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Offspring of ICh, MultiCh., JCh Rocheby Smokescreen Club winner, Winner of Spec.show (11/19/1998-)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Giesy Labrean:

Ekiena Modry Skarabeus (12/13/2005-)
Ebony Modry Skarabeus (12/13/2005-) [FCI B/B]

Out of NORIA INEZ z Borowskich Stawów:

J.Ch.Pl,Ch.PL,CZ ROCHEBY NORIA z Borowskich Stawów (10/26/2006-3/3/2017) [FCI B]

Out of Envy Gucci Daysi Art:

Felis Daisy Art [0/0]

Out of Constance Golden Erinor:

Backy Gold z Orvetu (11/3/2000-) [FCI C/B]

Out of Puma Gorska Fantazja:

Buffy Anpi Nasze Uroczysko (7/29/2003-) [A]

Out of Justicia od Himalajskeho Cedru:

Loretta Libosovska blata (9/16/2005-)

Out of Bony Bee Sable Blues:

Lusty Bonny Sable Blues

Out of CH Alka Biely agįt:

Ch Balalayka of Simply berry (12/4/2002-) [0:0]

Out of Britni spod Vapenneho vrchu:

Dual Champion Arbus Z Choce (1/16/2006-) [A/A]

Out of Usquebaugh Da La Vigne Nieuil:

Velvet Sable Blues

Out of Pl Ch Komtessa Rescator:

Cindy Gorska Fantazja

Out of Yaga Kociokwik:

Sushi Kociokwik (8/18/2008-) [A]

Out of Brenda z Libušina chovu:

Deboram z Leskavy (7/24/2002-5/29/2008) [FCI 1/1]

Out of Palabras Kanebo:

Palabras Quibble (4/12/2004-) [FCI B/B]

Out of Pl Ch Orange Blossom Bella Mare:

Yvainne Yve Bella Mare (11/15/2008-) [A]

Out of Blondess Empire Dolce Vita:

Tais Z Czerwonego Widzewa

Out of Beza Arka III:

Ch Huckleberry Finn Gorska Fantazja (6/16/2003-) [A]

Out of Daya Draco Minor:

Ch Mendy Sun In Their Eyes (11/4/2000-)
Ch Milli Sun In Their Eyes (11/4/2000-) [A]

Out of Astra (Pepper od Himalajskeho Cedru x Aida):


Out of Al-grom Daisy May:

Pl Ch Al-grom Pandora's Box (4/25/2007-) [FCI A]

Out of Eimi Black od Himalajskeho cedru:

Ch CR, NV, Katrin od Himalajskeho cedru (8/19/2000-) [B]

Out of Ch Candy od Himalajskeho cedru:

FAYTH z Muchovy boudy
Francis z Muchovy Boudy
Ch Fayth z Muchory Boudy (12/18/2000-)

Out of Wetten Vento Vivace:

Wetten Vivacita (6/1/2001-) [A/A]

Out of INT & BALT & RUS & LV& EST & UKR & BY CH Tawastway's Hide'N'Seek:

Stars Merilend Folk-Lore

Out of Follies Blondie Joke:

Pl Ch Zlotowlosa Gorska Fantazja (12/18/2000-) [A]

Out of Al-grom Embrace Me:

Al-grom Bingo (6/13/2008-) [FCI A]
Pl Ch Al-grom Bianca (6/13/2008-) [FCI B]

Out of Ch Midnight Sun Wendy:

Invictus Friend Dusty Star (5/19/2006-)
Ch Invictus Friend D-Day Lady Bird (5/19/2006-)
Invictus Friend Darling Jessy

Out of Dalwood Kind of Magic:

Cro Ch Gaston Libosovska Blata (5/16/2009-) [A1/A2]

Out of Pl Ch Tigra Rescator:

Pl Ch Unica Gorska Fantazja (9/6/2001-) [A]

Out of Black Lady z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury:

Chanel z Grodu Hrabiego Malmesbury (2003-)

Out of Orchidey od Himalajskeho cedru:

Velvet Vainly od Himalajskeho Cedru
Vanilla od Himalajskeho cedru (7/16/2005-) [A1/A1]
Vanessa od Himalajskeho cedru (7/19/2005-)
Dual Ch. Vagabound od Himalajskeho cedru (7/19/2005-) [Unknown A/A]

Out of Int. Ch. Bonny Bee Sable Blues:

Faith Sable Blues (7/13/2001-)
Lancelot Sable Blues (1/26/2003-)
Lombardi Sable Blues (1/26/2003-)
La Toya Sable Blues (1/26/2003-) [A/A]
Fables Sable Blues (7/13/2001-)
Int. Ch. Fee Sable Blues (7/13/2001-)

Out of Pl CH Adventurer's Naughty Butnice:

Emilly Kociokwik

Out of Ch Yaga Kciokwick:

Sweet Dreams Kociokwik (8/18/2008-) [B/B]

Out of Kamena Kernel Kompanija:

Liquido Rio Kompanija (8/3/2006-) [FCI B]

Out of M'Ladys Finnish Lady:

Camelia od Himalajskeho cedru (9/1/2007-)
Robie od Himalajskeho Cedru
Ch Picasso Od Himalajskeho cedru (1/10/2003-)
Calamity Jane od Himalajskeho cedru (1/9/2007-)
Playboy Od Himalajskeho cedru (1/10/2003-)
Pol Ch. Peppermint od Himalajskeho cedru (1/10/2003-) [A]
Pepper od Himalajskeho cedru (1/10/2003-) [0:0]
Pink Lady od Himalajskeho cedru (1/10/2003-)
Ch Peach od Himalajskeho cedru (1/10/2003-) [A/B]

Out of CZE-CH. Babetta Z Libusina chovu:

Cilka Z Kastanove Aleje [FCI 0/1]

Out of NUCH SE U(u)CH VWW-08 Mambrinos Lemony:

NORDVV-14 Lemonys Boom Boom (7/18/2005-10/2019) [A/A]
NO UCH, SE UCh Lemonys Boomerang (7/18/2005-)

Out of Ch. Georwills Four Seasons:

CH Inishfree X-Cite of Ashford Castle [B]

Out of Alice od Racaku:

Ir od Racaku

Out of Fin. Ch. Lucky My Endless Love:

Waterline's Tesoro (4/21/2005-) [OFA Excellent]
Waterline's Tranquillus (4/21/2005-) [A/A]
Waterline's Thea (4/21/2005-) [A/A]

Out of Cindy Od Zeleneho Smrku:

Agatha z Majetinske kralovstvi (1/9/2006-) [B1]

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