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Offspring of Sandylands Charlie Boy (10/25/1969-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Recce Mark Too:

Jayncourt Groovie Guy

Out of Brottondale Thunderclap:

Brottondale Choice

Out of Loweldon Negra Noche:

Loweldon Sara

Out of Trubble of The Grove:

Honey Lady of Tingdene

Out of Bracken of Fauckbourne:

Chrisma of Kenstaff

Out of Roxhill Rebecca:

Salphobury Simplicity

Out of Nutgrove Bijou:

Roemore Carousel

Out of Stanwood Kara Kara:

Jimjoy Son and Heir of Kinfayre

Out of Belle Fenella:

I'm Benjamin of Diant (9/7/1976-)

Out of Aldoret Sandylands Minuet:

Silver Mist of Loundon
Aldoret Martin

Out of Claytonholt Helen:

Claytonholt Mud Patch

Out of Ashton Sweet Sue:

GB ShCh Joline Bonnie of Stavarney (2/28/1973-)
GB Sh Ch Joline Bonny of Stavarney (1973-)

Out of Aldoret Portia:

Aldoret Robin (9/27/1974-)
Aldoret Rebecca (9/27/1974-)

Out of Mallardhurn Fay:

Mallardhurn Clive (8/6/1973-)

Out of Veyatie Victoria:

Veyatie Dougald

Out of Stanwood Witch Queen:

Stanwood Witch's Broom

Out of Jayncourt Cleopatra:

Jimjoy Christmas Angel

Out of GB.Sh.Ch. Follytower Augusta:

Follytower Charrington
C.C.W. Follytower Chevalier of Ranfurly (4/2/1974-)

Out of GB ShCh Nokeener May Blossom of Lasgarn:

Lasgarn Lester (1974-)

Out of Sandylands Go Lightly of Longley:

Longley's Country Fair of Jayncourt (5/6/1971-)
Longley Clear Day (5/6/1971-)
GB. Sh.Ch Longley Count on (5/6/1971-)

Out of GB Sh. Ch. Heatherbourne Harefield Silver Penny:

Heatherbourne Silver Carl (5/29/1974-)
GB Sh.Ch. Heatherbourne Silver Czar (5/29/1974-)
Heatherbourne Silver Crown

Out of Landyke Rustic:

Landyke Laird

Out of GB SH CH Sandylands Girl Friday:

Sandylands Charlotte (4/1/1973-)

Out of Jayncourt Lucky Charmer:

Jayncourt Star Fine (6/20/1972-)
Jayncourt Star Bound (6/20/1972-) [OFA LR-4791]
Jayncourt Star Misty (2/6/1971-)
Jayncourt Star Attraction (2/6/1971-)
N UCh Jayncourt Star Sound (6/20/1972-)

Out of NO Ch. Keithray Marianne:

NORD UCH INT UCH Puhs Hariti (10/27/1974-)
Puhs Parvati (10/27/1974-) [ua]
Puh's Vishnu (10/27/1974-)
Puhs Indra (10/27/1974-) [A1]

Out of Longley Telltale:

Mardas Camelia (1/8/1974-)
Mardas Carrissima (1/8/1974-)
Mardas Clairisimo Of Brandlesholme (1/8/1974-)

Out of Colinwood Honeybee:

Colinwood Honeygirl
Colinwood Herdsman of Jayflight (1/16/1975-)
Colinwood Hillsman (1/16/1975-)

Out of Lochranza Cherry Blossom:

GB Sh.Ch. Stajantor Honest John (11/25/1975-)

Out of Sandylands Go Jo:

GB Sh.Ch. Sandylands Blaze (5/10/1971-)
Sandylands Blacksmith (5/10/1971-)

Out of GB.Ch. Sandylands Geannie:

Croftspa Chatterley (2/10/1973-)
Croftspa Charmer (2/10/1973-)
GB Ch. Croftspa Charlotte of Foxrush (2/10/1973-)

Out of GB.Ch. Curnafane Seamansal:

Curnafane Otter
Curnafane Polly (10/9/1974-)
Curnafane Charlady (10/9/1974-) [B]

Out of Poolstead Prelude:

Poolstead Professional of Junicott (1974-)

Out of Longley In Tune:

C.C.W. Longley Come Dandy (9/22/1973-)

Out of Sh Ch Sandylands Dancer:

Sandylands Charlton
Sandylands Charlston
GB Sh Ch Sandylands Clarence of Rossbank (4/4/1973-)
Sandylands Charleston (4/4/1973-)

Out of Classicway Sandylands Gavolte:

Sandylands Carona

Out of Jayncourt Never Without:

Jayncourt Follow This
AmCH Jayncourt Follow Mee (11/30/1971-)

Out of unknown dam:

Sandylands Star-Misty

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