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Offspring of DKCH KBHV80 KBHV82 Passingridge Black Prince (1/10/1978-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Borre's Tanja:

Serikit (DK 21100/85) (3/28/1985-)

Out of Honeymoon:

Mischa (6/16/1982-)

Out of Daisy II (DK 00389/78):

Zenta (DKK 02209/81) [A]

Out of Kalummitza:

Kalums Fair-Lady (1/23/1983-) [A]

Out of Strammers Shellduck:

Alke von der Schweineweide (7/8/1984-) [B]

Out of Darfys Dolly:

Attemosegaard Grace (1980-) [A]

Out of Clementine von der Fredeshoj:

Massowien Black Albility (12/24/1984-) [0]
Massowien Black Allen (12/24/1984-) [0]

Out of Dienesmindes Gipsy:

Sakki (DKK 00115/85) [A2]

Out of Dienesmindes Knudine:

Baltser Ekliptika (1984-)

Out of Jollytopp Culotte:

Wanda's Cajus [B2]

Out of Colette (DKK 19403/78):

Sacha (DKK 07018/82) (12/29/1981-)
Juma's Black Prince Hamlet
Juma's Nina Pretty Ballerina (7/29/1986-) [A2]
Belamie (DKK 07023/82) [0]

Out of Am/Can CH Beechcrofts Meadowlark:

Beechcroft's Danish Cheer (5/24/1988-) [OFA Good]
Beechcroft Danish Pastry (5/24/1988-) [OFA Excellent]

Out of Brit (DK 20979/79):

Donna (DK 18073/82) (5/12/1982-) [A]

Out of Cleo (DK 03047/80):

DKCH INTCH Gilhöj's Sorte Sambo (6/26/1982-)

Out of KBHV86 Malu (DK 21723/84):

DKCH INTCH Ulsoe's Black Ninka (12/1/1987-2/16/2001) [B1]

Out of Bianca (DK 26429/79):

Athene (DK 21309/82) (7/20/1982-)

Out of Dienesmindes Sinta:

Dienesmindes Dimsy (4/30/1983-)

Out of DK Ch. Dunsinane Kate Pinkerton:

Ch. Oksedal Queen Anne/Öksedal Queen Anne (4/17/1982-) [A]

Out of Lux.Dutch.Ch. Black Cygnet of Powhatan:

Ladylands Cargo (10/1/1979-)

Out of Viktoria (DK 08823/80):

Huntingdon's Happy-Go-Lucky (7/14/1984-)
MARKPR Huntingdon's He's a Hurricane (7/14/1984-) [A2]

Out of Hera (DK 10219/75):

Puch (DK 03787/80) (6/29/1979-) [A]

Out of Anja vom Hohen Stein:

Donka vom Fresenbrink (9/21/1984-) [0]

Out of Aroscas Happy New Year Dance:

DKCH Heathland's Amazing Pearl (1/5/1983-)
Heathland's Amazing Lover (1/5/1983-)

Out of Tracers Frida:

DKCH Jollytopp Auntie Lizzy (6/10/1979-)
Jollytopp Avon
DKCh IntCh Jollytopp Benjamin (1/31/1980-) [0]

Out of AmCH Beechcroft Skylark:

Beechcrofts Danish Skydove (4/17/1987-) [OFA LR-33469G29F-T]
Am/Can CH Beechcrofts Danish Skydiver (4/17/1987-) [OFA LR-32167G26M-T]

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