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Offspring of ShCh Martin of Mardas (5/11/1975-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Stonvay Hopper:

Cragg-Hall Black Beauty

Out of Cambremer Athena:

Cambremer Lady Love (6/17/1981-) [BVA 4/3]

Out of Rockmount Romantic of Mardas:

Jimjoy Persuasion (10/13/1979-)

Out of Hawiian Gravy Girl:

Medlar of Mardas (12/9/1980-)

Out of Konoboly Tapsalteerie:

Baldorans Diamond Edge (5/5/1981-)

Out of Mansergh Shake A Leg:

Mansergh Pine Mart (8/17/1981-)
Mansergh Stone Mart (8/17/1981-)
Mansergh Fou Mart (8/17/1981-)

Out of Golden Princess (Cool Boy x Llandybie Leila):

Ravenshall Margo (9/4/1976-)
Mardas Marieanne (9/4/1976-)
Dominic of Shermill (9/4/1976-)

Out of Lockranza Sunrise:

Cinderella of Pajaa (9/3/1978-)

Out of Lawnwood Singing Grass:

Alocin Blue Tango of Mardas (9/19/1979-) [BVA 0:1]

Out of Decima of Lumak:

Lumak Quaker Girl Quill (<1979)

Out of Mardas Helky Bee:

Mardas Midnight Blue (3/23/1983-)
Mardas Ma Biche (3/23/1983-)

Out of Strinesdale Countess:

Strinesdale Shona (9/7/1984-)
Strinesdale Double Diamond (9/7/1980-)

Out of Tisketh Gypsy Woman:

Tisketh Taurus (3/20/1981-)

Out of Bess of Leventhorpe:

Jibber Jabber of Rosebeck (8/14/1982-)
Miss Jenna of Mardas (8/14/1982-) [BVA 1:0]

Out of Shermill Sonja at Mardas:

Mardas Merry Maid (10/5/1982-)

Out of Ravenshall Prue:

Ravenshall Marty (9/1/1981-) [BVA 3:5]

Out of Stronvay Hopper:

Martina of Mardas (1978-)
NO UCH Mardas The Minstrel (5/20/1977-)
Mr Blue Sky of Mardas (9/25/1978-)

Out of Sweet Talk of Rocheby:

Rocheby Dark Ebony (10/30/1981-)
Rocheby Night Shadow of Darrygine (10/30/1981-)

Out of Haverton Melody:

Brontze Of Haasrode (8/26/1977-)

Out of AmCH Grande Dame Of Mansergh:

Mansergh Marconi (<1979)

Out of Mardas Moonglow:

Mardas Grande Marquis (3/9/1981-)
GB ShCh Mardas Master Mariner (3/8/1983-) [BVA 13/15]
Magus Silksho (3/8/1983-)
Mardas Midshipman (3/8/1983-)
Mardas Morris Dancer (3/8/1983-)
Mardas Marina (3/9/1981-) [ua]
Mardas Mists Of Time Of Kimvalley (3/8/1983-)

Out of GB Ch Poolstead Pin Up Of Fabracken:

GB Ch Fabracken Comedy Star (7/20/1979-) [6/13]
Fabracken Cider with Rosie (7/20/1979-)

Out of unknown dam:

Philipstown Grainne

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