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Offspring of SV-91 NORD UCH FT Qualificat Guideline's Copyright (9/29/1990-2004)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Pihain Koralli:

Wetten Merituuli (3/17/1993-) [FCI A/A]

Out of Khamse's Butternut:

Khamse's Odds-On Bet (1/29/1995-) [ua]

Out of SE U(U)CH Small Miracles Sussex:

Small Miracles Lady Covered in Gold (6/22/2004-)

Out of SE U(U)CH Dukeland Royaldream:

Rossmix Zenato Ripassa (2/17/2006-)
Rossmix Barbera D'Asti (2/17/2006-) [B/B]
Ch Rossmix Limited Edition (6/8/2007-) [A/A]

Out of McNeil's Bellagio:

Mcneil's Take a Chance
McNeil's Bella Serra

Out of Multi Ch, WW 2000 Dukeland Overthetop:

Dukeland Jimjoy (6/24/2006-)

Out of Cindy's Gold Nugget:

Cindy's Print in Gold (11/10/1991-)

Out of Destinys Athena:

Macita's Kajsa Kavat

Out of Guideline's Bloom:

Guideline's Lay-Out (6/4/1992-2006)

Out of Jayncourt Spring Blossom:

AmCH Annual's Country Girl (7/15/1995-)

Out of Sea-Birds Zweet Little Lollipop:

Aquador Corinn (3/15/2000-) [B]

Out of Ingmos Twiggie:

Ingmos Asafin / Åsåfin (2/22/1992-)
Ingmos Årvin / Ingmos Arvin (2/22/1992-)
Ingmos Åska / Ingmos Aska (2/22/1992-) [ua]

Out of CH Ladys Day at Rocheby:

Ch Hennings Mill Master Charge

Out of Eatons Victoria Cross:

SE U(U)CH Eatons Zebastian (4/23/2000-) [A]
SE U(U)CH DK UCH Eatons Zaga (4/23/2000-) [A]

Out of ITCH, CIB, VDH, LCD, LUX, SWISSCH Ophelia di Casa Paraporti RCICH, WC:

Don Giovanni (LO98103742) (1/28/1998-)
Desdemona (Bluveil)
ITCH Don Carlos (Bluveil) (1/28/1998-)

Out of N UCH N S VCH Mementos Habanera:

N UCh Mementos Pavane (4/22/1997-) [FCI C]

Out of Watermere Bobby Sox To Foxrush:

Foxrush Copy Cat (1/4/1999-) [BVA 7:8]
Foxrush Silk Copy (1/4/1999-)

Out of Guideline's Chin Wagger:

Musical's South Pacific (1/27/1992-) [UA]
Ch Musical's Aspects of Love (1/27/1992-) [ua]

Out of NUCH Croftspa Chinatea:

NV-93 N UCH Fieldvalley's Dexter (1/16/1992-) [A/A]
NO UCH Fieldvalley's Din Kopia (1/16/1992-2005) [B1]

Out of Novacroft Madeleine:

Winnie's Copy It Right (1/9/1996-)
Winnie's Curl Girl (1/16/1994-)
Winnie's Copied to Match (1/16/1994-)

Out of FIN Ch, FIN Tr Ch, EUJW-91 Strongline's My Point of View:

FIN Ch Strongline's Happy Harebell (3/10/1993-12/26/2006)
SE UCH FI UCH Strongline's Have A Break (3/10/1993-6/23/2004) [FCI A/A]

Out of Guideline's Mondi:

Guidelines Monthly Review (5/16/1993-) [OFA Good]
Guideline's Manuscript (5/16/1993-)
AmCH Guideline's Master Card (5/16/1993-) [1994-09-08 HD ua]

Out of Poolstead Pop Socks:

Attikonak Boogie'N'Woogie Socks (2/3/1995-) [ua]
SE U(U)CH NO UCH Attikonak Sassy Stockings (2/3/1995-8/31/2007)

Out of SE U(U)CH NO UCH Attikonak Silky Stockings:

SE UCh, NO UCh Attikonak Kaboom Shake The Room (1/13/1996-)
Attikonak Dancer'N'Romancer (1/13/1996-)
Attikonak What The Heck Guideline (5/11/1999-2003) [A]
Attikonak Don't Mess With Dynamite (5/11/1999-) [A]

Out of NO UCH Licithas Marigold:

Licithas Symfoni Norah (1997-)
NO UCH, SE UCh Licithas Tempo Theo (1997-)

Out of KBH V-96 NORD V-11 NO UCH Mambrinos Celebration:

Nor Ch Mambrinos Sportser (5/12/1996-) [A]
NO V-97 SE U(U)CH NO UCH Mambrinos Triumph (5/12/1996-) [A/A]

Out of Jayncourt Jingle Jangle:

Tweedledum Sticky Fingers (1/1/1992-) [FCI B/B]
Fin CH Tweedledum Brookland Savoy (3/20/1992-) [GDC3507H16N]
Fin.Ch. Tweedledum Sweet 'N' Rosy (3/20/1992-) [A/A]
Tweedledum Steamy Windows (3/20/1992-) [A/A]

Out of Blondella Balanced Shades:

SE UCH NO UCH Trendmaker's Shades of Balance (7/30/1992-) [ua]
Trendmaker's She's Got The Look (7/30/1992-2004) [ua]

Out of SE VCH FI VCH FI UCH Rosanan Golden Rosebud:

Rosanan Whisky Sour (12/4/1996-) [A/A]

Out of NORDUCH INTUCH Deras Miss Mah-Jong:

SE U(U)CH Eatons Amaro Averna (8/9/2000-)
Eatons Amarula Cream (8/9/2000-) [A]
Eatons Angostura Bitter (8/9/2000-) [A]

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