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Offspring of GB.Ch. Landyke Lancer (2/5/1957-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Jamake Silver Moonbeam:

Crosspath Peregrine

Out of Henmore Bint:

Lancelot Lancer

Out of Tessa of Wittering:

Shallcross Manorrdy Trixie
Manorgeen Lady

Out of Landyke Karinpine Wendy:

Landyke Angus

Out of Janet of Fairford:

Bracken of Hoveringham

Out of Wellcrop Suzanne:

Wendy of Langar

Out of Halsinger Doria:

Pynesway Daphne

Out of FTCh Sherry of Heathfarm:

Heathfarm Lucky
Heathfarm Canary

Out of Bergamot Honey-be:

Dykewell Clarion of Gorsedale (9/27/1959-)

Out of Glenfrith Peggy:

Albrow Peter

Out of Stowell Blossom:

Friarsgrange Sunshine

Out of Bestwood Becky:

Marshdee Albatross

Out of Tibshelf Topsy:

Tibshelf Handy

Out of Wainsgate Wilhelmena:

Lochanside Linnet
Lochanside Luath

Out of Murrayville Beauty Queen:

Wainsgate Gay Lass

Out of Amber of Frant:

Gold Harvest of Frant
Diana of Frant
Diant of Frant

Out of Swandyke Lucky Lass:

Swandyke Diamond
Swandyke Carlton

Out of Landyke Bran:

Lowna Landyke Janet
Sh.Ch. Landyke Beech (9/18/1932-)
GB Sh.Ch. Landyke Teal (1960-)
Mallardhurn Pinchbeck Larry

Out of Lilliane's Choice:

Trixie (Landyke Lancer x Lillianes Choice)

Out of Rodarbel of Wigston:

Taqua of Wigston (<1966)

Out of Bellheather (KC74266/56):

Am.Ch. Scawfell Seekon (12/23/1963-)
Timspring Landyke Venus (12/23/1963-)

Out of Braeduke Diant Clove:

Wendover Braeduke Cream Puff

Out of Ch Diant Juliet:

Diant Julian
Am.Ch. Diant Jupiter
Diant Julietta

Out of Diant Chloe:

Diant Alexander
Aust Ch Diant Victoria
Halsinger Scampi (1965-)
Nokeener Novelty

Out of Landyke Brandy:

Lawnhollow Daphne
Lawnhollow Dainty of Spinneyhill

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