Golden Retriever

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Offspring of Ch.Pl. Cesarka Evening Edition (5/26/2008-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Calla Magic Ajlarips:

Lady Toffilandia (9/12/2016-) [FCI A/A]

Out of ERA Magic Wolly's Dogs:

Kent Magic Wolly's Dogs (1/9/2016-) [FCI HD-A]

Out of CIE; PL Ch; MK Ch; SRB Ch; F. BiH Ch; BiH Ch. Trubliss Wonderful Bea:

STAY WITH ME SWEETIE My True Love (5/19/2020-)

Out of Quantumlibet Adsum:

DALIA Emerald Garden (10/30/2016-) [FCI A/A]
NELLY FURTADO Emerald Garden (10/6/2015-)

Out of Pl.Jr.Ch., Pl.Ch. Quinta Essentia Adsum:

Vade Mecum Adsum (5/3/2015-)
Valeant Curae Adsum (5/3/2015-)
Verbum Res Sequitur Adsum (5/3/2015-)
Vis Vitalis Adsum (5/3/2015-)
Viscera Rei Adsum (5/3/2015-)
Via Sapientia Adsum (5/3/2015-)
Vitae Sal Amicita Adsum (5/3/2015-)
Vive Et Me Ama Adsum (5/3/2015-)
Vis Attractiva Adsum (5/3/2015-) [A/A]
Veni Vidi Vici Adsum (7/3/2015-)

Out of Zuzanna Wi-An-Wa:

Ch.Pl Sezam Wi-An-Wa (5/15/2016-) [HD-A]

Out of Lena Lucida Pro Eo Ipso Adsum:

EO IPSO IVER ADSUM (8/28/2015-)
EO IPSO IAN ADSUM (8/28/2015-)
EO IPSO IBOR ADSUM (8/28/2015-)
Eo Ipso Isolde Adsum (8/28/2015-)
Eo Ipso Isleen Adsum (8/28/2015-) [FCI A/A]
EO IPSO IDA ADSUM (8/28/2015-)

Out of CH. PL. Amarachino Cherry Czar Pohutukawy:

DREAMCATCHER Czar Pohutukawy (1/31/2017-)
DANCING LADY Czar Pohutukawy (1/31/2017-)
DARK LORD Czar Pohutukawy (1/31/2017-)
DOUBLE TROUBLE Czar Pohutukawy (1/31/2017-)
DABADOOLEY Czar Pohutukawy (1/31/2017-)

Out of ARIADNA Z rybnickiej krainy:

Ginger Emerald Garden

Out of Neffi Pro Cane Bono:

TIFFANY Pro Cane Bono (7/13/2012-)
TABASCO Pro Cane Bono (7/13/2012-)
TENERO Pro Cane Bono (7/13/2012-)
TODO Pro Cane Bono (7/13/2012-)
TANGO Pro Cane Bono (7/13/2012-)
TWISTER Pro Cane Bono (7/13/2012-)
TWINGO Pro Cane Bono (7/13/2012-)
TAZO Pro Cane Bono (7/13/2012-)
TONIC Pro Cane Bono (7/13/2012-)


Qdore FLOWER POWER (8/16/2013-)
Qdore FOUR-LEAF CLOVER (8/16/2013-)
Qdore FALL IN LOVE (8/16/2013-) [HD A]
Qdore FAIRY TALE (8/16/2013-)
Qdore FORTUNE TELLER (8/16/2013-)
Qdore FINGERS CROSSED (8/16/2013-)
Qdore FIRST LADY (8/16/2013-) [A]

Out of Vesperis Virgo Vestalis:

Braveheart Zlota Nadzieja (1/22/2011-)
Boogie Woogie Zlota Nadzieja (1/22/2011-)
Breakfast at Tiffany's Zlota Nadzieja (1/22/2011-)
Basic Instinct Zlota Nadzieja (1/22/2011-) [A1A1]

Out of Panthea of the Hellacious Acres:

Avilys Magnum Bonum Adsum (8/15/2012-)
Avilys Macte Animo Adsum (8/15/2012-)
Avilys Mutuus Consensus Adsum (8/15/2012-)
Avilys Merum Dulcis Adsum (8/15/2012-)
Avilys Illumina Adsum (6/12/2011-) [A1A1]
Avilys Invicta Adsum (6/12/2011-)
Avilys Ignigena Adsum (6/12/2011-)
PL.Ch. Avilys Ignis Adsum (6/12/2011-) [A1A1]
Avilys Ignifer Adsum (6/12/2011-) [A1A1]

Out of Gypsy's Soul Moneypenny:

Gypsy's Soul Quanda (12/2/2011-)
Gypsy's Soul Quadria (12/2/2011-)
Gypsy's Soul Queenie (12/2/2011-)
Gypsy's Soul Quanna (12/2/2011-)
Gypsy's Soul Quella (12/2/2011-)
Gypsy's Soul Quickly (12/2/2011-)
Gypsy's Soul Quentin (12/2/2011-)
Gypsy's Soul Quin (12/2/2011-)

Out of Colour of Wind Goldy Forever:

Bright Milkyway Sent From Heaven (12/25/2011-) [FCI C]
Bright Antares Sent From Heaven (12/25/2011-) [FCI C 1]
Bright Stardust Sent From Heaven (12/25/2011-) [FCI E]
Bright Supernova Sent From Heaven (12/25/2011-)
Bright Orion Sent From Heaven (12/25/2011-) [normal]
Bright Sirius Sent From Heaven (12/25/2011-)
Bright Bellatrix Sent From Heaven (12/25/2011-)
Bright Cassiopeia Sent From Heaven (12/25/2011-) [FCI A]
Bright Andromeda Sent From Heaven (12/25/2011-)

Out of HJCH Shining Gold Glory Of The Sun:

Shining Gold Lauren (3/31/2012-)
Shining Gold Luna (3/31/2012-)
Shining Gold L. Nike (3/31/2012-)
Shining Gold Lion King (3/31/2012-)
Shining Gold Lily (3/31/2012-)
Shining Gold Lisa (3/31/2012-)
Shining Gold Larissa (3/31/2012-)

Out of Ch.Pl. Ex Animo Pro Adsum Kaprys Rejenta:

Eo Ipso REGALIS CUM ADSUM (10/3/2011-)
Eo Ipso RE NON VERBIS CUM ADSUM (10/3/2011-)
Eo Ipso RIDICULUS MUS CUM ADSUM (10/3/2011-)
Eo Ipso RACEMIFERA CUM ADSUM (10/3/2011-) [FCI A/A]
Eo Ipso ROSARIUM CUM ADSUM (10/3/2011-)
Eo Ipso RE VERA CUM ADSUM (10/3/2011-)
Eo Ipso RARA AVIS CUM ADSUM (10/3/2011-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Domini Canes Kaprys Rejenta:

VITA DA RE You Are so Beautiful (5/17/2011-)
VERO VINCITORE You Are so Beautiful (5/17/2011-)
VENIRE CON PARIS You Are so Beautiful (5/17/2011-)
VISO ANIMA You Are so Beautiful (5/17/2011-)
VENTO DI DIAMANTI You Are so Beautiful (5/17/2011-)
VERSO ANIMI You Are so Beautiful (5/17/2011-)
VOLTA CELESTE You Are so Beautiful (5/17/2011-)

Out of Ch.PL Defa Markowski:

Alius Iwin Innocens (3/30/2012-)
Alius Ispin Placidus (3/30/2012-)
Alius Iq Tenax (3/30/2012-)
Alius Ian Agilis (3/30/2012-)
Alius Ines Nobilise (3/30/2012-)
Alius Inari Idem (3/30/2012-)
Alius Kortez Aureus (7/27/2010-) [A1A1]
Alius Kenzo Actus (7/27/2010-)
Alius Kobo Astus (7/27/2010-)
Alius Kodi Carus (7/27/2010-) [A1A1]
Alius Keron Certus (7/27/2010-)
Alius Kana Celeris (7/27/2010-) [A1A1]
Alius Kimi Dulcis (7/27/2010-) [A1A1]
Alius Kejra Audax (7/27/2010-)

Out of Dedykacja ESPECIALLY FOR YOU:

Closest Thing To Crazy Muddiest Gold (5/9/2010-)
C'est Si Bon Muddiest Gold (5/9/2010-)
Come Back And Stay Muddiest Gold (5/9/2010-)
Conversation With a Dog Muddiest Gold (5/9/2010-)
Catch Me If You Can Muddiest Gold (5/9/2010-)

Out of Pl.Jr.Ch., Ch.Pl., Pl.Vet.Ch Durante Vita Adsum:

Jr.Ch.Pl., Junior Polish Club Winner 2013, Pl.Ch., Anw.DT.CH.VDH Gaudium Vitae Adsum (6/19/2012-) [A1A1]
Gratus Comes Adsum (6/19/2012-)
Genius Loci Adsum (6/19/2012-) [A1A1]
Gratulabundus Adsum (6/19/2012-)
Gaudeamus Adsum (6/19/2012-)
Genus Vitae Adsum (6/19/2012-) [A1]
Gestio Adsum (6/19/2012-) [A/A]
Generosus Animus Adsum (6/19/2012-) [A1]
Gratia Placenti Adsum (6/19/2012-) [A/A]
Gutta Fortunae Adsum (6/19/2012-) [A1A1]
Pl.Ch., SK Ch. Gemma Gemmarum Adsum (6/19/2012-) [FCI A1A1]

Out of Jr.Pl.Ch., Pl.Ch. Cheek to Cheek Vodka Sunrise:

Pro Centum Kaprys Rejenta (10/8/2010-)
Post Factum Kaprys Rejenta (10/8/2010-)
Pro Certo Kaprys Rejenta (10/8/2010-)
Pro Arte Kaprys Rejenta (10/8/2010-)
Pro Modum Kaprys Rejenta (10/8/2010-)
Pro Consensum Kaprys Rejenta (10/8/2010-)
Pro Futuro Kaprys Rejenta (10/8/2010-)
Primo Loco Kaprys Rejenta (10/8/2010-)
Panta Rhei Kaprys Rejenta (10/8/2010-)
Per Favorem Kaprys Rejenta (10/8/2010-) [A1A1]

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