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Offspring of GB Sh Ch Glenarem Skyrocket (10/13/1973-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Roydwood Ride-Along:

Hollincroft Shooting Star (1981-)

Out of Netherton Indeed:

Netherton Skymaiden (9/4/1980-)

Out of Teviotcastle Honeysuckle:

Amber Masterpiece

Out of Cambremer Paper Doll:

Cambremer Raffles (3/5/1980-)
Cambremer Sky Gypsy (3/5/1980-)

Out of Errann Carol:

Proud Errint (1983-)
Lady of Warenford (1983-)
Jack In The Box (1983-)
Errann Captain Crispin (1983-)

Out of Glenarem Nightshade:

Glenarem Cashmoor

Out of Periwinkle of Bay:

Kittiwake of Bay

Out of Crawcrook Cinnamon of Junicott:

Crawcrook Cayenne of Mistywoods (8/10/1979-)

Out of C.C.W. Diant Flying High:

Diant High Adventure of Crestamere (1977-)
Diant Adastra (11/22/1978-)

Out of Braunspath April Love:

Braunspath Solitaire (8/20/1977-)

Out of Lawnwood Pussy Willow:

Hustledown Georgia
Hustledown Racketeer (9/1/1978-)
Hustledown Moonshine (8/2/1975-)

Out of Savorna Tora Tandy:

Haughbank Wandering Star (2/10/1979-)

Out of Anbrough Night Sky:

Blackfyne Rambler (2/25/1985-) [BVA 0:3]

Out of Firthorn Moonlight:

Firthorn Starlight

Out of Errann Cherub:

Errann Clear Favourite (2/1/1982-)

Out of Sandylands Charlotte:

Roydwood Restrict (4/23/1980-) [UA]
Roydwood Response (4/23/1980-)
Roydwood Retrospect (4/23/1980-)

Out of Ch Roseacre Seagull:

Toccata Du Vallon de Villard (5/14/1979-)
Int. Ch Tosca du Vallon de Villard
Tarka Du Vallon De Villard (1979-) [A]
Titan du Vallon de Villard (1979-) [A]

Out of GB Ch. Croftspa Charlotte of Foxrush:

Foxrush Sunrise (4/18/1979-)
Foxrush So-Long of Crawcrook (4/18/1979-)
Foxrush Siesta (4/18/1979-)

Out of C.C.W. Braunspath Simona of Cambremer:

Cambremer Sweet Romance (3/2/1977-)
Cambremer Gay Commander (8/1/1980-)
Sh Ch Cambremer St. Clair (3/2/1977-)

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