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Offspring of GB.Ch. Ingleston Ben Ft.W. (4/1/1926-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Sandringham Swim:

Sandringham Sar

Out of Minnow:

Banchory Perch

Out of Drinkstone Fuss:

Judy of Glenmorag
Drinkstone Dean (3/25/1932-)

Out of Novelette (Barnacre Boy x Stanford Judy):

Topsail (Ingleston Ben x Novelette)

Out of Beeding Lilac Ft.W.:



Benboy of Prestwood
Melody of Prestwood (3/9/1934-)


Gays Dora (7/1931-)
Gay's Chance Ft.W. (7/1931-)

Out of Brookstone Wendy:

Owd Whitmer

Out of Banchory Robina:

Alaister Bain

Out of Betty of Clava:

Dawn of Clava (2/28/1932-)
Fay of Clava

Out of Tracey Pansy Ft.W.:

Tracey Plover (5/8/1931-)
Tracey Pintail (5/8/1931-)

Out of Gyp of Clava:

Flora of Knocke

Out of FT.W. St Colme Judy:

Balmuto Tom

Out of C.C.W. Bellhirst Bride / Belhirst Bride:

GB Ch Suddern Warren Mona (5/15/1935-)

Out of Sally (Banchory Larch x Stella) (nr):

F.T.W. Scamp of Skene (1933-)

Out of Banchory Nettler:

Ch Banchory Trueman (prev Banchory Truce) (5/16/1929-)

Out of Towyriver Bee:

Holton Dawn

Out of Farm Place Paddy:

F.T.W. C.C.W. Beeding Daniel (1933-)

Out of Eng.Nat.Ft.Ch. Hiwood Chance:

Banchory Chancellor Ft.W.
Hiwood Jane
Hiwood Betty Ft.W.
Hiwood Shimey Ft.W. (3/1934-)
Dunkeld Duchess

Out of Grosmont Judith:

Gretel (KCSB 478PP) (9/17/1931-)
Grosmont Jewel (9/1931-)
Grosmont Jan

Out of Ketton Vice:

Hawlmark Salute

Out of Ch Drinkstone Gyp:

GB.Ch. Gimcrack Bruce (5/17/1932-)

Out of Bramshaw Brimble Ft.W.:

Ch Lady of Airlour (12/11/1929-)
Dual CH Bramshaw Bob (12/11/1929-)

Out of FTCh Muntham Raven:

Muntham Rock
Banchory Smiler Ft.W. (3/9/1930-)
FTCh Quest of Wilbury (3/9/1930-)

Out of Jill of Winscales:

Ch Worrick of Winscales (4/28/1933-)

Out of F.T.W. Xmas Nora:

Cheverells Nora
Cheverells Dina
Ch Cheverells Ben of Banchory (8/5/1933-)
GB.FTCh Cheverells Bustle (5/23/1934-)

Out of GBChFTW Alby Mother's Ruin:

Alby Gin And It (5/1932-)
Graceful Juno (1/1/1935-)
Alby Mermaid

Out of AmCH Orchardton Dawn Ft.W.:

Orchardton Don (12/31/1930-)
Donnybrook Banner (1/5/1934-)
Am.Ch. Orchardton Doris of Wingan Ft.W. (12/31/1930-)
Orchardton David
GB Ch Orchardton Donald (1/5/1934-)

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