2016-)
Haydengold Say It With Love JW (2/3/2016-) [BVA 5:4]

Out of Mulfield Antigua at Garmoran:

Garmoran Electra (9/30/2011-) [5:5]

Out of Fenwood Prada by Fenpinque:

Fenpinque Prada Mayfair [7:7]
Fenpinque Blue Blizzard
Fenpinque Prada Icandy [5:3]

Out of Stanroph So This Is It at Goldenquest J.W. ShCM:

Goldenquest Guinevere [6:8]
Goldenquest Annabella (3/28/2014-) [6:6]

Out of Thornywait Pixie Crunch JW:

Thornywait Flamboyant with Colbar (8/16/2012-) [3:5]
Thornywait Frozen Asset (8/16/2012-)
Thornywait Fortune Cookie Of Sansue (8/16/2012-) [3:3]
Thornywait Fiddle Dee Dee For Sophaisy (8/16/2012-) [6:4]
Thornywait Fame N'Fortune for Catnnels (8/16/2012-) [4:5]
Thornywait Fingers Crossed (8/16/2012-) [AA]
CIB.CIE.MultiCh.MultiJCh. Thornywait Fire N'Ice (VHC at Cruft´s 2018) (8/16/2012-) [FCI HD A]

Out of CH Kayzaelle Krystal Maze JW:

Kayzaelle Koral Secret With Gunzela (6/2/2012-) [5:14]

Out of Catcombe Chim Chim of Kelverquest:

Kelverquest Chiquitita [5:5]
Kelverquest Dancing Queen for Lindanwaye (10/1/2012-) [7:4]
Kelverquest I'm Just A Girl (10/1/2012-) [4:4]

Out of Fenwood Glitterati JW:

Fenpinque Raphael Of Clannorach [4:3]
Fenpinque Glitterbreeze [5:3]
Fenpinque Glitterelle [4:5]
Fenpinque Ez'rider At Eldersfield [7:4]
Fenpinque English Rose (8/6/2016-)

Out of Laurenley Peace Rose:

Laurenley Olympic Hope [8:4]
Lux Ch & Sh Ch Laurenley Layla JW (10/22/2010-) [BVA 6:5]

Out of SE U(U)CH Sunny Delight's Head Over Heals:

C.I.E SE CH(S) EE CH RU CH PL CH SEW-14 BALTW-18 EUW-18 SPLITW-19 Sunny Delight's Say It Clear (4/5/2013-)
DK CH(U), EE CH, LT CH, SEU(U)CH - JuniorWW'14 Sunny Delight's Say It Out Loud (4/5/2013-) [FCI B (2013)]
Sunny delight's Say it Once More (4/5/2013-) [A]

Out of Irish Ch Dewmist Glitterissa CW13, CW14:

Erinderry Minstrels Song For Invergoil
Erinderry Nightbird (10/28/2015-)

Out of Tonara Clodahs Dream at Medodaine:

Medodaine Gabriellah (4/19/2014-)
Medodaine Tallulah (4/19/2014-)
Medodaine Mariah (4/19/2014-)
Medodaine Lydiah (4/19/2014-)
Medodaine Violettah (4/19/2014-)
Medodaine Brinklah (4/19/2014-)
Medodaine Joshuah (4/19/2014-) [5:7]
Medodaine Gulivers Travlah (4/19/2014-)

Out of Aust Champion Chaleur Xtreme Makeover for Haydengold:

Haydengold Melody Maker (4/15/2015-)

Out of Blenstone Rainbow Mary:

Blenstone Washington (9/25/2016-) [4:4]
Blenstone Violet [11:17]

Out of Mulfield Dominica For Lavande:

Lavande Royal William (3/13/2012-)
Lavande Hula Girl (3/13/2012-) [7:7]


Carolake On Your Marks (6/14/2011-) [5:4]
Carolake Once Upon A Time (6/14/2011-)

Out of Shardanell Sunrise over Toseland:

Toseland Strait N Narrow [4:4]
Toseland Silence Is Golden At Padend [4:5]
Toseland Carbon Copy With Demelz (9/29/2013-)
Toseland Vanilla Ice (10/9/2012-) [6:3]

Out of Harteliana Rainbows Gold:

Harteliana Chiquita [5:5]

Out of HSCH, SrbCh, SrbGrandCh, HVCH, ÖVCH, SkVCH, MKSZVCH, CroVCH Shamrock Golden Dancer:

Shamrock Swansea's Princess (3/26/2012-) [HD-B]
Shamrock Addfwyn Gaer (3/26/2012-) [C/C]
Shamrock Lord of Cardiff (3/26/2012-) [C/C (2013)]
Shamrock Laws of Hywel Dda (3/26/2012-)

Out of Giddygold Heart of Heaven:

Giddygold Looks Like Heaven (10/2/2012-) [A/A]

Out of Fairfield Floral Mystique:

Fairfield Fleet Magique (12/25/2010-) [6:8]
Fairfield Fleet Officer (12/25/2010-) [5:4]

Out of Mulfield Fortuna:

Mulfield Amethyst [5:6]
Mulfield Imperial Topaz [4:5]

Out of Ninell Wistful:

Ninell Freya [6:6]
Ninell Felicia [4:4]
Ninell Fielding At Gildagold [4:4]
Ninell Franklyn Of Alandiagold [3:4]

Out of Galenco Etoile:

Galenco Izarra (6/19/2011-)

Out of Ch.& Uk Sh.Ch. Highlight of Bridge Four Dutch Clubwinner:

Lastchance Of Bridge Four With Gatchells (3/7/2012-)
Ch.German-Lux-VDH-CIE Lightning of Bridge Four (3/7/2012-) [FCI B]
UK Sh.Ch. Lowri of Bridge Four to Lovehayne (3/7/2012-) [BVA 6:3]
Bel. Junior Ch. Lancelot Of Bridge Four (3/7/2012-) [A]

Out of Eu.Winn.11', Int.Sh.Ch.&Dutch,German, VDH & LuxCh Velvenya Vogue of Ramchaine JW:

Ramchaine New York New York (3/17/2014-) [B2/A2]
Ramchaine Re-echoing (3/17/2014-) [B]
Ramchaine Reverberation
Ramchaine Anaphora At Linchael (3/17/2014-) [4:9]

Out of Applebrook Posy of Daisies:

Applebrook Love In The Mist [15:11]

Out of Kendaamber Miss Sunshine:

Kendaamber Sweet Alliance [3:3]

Out of Shardanell Never Forget To Nirroc:

Nirroc Take That [10:6]
Nirroc Never Look Back [6:6]
Nirroc Cream Of The Crop To Chrisda [49:49]

Out of Eng Sh Ch Putjade Partypingla at Thornywait JW:

Thornywait Atomic Betty For Sandti (9/29/2014-) [11:3]

Out of Megarvey Legally Blonde:

Megarvey Islay Mist At Nedlezah [7:10]
Megarvey Mary Poppins [3:10]

Out of Shinehill Summer Sonnet:

Shinehill Dominga [7:5]
Shinehill Summer Salsa (8/30/2012-)
Shinehill Summer Lovin at Kallixel (8/30/2012-) [5:7]
Shinehill Summer Thyme (8/30/2012-)
Shinehill Summer Eve (8/30/2012-) [6:7]
Shinehill Summer Jazz of Woodmore (8/30/2012-) [4 / 3]
Shinehill summer jazz at woodmore
Shinehill Tianna by Shardanell (4/15/2011-) [BVA 4-6]

Out of Shinehill Water Music of Ipcress:

Ipcress Vivaldi (12/15/2013-)
Ipcress Water Snowflake (12/15/2013-) [4:3]
Ipcress Water Hyacinth [8:10]

Out of Xanthos Essence:

Coldharbour Equerry [3:6]
Coldharbour Eclipse [5:4]

Out of Sh Ch Siatham Calamity Jane Sh CM:

Siatham Isadora Of Hameldowntor TAN (7/12/2014-) [BVA 5:5]
Siatham Icecream Sundae At Sylahra [3:5]

Out of SPA CH Zampanzar First Time:

Zampanzar Rain of Melody (5/4/2014-) [FCI A]
Zampanzar Royal Mojito (4/5/2014-) [FCI A(2016)]
Zampanzar Ebony Rose (4/5/2014-) [FCI A(2016)]
Zampanzar Vanity Fair (4/5/2014-)
ViceEW`17, InterCh, ChUA,LIT,PL,BUL,MOL,BES/JChUA,RUS,MOL,BES/WIN MOL/BBB/GrChUA,SuperGrChUA Zampanzar Green Tango JChBreed'15, ChBreed`16, JChEURASIA'15, JChMEEU`15, LITRC`16, CQ`15,`16 (4/5/2014-) [FCI A]
Zampanzar Now and Forever (5/9/2013-)
CH. Poland.- Zampanzar Soul Of My Soul (5/9/2013-) [FCI A(2015)]
Zampanzar Time Over (5/9/2013-) [FCI B (2014)]
Zampanzar Send Me An Angel (5/9/2013-) [FCI A (2014)]
DK.CH.U Zampanzar All I Know (5/9/2013-) [FCI A (2014)]
Zampanzar I Wanna Be Arround (5/9/2013-) [FCI A (2014)]
Zampanzar What's Up (5/9/2013-) [FCI A (2014)]
Ch. Zampanzar Close To You (5/9/2013-) [BVA 7/5]

Out of Trewater Confidential:

Trewater Corra [16:5]
Trewater Chatelaine (2/7/2012-) [3:4]
Trewater Cliffton (2/7/2012-) [4:5]
Int.Ch. Trewater Constance (7/2/2012-) [OFA GR-111407G24F-VPI]

Out of Junior Clubwinner 2007 (Spain) Zampanzar Cold Play:

Zampanzar Classic-Jazz (5/8/2013-)
Zampanzar Charade (5/8/2013-) [A]
Zampanzar Bossa Nova (5/8/2013-)
Zampanzar Valentino's Kiss (5/8/2013-) [C/C]
Zampanzar Paul Klee (5/8/2013-) [A]
Zampanzar Mambo Italiano (5/8/2013-)
Zampanzar Tequila Gold (5/8/2013-) [FCI A (2014)]
Zampanzar Pineapple Juice (5/8/2013-)
Zampanzar Jack Daniel's (5/8/2013-)

Out of Tavasar Tiarella to Tamsbrook:

Tamsbrook Thank Heavans [10:8]
Tamsbrook Take That (4/15/2012-) [8:10]
German Junior Champion Tamsbrook Tee Rex (4/15/2012-) [A2 / A2]

Out of Ipcress Wish Upon A Star Over Shardanell:

Shardanell Scarlet Lady At Tippastree (7/15/2011-)
shardanell sophia loren at Toseland (10/6/2012-) [20:16]
Shardanell Secret Service (7/15/2011-)
Shardanell Sensation (7/15/2011-) [6:19]

Out of Crancott Lovestory with Jesire:

Crancott Pippa [4:4]
Crancott Just Jane with Jesire (5/9/2012-) [4:4]

Out of Gracewood Irresistible At Ipcress JW:

Ipcress Bright Moon (10/7/2010-) [5:6]
Multi Jun.Ch Ipcress Fly Me To The Moon Siimline BALT JW'11, Helsinki J.W'11 (10/7/2010-) [B/B (EST)]

Out of Sh Ch Xanthos Holly Holland at Dasmaks:

Dasmaks Extravaganza (4/11/2011-) [8:5]
Dasmaks Ellegance (4/11/2011-) [6:7]
Dasmaks Effervescent (4/11/2011-) [4:5]
Dasmaks Elladorah (4/11/2011-) [5:4]
Dasmaks Excalabur (4/11/2011-) [BB (2012)]

Out of Linirgor Luvmelots JW:

Linirgor I Luv Rock N'roll (1/11/2013-)
Linirgor Let Me Luv You (1/11/2013-)
UK Sh Ch Linirgor Luv Song JW, BOB at Crufts 2016 (1/11/2013-) [BVA 8:12]
Linirgor Luv Potion For Caffimbra (11/1/2013-) [4:5]

Out of Eng Sh Ch. Ramchaine Green Glow By Fenwood JW:

EW-15, NO(u)CH, SE(u)CH Fenwood Elles Belles NV-14, NORDv-14 (9/11/2011-) [4:7]
Fenwood ELLE JW (9/11/2011-) [BVA 4;7]
Eng Sh Ch Fenwood Ell Masterpiece at Bluewaters JW (9/11/2011-) [BVA 7-7]
Fenwood Ell Dorado (11/9/2011-)
Fenwood Ell Paco (11/9/2011-) [A2:A2]

Out of Lawpark Devil in Disguise:

Lawpark Weaver (12/10/2011-) [BVA 4-4]
Lawpark Who's That Girl with Drombeg Ir.Jun CH (12/10/2011-) [BVA 5/5]
Lawpark Waterlyric (12/10/2011-) [B.V.A 6-7]

Out of Eng.Sh.Ch. , Lux. Ch. Zampanzar Say It Again Shardanell JW:

Siatham Inca At Contemporary (7/12/2014-) [6:3]

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