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Offspring of GB FTCh Shinshail Apache (5/12/1978-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Bimbury Breeze:

Tarker Of Kenee (4/9/1982-)

Out of Black Bess Beauty:

Western Rose

Out of Bennisgal Of Shanbally:

Shanbally Sandgrouse (6/1/1983-)
Shanbally Scaup (6/1/1983-)

Out of Henley Knapp Daisy:

Great Cutts Kedar (3/12/1986-)

Out of Willowyck Ebony:

Willowyck Hawkeye Of Belbridge (5/23/1988-)

Out of Overy Rum:

Cop Hill Black Jack (2/4/1985-)

Out of Littleton Gemma:

Honeybrook Black Cheetah (5/11/1985-)

Out of Bennachie Mona:

Tara of Chapelpark

Out of Isebrook Lady Macbeth:

Gallinago Gretel (6/18/1986-)

Out of Haretor Haidee:

Haretor Adelpha (1986-)
Haretor Adonia (1986-)
Haretor Apollo (1986-)
Haretor Athena (1986-)
Haretor Atlanta (1986-)

Out of Cresthaven Charm:

Briggens Samba (1982-)

Out of Greystone Peggy:

Fleck of Morton

Out of Overworton Jill:

Larkspur Elle

Out of Cindy of Willowdene:

Lord of The Willows (6/6/1986-)

Out of Boglands Jess of Drakeshead:

Drakeshead Elma (1985-)
Drakeshead Elinor (1985-)
Drakeshead Eliza (I) (1985-)
Drakeshead Ember of Birtenshaw (1985-)
Drakeshead Errol (1985-)
Drakeshead Escort (1985-)
Drakeshead Excel (1985-)

Out of Gennettree Holly:

Rebecca of Newhouse

Out of Ampneyfield Black Beauty:

Ampneyfield Bengalee (7/12/1987-)

Out of Sandringham Corona:

Capella Corona

Out of Eileandubh Crofter:

Lady Bracken of Melvere (9/19/1986-) [BVA 3:3]
Crofter Of Biblethumper

Out of Ketleys Beth:

Cuttmill Jesses

Out of Whiston Jetty:

Kenour Santa (1984-)
Kenour Sailor of Willowyck (5/20/1984-)
Kenour Sam of Tinebrooke

Out of Standwall Bess:

Standwall Teal (6/3/1983-)
Milton Kim (6/3/1983-)

Out of Stubblefield Wren:

Braymore Steelcroft (1986-)

Out of Sarumvale Metis:

Sarumvale Noble Of Collyers
Sarumvale Nestor (1986-) [3/2]
Sarumvale Nimrod (1986-) [3/3]
Sarumvale Naiad

Out of Fly Of Swinbrook:

Sheade Fly
Sage Of Swinbrook Ft.W. Shr. (5/15/1983-)

Out of Holdgate Sparkle:

Sheinwood Mimi (5/4/1987-) [3/3]

Out of Greenwood Tweed:

Beonetlaege Silken Tertia (1987-) [3/27]

Out of Glencoin Damson Of Kilnbeck:

UK FT Ch Kilnbeck Arrow (6/2/1985-) [BVA 2/2]

Out of Glencoln Damson of Klinbeck:

FTCH Klinbeck Arrow [2/2]

Out of FTW Bedinghamhall Donna:

FTW Black Purdey of Keswick (7/7/1987-) [BVA 2/2]

Out of Lumsbank Bramble:

FTCh Cottismor Accord (6/2/1988-) [BVA 3/2]
Cottismor Affection

Out of FTCh Swinbrook Stonefly:

Tasco Yellow Sally (5/11/1986-) [BVA 2/3]
Tasco Green Drake (5/11/1986-) [2/2]
Tasco Black Gnat
FTCh Tasco Dancing Brave of Willowyck (5/11/1986-) [BVA 2/2]

Out of Drakeshead Emma:

Fagan Charlie of Winterman

Out of Calcot Lance:

Chippinghurst Ptmarmagin (3/3/1984-)
Chippinghurst Rook
Chippinghurst Raven
Chippinghurst Curlew
Chippinghurst Siskin
Chippinghurst Skylark
Chippinghurst Lapwing
Chippinghurst Plover

Out of Akeman Pool:

Willowyck Corncrake (2/28/1982-)
Willowyck Cadbury (1982-)
Willowyck Chaffinch (1982-)
Willowyck Chiff Chaff (1982-)
Willowyck Crusty (1982-)
Willowyck Curlew (1982-)

Out of Willowyck Briar:

Willowyck Dash (1984-)
Willowyck Della (1984-)
Willowyck Dipper (1984-)
Willowyck Diver (1984-)
Willowyck Donna (1984-)
Willowyck Dunlin (1984-)
Willowyck Dunnock of Leadburn (1984-)

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