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Offspring of Int/NLCh Kampsall Kompo (10/26/1988-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Lotje (NHSB 1861011):

Nora From The Old Wood (6/26/1996-) [TC]

Out of Dear Black Kimble Of Dutch Print:

Zingara Zinzi v d Witte Hoever's Hof (3/18/1994-)

Out of Lux Ch Diana v.h. Notenbos (1985):

Dasch v.h.Notenbos (8/17/1991-)

Out of Dusty v.h. Notenbos:

Ch. Diana v.h. Notenbos (1995) (5/27/1995-)

Out of Happy-Floor v.h. Notenbos:

Fayon-Yara v.h. Notenbos (8/10/1995-)

Out of Dear Dimphy v.h. Notenbos:

My Special Eva van de Witte Hoeve's Hof (8/13/1994-)

Out of Dolly v.h. Notenbos:

Buffy v.h. Notenbos (7/30/1990-)

Out of Fairywood's Farah Diva:

Rumbling Wood?s Incredible Hunter [B]

Out of J.Ch.Pl,Ch.PL Twiggi's MIRA MUDDI MADIGAN:

Pl Ch Dora Maya z Krywaldowej Koliby

Out of Call Me Cajuna van de Havenhoek:

Square Dancer's Famous Grouse (5/8/1996-)

Out of Debbie v.h. Notenbos:

Question Debdi v.d. Hooydam Hoeve (2/17/1993-)

Out of Boggy Valley's Emma:

Boggy Valley's Kim (9/26/1992-)

Out of Gipsy v.h. Notenbos:

Quickstap of Great Pleasure (1992-) [A0]

Out of Diana's Proud v.h. Notenbos:

Brooks Valley's Jill (6/22/1998-) [TC]

Out of Mandy (NHSB 1645381):

Maud v.h. Notenbos (2/16/1992-)
Mabell v.h. Notenbos (2/16/1992-) [B]
Willy v.h. Notenbos (2/16/1992-) [0]
Pasjcha (NHSB 1753756) (12/25/1990-)
Charlotte (NSHB 2016634) (8/5/1995-)

Out of Nora v.d. Waterlandspolder:

Noeri-Kelly v.h. Notenbos (2/7/1994-)

Out of Hidde v.h. Notenbos:

Hiddes Bowie v.d. Waterlandspolder (2/4/1996-)
Hunter Boris v.d. Waterlandspolder (1/16/1995-)

Out of Sweettrees Make My Day:

Sweettrees Peggysue [A/A]
Sweettrees Patriot JH (4/27/1991-) [OFA LR-67925E54M]

Out of Yoerie v.h. Notenbos:

Yakita v.h. Notenbos (1/3/1991-) [0]

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