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Offspring of GB. Sh.Ch. Balrion King Frost (11/22/1976-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Newinn Orangeade of Tarcanda:

UK ShCh Tarcanda Sarah's Cottage of Belstame (6/25/1982-)

Out of Cranspire Images:

Cranspire Tahlula (11/30/1980-)

Out of Rosedale Tweed Katrin:

Wheldale Black Beauty

Out of Calag Black Pudding:

Calag Dark Demon (7/24/1981-)

Out of Rocheby Black Ice of Belstame:

Belstame Balalaika (2/5/1981-)

Out of Sandylands Merry:

Merrysett Ragamuffin (3/20/1979-)

Out of Friarsgarth Miss Bolero Of Loxdale:

Loxdale Lady Be Good (1980-)

Out of Russet Rene:

UK Sh Ch Judge Zadok (3/9/1978-)

Out of Sandylands Black Orchid:

Hollymere Black Ice

Out of Sheenaron Merry Emelia:

Farnfield Moonlight (10/20/1981-)
Farnfield Black Joy (10/20/1981-)
Farnfield Daylight Diana (10/20/1981-) [3:2]

Out of Teviotcastle Countess of Rossbank:

Rossbank Sante Fe of Thistleneuk (6/11/1979-)
Rossbank Fort Knox

Out of Wynfaul Apple Charlotte:

Wynfaul Wager (9/6/1982-)
Wynfaul Flutter (9/6/1982-)

Out of Diant Myria:

Cornlands Diant Man In Black (1/14/1979-)

Out of Sudeo Twiggy:

Sudeo Shangrela (10/23/1981-)
Sudeo Shotime (10/23/1981-)
Sudeo Calamity Jane (10/23/1981-)
Sudeo Showgunn (10/23/1981-)
Sudeo Shotopper (10/23/1981-)

Out of Lowna Boniface:

Rodarbal Juliet (9/27/1979-)

Out of GB Ch Mansergh Ooh-La-La:

Mansergh Foggy Dew of Ellerthwaite (9/14/1978-)

Out of GB. Sh.Ch. Bradking Bridgette of Davricard:

Davricard Aristocrat

Out of Heatherbourne Top Chime:

Boradors First Frost (1/14/1980-)

Out of Haughbank Emblem of Sudeo:

Sudeo George
Sudeo Jaunty Jane
Sudeo King Pin of Vuldack (9/15/1979-)

Out of C.C.W. Balrion Star Quest:

Ch Balrion King Of The Hill Of Breckondale (1/9/1985-)
Balrion Star Time (11/15/1981-)
Balrion Star Quality (11/15/1981-)
C.C.W. Balrion Imperial Star (1/9/1985-) [BVA 2:5]
Balrion Star Attraction (11/15/1981-)
GB.Sh.Ch. Balrion Kings Ransom (11/15/1981-) [BVA 4/9]

Out of C.C.W. Friarsgarth Miss Muffet Of Balrion:

Balrion Miss Conduct (4/9/1980-)
GB SH CH Balrion Miss Behave of Loxdale (4/9/1980-)
Ch Balrion Miss Fortune (4/9/1980-)
Balrion Miss Demeanour (4/9/1980-)

Out of Roydwood Remark:

Strinesdale Genie (10/26/1981-)
Strinesdale John Bull (10/26/1981-)

Out of Heatherbourne Moira:

Heatherbourne Full Moon (10/1/1979-)
Heatherbourne Fair Maiden of Merrymills
GB Sh Ch. Heatherbourne Fisherman (10/1/1979-)
Am/CanCH Heatherbourne Forget Me Not (3/16/1977-) [OFA LR-12297]

Out of GB. Ch. Bradking Black Charm AmCD:

Bradking Black Bess of Stebel (12/24/1979-)
Bradking Black Enchantress (12/24/1979-) [2]
Shadowvale's Charm'n Pride (3/31/1981-) [OFA Normal]
Bradking Black Delight (1979-)
Am Can CH Shadowvale's Frosty Knight (3/31/1981-)

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